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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-2-940361-02-1Kelley ChengIndustrial Interiors Bars And Restaurants
  ''978-2-940361-03-8RotovisionIndustrial Interiors Shops
  ''978-2-940361-04-5RotovisionIndustrial Interiors Offices
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1999978-2-940361-07-6Quentin NewarkWhat Is Graphic Design
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2000978-2-940361-10-6Duncan EvansDigital Photography Workshops: Nudes
2006978-2-940361-12-0NfgmanCharacter Design for Mobile Devices
2007978-2-940361-14-4John Drew · Sarah MeyerColor Management for Logos: A Comprehensive Guide for Graphic Designers
2006978-2-940361-15-1Keith Stephenson · Mark HampshireStripes: Communicating with Pattern
  ''978-2-940361-16-8Keith Stephenson · Mark HampshireCircles and Dots: Communicating with pattern. Edition anglaise
2006978-2-940361-18-2Rob Hull · Jamie Ewbank500 Digital Video Hints, Tips and Techniques: The Easy, All-in-one Guide to Those Inside Secrets for Better Digital Video
  ''978-2-940361-19-9Natalie AvellaPaper Engineering: 3D design techniques for a 2D material
2005978-2-940361-20-5David JuryLetterpress: New Applications For Traditional Skills
1999978-2-940361-21-2Print Regional Design Annual
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  ''978-2-940361-27-4Chris MiddletonCreating Digital Music and Sound: The Inspirational, Practical Introduction for Musicians, Video-makers, Animators and Web Site Designers
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2000978-2-940361-32-8Mike CrawfordThe Essential Digital Manipulation Manual for Photographers
2006978-2-940361-33-5Ben HargreavesSuccessful Food Packaging Design
2007978-2-940361-37-3Edward DenisonMore Packaging Prototypes
2006978-2-940361-38-0David BannThe All New Print Production Handbook
  ''978-2-940361-39-7Rickard RickittDesigning Movie Creatures and Characters: Behind the Scenes with the Movie Masters
  ''978-2-940361-41-0Roger Fawcett-TangPrint + Production Finishes for Cd + Dvd Packaging
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