Monte Cook Games

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2013978-1-939979-00-1Monte CookNumenera Corebook
  ''978-1-939979-01-8Monte CookNumenera Players Guide*OP
  ''978-1-939979-02-5Monte Cook GamesNumenera The Devils Spine
2014978-1-939979-09-4Monte · Cordell, Bruce CookNumenera Ninth World Bestiary
  ''978-1-939979-14-8Monte Cook GamesNumenera Character Options *OP
  ''978-1-939979-16-2Bruce R. CordellThe Strange RPG
2014978-1-939979-18-6Bruce R. CordellThe Strange Players Guide
  ''978-1-939979-20-9Monte Cook GamesNumenera Technology Compendium
  ''978-1-939979-22-3   ''Numenera Character Sheets
978-1-939979-23-0Monte Cook Games Numenera Cypher Chest
2015978-1-939979-24-7Monte Cook GamesNumenera Ninth World Guidebook
2014978-1-939979-26-1   ''The Strange The Dark Spiral
  ''978-1-939979-28-5   ''The Strange Bestiary
2015978-1-939979-30-8   ''The Strange Character Sheets
2015978-1-939979-31-5Monte Cook GamesThe Strange In Translation Character Opt
  ''978-1-939979-33-9   ''Numenera Weird Discoveries
  ''978-1-939979-35-3   ''The Strange Worlds Numberless
2010978-1-939979-36-0Monte Cook Games The Strange Cypher Chest Board Game
2015978-1-939979-38-4Monte Cook GamesCypher System Rulebook
  ''978-1-939979-40-7   ''Numenera Into The Night
978-1-939979-42-1No Thank You Evil
2015978-1-939979-43-8Monte Cook Games The Strange Revelations Board Game
2016978-1-939979-45-2Monte Cook GamesNumenera Into The Deep
2017978-1-939979-47-6   ''Numenera Into The Outside
2016978-1-939979-49-0Monte Cook GamesThe Strange Encyclopedia of Imposs Thing
  ''978-1-939979-51-3   ''Torment Tides of Numenera The Explorer
  ''978-1-939979-53-7   ''Cypher System RPG Gods of the Fall
  ''978-1-939979-55-1   ''Numenera Character Options 2
  ''978-1-939979-58-2   ''Numenera Starter Set
978-1-939979-60-5No Thank You Evil Story Please
2017978-1-939979-62-9Monte Cook GamesCypher System Expanded Worlds
978-1-939979-63-6Monte Cook GamesNo Thank You Evil Uh oh Monsters
2017978-1-939979-64-3   ''Numenera Ninth World Bestiary 2
  ''978-1-939979-66-7   ''Cypher System Predation
  ''978-1-939979-68-1   ''Numenera Jade Colossus
  ''978-1-939979-71-1   ''Cypher System Unmasked
2017978-1-939979-73-5Monte Cook GamesNo Thank You Evil Im a Guide
2018978-1-939979-76-6   ''Numenera 2 Players Guide
  ''978-1-939979-77-3   ''Numenera Discovery
  ''978-1-939979-78-0   ''Numenera Destiny
  ''978-1-939979-79-7   ''Numenera Discovery Destiny Slipcase
978-1-939979-83-4Invisible Sun: Book M
2019978-1-939979-86-5Monte Cook GamesNumenera Slaves of the Machine God