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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-935501-00-8Bharat VermaFAULT LINES
2010978-1-935501-01-5Maj GF MacMunnTHE ARMIES OF INDIA
  ''978-1-935501-02-2Maj SnodgrassNARRATIVE OF THE BURMESE WAR
  ''978-1-935501-03-9Frances E ColensoHISTORY OF THE ZULU WAR AND ITS ORIGIN
  ''978-1-935501-04-6Lieutenant John OuchterlonyTHE CHINESE WAR
2009978-1-935501-05-3Sydney TylerTHE JAPAN-RUSSIA WAR: History of the war in the Far East
2010978-1-935501-06-0Colonel S Rivett-CarnacTHE PRESIDENTIAL ARMIES OF INDIA
2009978-1-935501-07-7D McPHERSONTHE WAR IN CHINA
2011978-1-935501-08-4Trumbull WhiteThe War in the East: Japan, China and Corea
2010978-1-935501-09-1Lancer Publishing Not AvailableTHE RUSSO-JAPANESE WAR: Reports from British Officers Attached to the Japanese and Russian Forces in the Field
2012978-1-935501-10-7Major K. C. PravalIndian Army After Independence
2010978-1-935501-13-8Maj Gen Sukhwant SinghINDIA'S WARS SINCE INDEPENDENCE
2009978-1-935501-14-5Maj Vivek ChadhaCOMPANY COMMANDER IN LOW INTENSITY CONFLICT: Principles, Preparation and Conduct
2010978-1-935501-17-6Subhash ChopraPARTITION JIHAD AND PEACE
  ''978-1-935501-18-3Jasbir SinghCOMBAT DIARY
2010978-1-935501-20-6Jasbir SinghESCAPE FROM SINGAPORE
2012978-1-935501-21-3Brig M. M. PillaiThree Thousand Miles to Freedom
  ''978-1-935501-22-0Namrata GoswamiAsia 2030
  ''978-1-935501-23-7Air Marshal R. K. NehraHinduism & Its Military Ethos
2011978-1-935501-24-4Rajinder SinghTACKLING ULFA: North-East India
  ''978-1-935501-25-1Thomas CarterMEDALS OF THE BRITISH ARMY
2012978-1-935501-26-8Vice Adm G. M. HiranandaniTransition to Guardianship: The Indian Navy 1991-2000
2011978-1-935501-27-5W.H. LongMEDALS OF BRITISH NAVY
2010978-1-935501-28-2RSN SinghUNMAKING OF NEPAL, THE
2012978-1-935501-29-9Brigadier Kuldip SinghIndian Military Thought Kurukshetra to Kargil: And Future Perspective
  ''978-1-935501-30-5Bharat VermaThreat from China
2012978-1-935501-32-9Pushpa AdhikariCHINA: Threat in South Asia
  ''978-1-935501-35-0Lt Gen JS BajwaModernisation of the Chinese PLA: From Massed Militia to Force Projection
2013978-1-935501-36-7Sube Singh AhlawatAN INFANTRY BATTALION IN COMBAT: A Critical Appraisal of Battle Situations Encountered by an Infantry Battalion
2012978-1-935501-37-4S. Gopal · Nabeel A. MancheriRise of China: Indian Perspectives
2013978-1-935501-39-8Bharat VermaUNDER FIRE: Dealing with Threats to India
2012978-1-935501-40-4Claude Arpi1962 and the McMahon Line Saga
2013978-1-935501-41-1Hitesh LavHrd Challenges for the Indian Army
2014978-1-935501-42-8   ''Revolution in Infantry Affairs
2013978-1-935501-43-5Gautam BanerjeeReign of the Red Rebellion: Observations from Naxal Land
  ''978-1-935501-44-2Ajay K. MehraParty System in India: Emerging Trajectories