World Council of Churches (WCC Publications)

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1978978-2-8254-0573-4C. PatelosOrthodox Church in Ecumenical Movement Documents and Statements 1902-1975
1979978-2-8254-0617-5C. Howard HopkinsJohn R. Mott, 1865-1955: A Biography
1980978-2-8254-0620-5The Slant of the pen: Racism in children's books
  ''978-2-8254-0634-2Lukas VischerIntercession: Can the Churches Though Still Divided Express the Communion That Already Exists Among Them by Praying Regularly for One Another?
1984978-2-8254-0679-3Lukas Vischer · Harding MeyerGrowth in Agreement
1982978-2-8254-0709-7World Council of ChurchesBaptism, Eucharist and Ministry
  ''978-2-8254-0733-2W. A. Vister't HooftThe Genesis and Formation of the World Council of Churches
  ''978-2-8254-0734-9William H. LazerethGrowing Together in Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry
1983978-2-8254-0778-3Jean StrombergMission and Evangelism
1990978-2-8254-0784-4Lesslie NewbiginThe Other Side of 1984: Questions for the Churches
2000978-2-8254-0840-7S. Wesley AriarajahThe Bible and People of Other Faiths
1986978-2-8254-0850-6John V. TaylorWeep Not for Me
1987978-2-8254-0859-9Lesslie NewbiginFoolishness to the Greeks - No Rights (WCC mission series)
1986978-2-8254-0860-5C. F. Beyers Naude · Dorothee SolleHope for Faith: A Conversation
1989978-2-8254-0971-8leslie-newbiginThe Gospel in a Pluralist Society
1992978-2-8254-0984-8World Council of ChurchesBaptism, Eucharist and Ministry 1982-1990
1990978-2-8254-0986-2Krister StendahlEnergy for Life: Reflections on the Theme "Come, Holy Spirit - Renew the Whole Creation
1996978-2-8254-0996-1Konrad RaiserEcumenism in Transition: A Paradigm Shift in the Ecumenical Movement
1997978-2-8254-1025-7Nicholas Lossky · Jose Miguez · Jose Miguez Bonino · John Pobee · Tom Stransky · Geoffrey Wainwright · Pauline WebbDictionary of the Ecumenical Movement
1991978-2-8254-1036-3World Council of Churches Faith and Order CommissionConfessing the One Faith: An Ecumenical Explication of the Apostolic Faith As It Is Confessed in the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed
1992978-2-8254-1037-0Raymond FungThe Isaiah Vision: An Ecumenical Strategy for Congregational Evangelism (Risk Book Series)
  ''978-2-8254-1045-5Raymond FungEvangelistically Yours: Ecumenical Letters on Contemporary Evangelism
1995978-2-8254-1153-7Eberhard BethgeFriendship and Resistance: Essays on Dietrich Bonhoeffer
2004978-2-8254-1154-4Hugh McCullumThe Angels Have Left Us: The Rwanda Tragedy and the Churches
1995978-2-8254-1159-9T. F. BestSo We Believe, So We Pray: Towards Koinonia in Worship
1995978-2-8254-1164-3Hans-Ruedi WeberThe Book That Reads Me: A Handbook for Bible Study Enablers
1996978-2-8254-1170-4Viggo MortensenLife and Death: Moral Implications of Biotechnology
1995978-2-8254-1175-9Ion BriaRomania: Orthodox Identity at a Crossroads of Europe, No 3
1997978-2-8254-1187-2Michael Kinnamon · Brian E. CopeEcumenical Movement: An Anthology of Texts and Voices
1996978-2-8254-1192-6Eva De Carvalho ChipendaThe Visitor: An African Womans Story of Travel and Discovery
  ''978-2-8254-1198-8John S. PobeeWest Africa: Christ Would Be an African Too
1997978-2-8254-1209-1Musimbi R.A. KanyoroIn Search of a Round Table: Gender, Theology and Church Leadership
  ''978-2-8254-1227-5Charles Birch · Lukas VischerLiving With the Animals: The Community of God's Creatures
1998978-2-8254-1232-9Thomas F. Best · D. HellerEucharistic Worship In Ecumenical Contexts: The Lima Liturgy - And Beyond
  ''978-2-8254-1259-6World Council of ChurchesJoint Working Group Between the Roman Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches: Seventh Report
  ''978-2-8254-1261-9Petros VassiliadisEucharist and Witness: Orthodox Perspectives on the Unity and Mission of the Church
1998978-2-8254-1277-0John S. Pobee · Gabriel OsiteluAfrican Initiatives in Christianity: The Growth, Gifts and Diversities of Indigenous African Churches - A Challenge to the Ecumenical Movement
1999978-2-8254-1302-9World Council of Churches World Council of ChurchesThe Nature and Purpose of the Church: A Stage on the Way to a Common Statement
2015978-2-8254-1308-1S. Wesley AriarajahNot Without My Neighbour: Issues in Interfaith Relations
2000978-2-8254-1324-1Diane Kessler · Michael KinnamonCouncils of Churches and the Ecumenical Vision
  ''978-2-8254-1329-6Jeffrey Gros · Harding Meyer · William G. RuschGrowth in Agreement II: Reports and Agreed Statements of Ecumenical Conversations on a World Level 1982-Mid 1998
  ''978-2-8254-1334-0Lewis S. Mudge · Thomas WieserDemocratic Contracts for Sustainable and Caring Societies: What Can Churches and Christian Communities Do?
  ''978-2-8254-1336-4Elisabeth Behr-Sigel · Kallistos Ware of DiokleiaThe Ordination of Women in the Orthodox Church
2001978-2-8254-1348-7Gideon GoosenBringing Churches Together: A Popular Introduction to Ecumenism
  ''978-2-8254-1349-4Ron O'GradyThe Hidden Shame of the Church: Sexual Abuse of Children and the Church
2004978-2-8254-1351-7Sonja Weinreich · Christoph BennAIDS - Meeting the Challenge: Data, Facts, Background
2001978-2-8254-1353-1Marlin VanElderen · Martin ConwayIntroducing the World Council of Churches
2002978-2-8254-1358-6K.H. TingA Chinese Contribution to Ecumenical Theology: Selected Writings of Bishop K. H. Ting
2002978-2-8254-1359-3Jim ForestThe Resurrection of the Church in Albania: Voices of Orthodox Christians
2003978-2-8254-1386-9Archbishop AmastasiosFacing the World: Orthodox Christian Essays on Global Concerns
  ''978-2-8254-1391-3Musa W. DubeHIV/Aids And the Curriculum: Methods of Integrating HIV/Aids in Theological Programmes
2004978-2-8254-1393-7Arne Fritzon · Samuel KabueInterpreting Disability: A Church Of All And For All
2005978-2-8254-1411-8Diane C. KesslerReceive One Another: Hospitality in Ecumenical Perspective
  ''978-2-8254-1422-4Jim H. Forest · Hildo BosFor the Peace from on High: An Orthodox Resource Book on War, Peace and Nationalism
2004978-2-8254-1426-2Mary Yoder Holsopple · Ruth E. Krall · Sharon Weaver PittmanBuilding Peace: Overcoming Violence In Communities
2005978-2-8254-1433-0World Council of Churches World Council of ChurchesBy Grace You Have Been Saved: Bible Studies on Healing And Reconciliation
  ''978-2-8254-1454-5Robert Father Igo OSBListening With Love: Pastoral Counselling - a Christian Response to People Living With HIV/Aids
  ''978-2-8254-1457-6World Council of ChurchesChristian Perspectives on Theological Anthropology
2005978-2-8254-1463-7World Council of ChurchesThe Nature And Mission of the Church: A Stage on the Way to a Common Statement
2006978-2-8254-1482-8Commemorating Witnesses and Martyrs of the Past - a Reformed Perspective (John Knox Series)
2007978-2-8254-1507-8Frederic Lenoir · Abbe PierreWhy, Oh Why, My God?: Meditations on Christian Faith and the Meaning of Life
2008978-2-8254-1508-5Donald E. Miller · Scott Holland · Lon Fendall · Dean JohnsonSeeking Peace in Africa
2013978-2-8254-1639-6Edward DommenA Peaceable Economy
2015978-2-8254-1653-2John Calhoun · Ranjan SolomonPalestinian Prisoners: A Question of Conscience
  ''978-2-8254-1664-8Jurgen MoltmannThe Living God and the Fullness of Life
  ''978-2-8254-1665-5Michael KinnamonThe Ecumenical Movement: An Anthology of Key Texts and Voices
  ''978-2-8254-1669-3Joseph Prabhakar Dayam · Peniel Jesudason Rufufs RajkumarMany Yet One?: Multiple Religious Belonging
  ''978-2-8254-1678-5Darrell Richard Jackson · Alessia PassarelliMapping Migration, Mapping Churches' Responses in Europe: Belonging, Community and Integration: the Witness and Service of Churches in Europe