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2015978-1-943138-00-5R. TurkieniczThe Maccabees Bible
  ''978-1-943138-01-2J. A. Rogers100 Amazing Facts About the Negro with Complete Proof: A Short Cut to The World
  ''978-1-943138-02-9E.A. Wallis BudgeThe Kebra Nagast
  ''978-1-943138-03-6Abba Paulos TzaduaThe Fetha Nagast
  ''978-1-943138-04-3Henri GamacheThe Master Book of Candle Burning
2015978-1-943138-08-1Holy BibleThe Apocrypha
  ''978-1-943138-10-4Hilaire BellocThe Mercy of Allah
  ''978-1-943138-11-1Uwa AfuMaat the 11 Laws: The Essentials
  ''978-1-943138-12-8Manly P. HallMelchizedek and the Mystery of Fire
  ''978-1-943138-14-2John G. JacksonHubert Henry Harrison The Black Socrates
2015978-1-943138-15-9John Henrik ClarkeCheikh Anta Diop And the New Light on African History
  ''978-1-943138-17-3Sam GreenleeThe Spook Who Sat By The Door
  ''978-1-943138-18-0Dabas ZarabozoFiqh-us-Sunnah
  ''978-1-943138-19-7Al GhazzaliThe Alchemy of Happiness
  ''978-1-943138-21-0June NubyancaDelongo Woman
2015978-1-943138-22-7J. NubyancaEgyptian Pharaoh
2014978-1-943138-23-4Eric WilliamsCapitalism & Slavery
2015978-1-943138-24-1Alice Dunbar NelsonMasterpieces of Negro Eloquence
2014978-1-943138-26-5Abu 'Ammar · Al RasadThe History of Karbala
  ''978-1-943138-27-2Al Rasad300 Miracles of the Prophet
  ''978-1-943138-29-6   ''Sayings of the Prophet
  ''978-1-943138-30-2Marcus GarveyPhilosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey
  ''978-1-943138-31-9S. Simon · J GowanThe Necronomicon Spellbook
2014978-1-943138-32-6H. P. Lovecraft · J. GowanThe Book Of Fifty Names
  ''978-1-943138-33-3Edwin ArnoldThe Bhagavad Gita
2011978-1-943138-34-0Victor E. MarsdenProtocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
2014978-1-943138-35-7James JoyceUlysses
2013978-1-943138-36-4Hilton HotemaMystery of Man
2014978-1-943138-38-8James JoyceA Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
2015978-1-943138-40-1Albert ChurchwardProof That Nilotic Blacks Were The Founders Of Ancient Egypt
  ''978-1-943138-41-8Adebisi Afolayan · Iyanla BrawtleyYoruba Language and Literature
978-1-943138-42-5Animal Farm
2015978-1-943138-47-0R. A. JairazbhoyAncient Egyptians And Chinese In America: Old World Origins of American Civilization, Volume 1
2013978-1-943138-48-7Chinua AchebeThe Flute
2015978-1-943138-50-0John RobisonThe Illuminati: Proofs Of A Conspiracy Against All The Religions & Governments Of Europe
  ''978-1-943138-52-4Cliff ConnerAfrocentrism vs Eurocentrism
  ''978-1-943138-53-1Leonard Jeffries Jr.The African Americans Search for Truth And Knowledge
2015978-1-943138-54-8John SteinbeckThe Pearl
  ''978-1-943138-55-5John SteinbeckOf Mice And Men
  ''978-1-943138-56-2F.W.C. NeserThe Lost Ten Tribes of Israel
  ''978-1-943138-57-9John KnowlesA Separate Peace
  ''978-1-943138-58-6C. S. LewisThe Great Divorce
2015978-1-943138-59-3Musashi MiyamotoThe Book Of Five Rings
  ''978-1-943138-60-9Anna RivaPower of the Psalms
  ''978-1-943138-61-6Godfrey A. SeligSecrets of the Psalms
  ''978-1-943138-62-3Muhammad GhazaliFiqh-us-Seerah: Understanding the Life of Prophet Muhammad
  ''978-1-943138-64-7Albert ChurchwardThe Origin And Evolution of Freemasonry
2015978-1-943138-65-4Abdullah Yusuf AliThe Holy Qur'an
  ''978-1-943138-66-1HomerThe Iliad
  ''978-1-943138-67-8Henri GamacheThe Magic of Herbs: Throughout the Ages
  ''978-1-943138-68-5J A RogersThe Real Facts About Ethiopia
  ''978-1-943138-69-2Henri GamacheMystery of the Long Lost 8th, 9th and 10th Books of Moses
2015978-1-943138-70-8John SteinbeckGrapes of Wrath
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  ''978-1-943138-72-2Patrick BoylanThoth The Hermes of Egypt
2016978-1-943138-74-6Various AuthorsIndian Cooking
2014978-1-943138-78-4Master Fard MuhammadThe Supreme Wisdom Lessons By Master Fard Muhammad To His Servant: The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad For The Lost-Found Nation Of Islam In North America