Pace Gallery

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-935410-03-4Joseph and Joachim PissarroJoseph Beuys: Make the Secrets Productive
  ''978-1-935410-10-2Kiki, and Virginia Chieffo Raduin SmithKiki Smith: Lodestar
  ''978-1-935410-11-9Arne Glimcher50 Years at Pace
  ''978-1-935410-13-3Hiroshi SUGIMOTOHiroshi Sugimoto - the Day After
2011978-1-935410-15-7Jim and Vincent Katz DineJim Dine - Paintings by Jim and Vincent Katz Dine (2011) Paperback
  ''978-1-935410-17-1Jonathan T. D.). (NEILTara Donovan - Drawings (pins)
2011978-1-935410-18-8Robert MangoldRobert Mangold - Ring Paintings
  ''978-1-935410-20-1Richard ShiffWillem De Kooning - the Figure: Movement and Gesture
  ''978-1-935410-24-9Robert C. MorganAd Reinhardt: Works from 1935-1945
  ''978-1-935410-25-6Roberto] Spring, Justin [MattaMatta: A Centennial Celebration
2012978-1-935410-32-4Richard TuttleSystems, I-XII: Four, "Separate Pokers"
  ''978-1-935410-35-5Robert StorrChuck Close. October19-December 22, 2012
2013978-1-935410-43-0Jonarthan FinebergXiaogang, Zhang
2013978-1-935410-46-1Robert RymanRobert Ryman - Recent Paintings
  ''978-1-935410-47-8Zhang and Kathryn H Selig Brown HuanZhang Huan - Poppy Fields
2014978-1-935410-50-8Sol LEWITTSol Lewitt - Horizontal Progressions
978-1-935410-51-5Keith Sonnier - Elysian Plain and Early Works
2014978-1-935410-52-2Colin Westerbeck Chuck CloseChuck Close - Nudes 1967-2014
978-1-935410-53-9Kenneth Noland - Paintings 1975-2003
2014978-1-935410-57-7Peter ColeJoel Shapiro - Works on Paper 2011-2013
  ''978-1-935410-58-4Mark & James, Lawrence ROTHKOMark Rothko: Works on Paper, 1941 - 1947
978-1-935410-66-9Louise Nevelson
2015978-1-935410-68-3Isamu NoguchiIsamu Noguchi - Variations
978-1-935410-73-7Lucas Samaras - Album 2
2015978-1-935410-77-5Nancy PrincenthalChuck Close - Recent Work
  ''978-1-935410-78-2Jonathan FINEBERGRobert Rauschenberg - Anagrams, Arcadian Retreats, Anagrams (a Pun)
978-1-935410-80-5Matta - in the 1950's and 1960's
978-1-935410-82-9David Hockney: The Yosemite Suite - Postcard Book
2016978-1-935410-84-3Thomas Nozkowski - Works on Paper
978-1-935410-86-7Richard Pousette-Dart - the Centennial
2016978-1-935410-87-4Arne GlimcherRothko - Dark Palette
978-1-935410-88-1Keith Sonnier - Ebo River and Early Work
2017978-1-935410-90-4William C. AgeeKeneth Noland - into the Cool
  ''978-1-935410-91-1Thomas MCEVILLEYJulian Schnabel - New Plate Paintings
2017978-1-935410-94-2Lucas SamarasLucas Samaras: Seductions