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2008978-1-935150-01-5Christopher S. Hyatt · Calvin IwemaEnergized Hypnosis Audio CDs
  ''978-1-935150-02-2Christopher S. Hyatt · Linda Miller · Nick TharcherChristopher S Hyatt, P: Shotgun Tantra -- Two CDs
2017978-1-935150-22-0Christopher S. Hyatt · Israel Regardie · Robert Anton WilsonUndoing Yourself: With Energized Meditation & Other Devices
2018978-1-935150-23-7Christopher S. Hyatt · Lon Milo DuQuetteSex Magic, Tantra and Tarot: The Way of the Secret Lover
2017978-1-935150-25-1Christopher S. Hyatt · S. Jason Black · Israel Regardie · Joseph Lisiewski · Phil HineSecrets of Western Tantra: The Sexuality of the Middle Path
  ''978-1-935150-27-5Aleister Crowley · Lon Milo DuQuette · Christopher S. HyattEnochian World of Aleister Crowley: Enochian Sex Magick
2011978-1-935150-31-2Christopher S. Hyatt · Calvin IwemaEnergized Hypnosis: A Non-Book for Self-Change
2017978-1-935150-32-9Christopher S. HyattThe Psychopath's Bible: For the Extreme Individual
  ''978-1-935150-33-6   ''To Lie Is Human: Not Getting Caught Is Divine
  ''978-1-935150-34-3Christopher S. Hyatt · William S. Burroughs · Timothy Leary · Robert Anton Wilson · Aleister Crowley · Peter J. Carroll · Phil Hine · Antero AlliRebels and Devils: The Psychology of Liberation
2012978-1-935150-37-4Christopher S. HyattBlack Book Volume 1: Principles of Extreme Living (The Black Books)
2011978-1-935150-38-1   ''Black Book Volume 2: Extreme, The Twisted Man
2008978-1-935150-39-8   ''Black Book Volume 3, Part I: The Black Symphony, First Movement
2018978-1-935150-40-4Christopher S. Hyatt · Joseph Matheny · David Menafee · Joseph Lisiewski · MobiusFrameBlack Book Volume 3, Part II, Galt's Ark: The Black Symphony, Second Movement (The Black Books)
2011978-1-935150-41-1Christopher S. HyattBlack Book Volume 4: Breaking Free
2008978-1-935150-42-8Christopher S. Hyatt · Jack Willis · Crag Jensen · S. Jason BlackBlack Book Volume 5: A Day at the Zoo
2017978-1-935150-45-9Joseph LisiewskiHowlings from the Pit: A Practical Handbook of Medieval Magic, Goetia & Theurgy
2008978-1-935150-56-5Israel RegardieKnowledge Lectures CD
2008978-1-935150-57-2Israel RegardieWorld of Enochian Magick CD: The Angelic Revelations
2017978-1-935150-63-3Steven Heller · Terry Lee SteeleMonsters and Magical Sticks: There's No Such Thing As Hypnosis?
  ''978-1-935150-64-0Phil HineThe Pseudonomicon
  ''978-1-935150-65-7Peter J. CarrollPsyberMagick: Advanced Ideas in Chaos Magick
2010978-1-935150-66-4Phil HineCondensed Chaos: An Introduction to Chaos Magic
2017978-1-935150-67-1   ''Prime Chaos: Adventures in Chaos Magic
2018978-1-935150-73-2Stephen SennittThe Infernal Texts: NOX & Liber Koth
  ''978-1-935150-75-6Christopher S. Hyatt · Joseph Matheny · Antero Alli · Wes Unruh · Nick Pell · Calvin IwemaBlack Book Omega: Cirque Apokálypsis (The Black Books)
2011978-1-935150-81-7Sorceress CagliastroBlood Sorcery Bible Volume 1: Rituals in Necromancy
2017978-1-935150-86-2Joseph C. LisiewskiCeremonial Magic & The Power of Evocation
  ''978-1-935150-87-9Joseph C. LisiewskiKabbalistic Cycles and The Mastery of Life
2010978-1-935150-90-9Robert Anton Wilson · Joseph MathenyRobert Anton Wilson: The Lost Studio Session
2010978-1-935150-93-0The "I" in the Triangle
2017978-1-935150-95-4Antero AlliAngel Tech: A Modern Shaman's Guide to Reality Selection

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