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2015978-2-88931-076-0Matthias PreiswerkTramas pedagogicas en la Teologia: Herramientas para una Educación Teológica de calidad
2016978-2-88931-082-1Bright Gabriel MawudorFinancial Sustainability of Church Related Organisations: An Empirical Study on Kenya
  ''978-2-88931-086-9María Florencia SantiÉtica de la investigación en ciencias sociales: Un análisis de la vulnerabilidad en la investigación social
2015978-2-88931-088-3Elly K. KansiimeIntegrating Faith with Work: A Ministry Transformational Model
  ''978-2-88931-092-0Laurens HogebrinkEurope's Heart and Soul: Jacques Delors' Appeal to the Churches
  ''978-2-88931-095-1Joseph Gnanaseelan MuthurajSpeaking Truth to Power: A Critique of the Church of South India Episcopacy (Governance) of the 21st Century
2016978-2-88931-097-5David Field · Jutta KoslowskiProspects and Challenges for the Ecumenical Movement in the 21st Century: Insights from the Global Ecumenical Theological Institute
  ''978-2-88931-099-9Aidan G. MsafiriGlobalisation of Concern III: Essays on Climate Justice, Education, Sustainability and Technology
2016978-2-88931-157-6Pascal Mukonde MusulayDémocratie électorale en Afrique subsaharienne: Entre droit, pouvoir et argent ( African Law) (Volume 4) (French Edition)
2019978-2-88931-299-3James Eroni MiriagoHoliness as Wholeness: Ethical Implications towards an Inclusive Understanding of the HIV / AIDS Crisis in Kenya