Accounting Tools

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-1-938910-00-5Steven M BraggPayroll Management: 2012 Edition
  ''978-1-938910-01-2Steven M. BraggThe Accounting Procedures Guidebook
  ''978-1-938910-03-6   ''The Investor Relations Guidebook
2014978-1-938910-26-5   ''The Accounting Procedures Guidebook: Second Edition
  ''978-1-938910-28-9   ''Fixed Asset Accounting: Third Edition
  ''978-1-938910-32-6   ''Closing the Books: Third Edition: An Accountant's Guide
2014978-1-938910-34-0Steven M. BraggAccountants' Guidebook: Second Edition: A Financial and Managerial Accounting Reference
2014978-1-938910-40-1Steven M. BraggBudgeting: Third Edition: A Comprehensive Guide
  ''978-1-938910-46-3   ''Financial Analysis: Second Edition: A Business Decision Guide
  ''978-1-938910-47-0   ''GAAP Guidebook: 2015 Edition
  ''978-1-938910-51-7   ''Mergers & Acquisitions: Third Edition: A Comprehensive Guide
2015978-1-938910-53-1   ''The Interpretation of Financial Statements
2015978-1-938910-65-4Steven M. BraggClosing the Books: Fourth Edition: An Accountant's Guide
2016978-1-938910-69-2   ''Cost Accounting Fundamentals: Fifth Edition: Essential Concepts and Examples
  ''978-1-938910-75-3   ''Construction Accounting: A Practitioner's Guide
2017978-1-938910-80-7   ''The Lean Accounting Guidebook: Third Edition: How to Create a World-Class Accounting Department
  ''978-1-938910-81-4   ''Nonprofit Accounting: Second Edition: A Practitioner's Guide
2017978-1-938910-82-1Steven M. BraggThe Investor Relations Guidebook: Third Edition
  ''978-1-938910-85-2   ''Constraint Management: Second Edition: A Financial and Operational Guide
  ''978-1-938910-87-6   ''The New Controller Guidebook: Fourth Edition
  ''978-1-938910-91-3   ''The CFO Guidebook: Third Edition
  ''978-1-938910-92-0   ''Bookkeeping Guidebook: Second Edition: A Practitioner's Guide