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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-2-913903-00-5Andre Jouineau · Jean-Marie MonginOfficers and Soldiers of the American Civil War (Cavalry and Artillery)
2002978-2-913903-06-7Yves DebayThe 2E Rep French Foreign Legion Paratroopers
2001978-2-913903-07-4André Jouineau · Anis ElbiedLe Messerschmitt Me 109 - Tome 1 - de 1936 à 1942 -
  ''978-2-913903-08-1Anis El BiedThe Messerschmitt Me 109: 1936 To 1942: (From the Prototype to the Me 109F-2)
2002978-2-913903-09-8Dominique Breffort · André JouineauAvions et pilotes: le Messerschmitt (Me) 109 de 1942 à 1945. Tome 2
  ''978-2-913903-10-4Dominique BreffortMesserschmitt Me 109: From 1942 to 1945 (From F to K and Post-War Derivatives)
  ''978-2-913903-11-1Eric MichelettiInsignes Et Brevets Parachutistes Francais/French Paratroop Insignia and Badges (French Edition)
2001978-2-913903-12-8Jean RestaynTigre I sur le front de l'Ouest
  ''978-2-913903-13-5Jean RestaynTiger 1 On the Western Front
2004978-2-913903-14-2Rodrigo Hernandez CabosMise en Scene et Decors (L'Encyclopédie du Modélisme) (French Edition)
2009978-2-913903-15-9Jean-Pierre HussonENCYCLOPEDIE DES FORCES SPECIALES DU MONDE: Tome 2 (Special Operations) (French Edition)
2004978-2-913903-16-6Yves DebayVBL Panhard (Les Matérials Militaire du Monde) (French Edition)
2002978-2-913903-17-3Rodrigo Hernandez CabosLes Avions (L'Encyclopédie du Modélisme) (French Edition)
2002978-2-913903-18-0Histoire & CollectionsLes Blindes (L'Encyclopédie du Modélisme) (French Edition)
2009978-2-913903-19-7Enzo Berrafato · Laurent BerrafatoLa Decima Mas (Special Operations) (French Edition)
2002978-2-913903-21-0Jonathan GawneAmericans in Brittany 1944: The Battle for Brest
2001978-2-913903-22-7Histoire & CollectionsLa Peinture Des Figurines
2004978-2-913903-23-4Dominique BreffortFrench Aircraft 1939-1942
2009978-2-913903-24-1André Jouineau · Jean MonginOfficers and Soldiers of The French Imperial Guard: The Foot Soldiers, 1804-1815
978-2-913903-27-2"Corsair ; trente ans de flibuste ; 1940-1970"
2008978-2-913903-28-9Bruno PautignyCorsair: 30 Years of Filibustering, 1940-1970
  ''978-2-913903-31-9Jacques Baltzer · Eric MichelettiFrench Airborne Troops Wings and Insignia: From the Origins to the Present Day (English and French Edition)
978-2-913903-32-6Wagram. L'apogée de l'Empire
2009978-2-913903-33-3F. G. HourtoulleWagram: At the Heyday of the Empire
2008978-2-913903-37-1Jean-Yves NasseFallschirmjagers in Crete
  ''978-2-913903-42-5Stéphane BonnaudChars B au Combat: Hommes et materiels du 15e BCC (L'Encyclopédie de L'Armée Française) (Vol 4) (French Edition)
978-2-913903-44-9Officiers et soldats de la Garde impériale (1804-1815) (French Edition)
2008978-2-913903-45-6Andre Jouineau · Jean-Marie MonginOfficers and Soldiers of the French Imperial Guard 1804-1815, Vol. 2: Cavalry
2003978-2-913903-47-0Anis El BiedThe Curtiss P-40: From 1939 to 1945
2008978-2-913903-49-4Jean-Philippe Dallies-LabourdetteGerman S-Boote at War: 1939-1945
2004978-2-913903-50-0Paul GaujacDragoon: August 15,1944 the Other Invasion of France
2003978-2-913903-51-7Jean BoucheryCanadian Soldier in World War II: From D-Day to VE-Day (v. 3)
978-2-913903-52-4Le Junkers JU-87 de 1936 à 1945 (French Edition)
2008978-2-913903-53-1André Jouineau · Herbert LéonardJunkers Ju 87: From 1936 to 1945
2004978-2-913903-55-5F. HourtouilleSoldiers and Uniforms of the Napleonic Wars
  ''978-2-913903-56-2Eric MichelettiLe GIGN Aujourd'Hui Tome 1
2003978-2-913903-71-5F. HourtouilleAusterlitz: The Empire at its Zenith
978-2-913903-80-7Le North-American, P-51 Mustang (French Edition)
2003978-2-913903-81-4Andre Jouineau · Dominique BreffortP-51 Mustang: From 1940 to 1980 (Planes and Pilots)
2005978-2-913903-82-1Histoire & Collections · Raymond Giuliani · Claude Messmer · Jean-Marie Mongin12 Inch Action Figures: World War Two (Action Figures and Toys)
  ''978-2-913903-83-8Eric MichelettiLes combattants des ténèbres
2005978-2-913903-84-5Eric MichelettiWarriors from the Deep: The Extraordinary History of the World's Combat Swimmers
2003978-2-913903-85-2Didier CorbonnoisL'Odysee De La Colonne Leclerc (French Edition)
  ''978-2-913903-86-9Henri-Paul. EnjamesGovernment Issue: US Army European Theater of Operations Collector Guide
2004978-2-913903-87-6Henri-Paul EnjamesGOVERNMENT ISSUE: U.S. Army European Theater of Operations Collector Guide
2003978-2-913903-88-3Alain Hohnadel · Jean-Yves MaryLa Ligne Maginot: Tome 3 (L'Encyclopedie de L'Armee Francaise) (French Edition)
  ''978-2-913903-90-6Eric MichelettiSpecial Forces: War Against Terrorism in Afghanistan
978-2-913903-91-3Mirage III et les Mirage 5, 50 et dérivés (French Edition)
2004978-2-913903-92-0Dominique Breffort · André JouineauMirage III-C: From 1955 to 2000 (Planes and Pilots)
  ''978-2-913903-93-7Paul GaujacLe Corps Expeditionnaire Francais En Italie, 1943-1944 (French Edition)
2008978-2-913903-94-4Eric MichelettiLe Gign: Aujourd'hui (French Edition)
2009978-2-913903-96-8Jean-Philippe Dallies-LabourdetteThe Kaiser's U-Boote
2005978-2-913903-97-5André JouineauLa Garde impériale 1804-1815: Tome 3, Les troupes à cheval, Deuxième partie
2006978-2-913903-98-2Jean-Marie Mongin · Andre JouineauFrench Imperial Guard, Vol. 3: Cavalry, 1804-1815 (Officers and Soldiers)