Speaking Volumes

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-935138-02-0Warren Murphy · Richard SapirAssassin's Play-Off
  ''978-1-935138-05-1William W. JohnstoneBetrayal In The Ashes
2009978-1-935138-09-9Sue Henry · Rochelle Krich · Susan Dunlap · P.M. Carlson · Libby Fischer Hellman · Linda Grant · Kate Grilley · Dorthy Salisbury DavisSisters on the Case Volume Two
2010978-1-935138-10-5Max Allan CollinsThe Last Quarry
  ''978-1-935138-11-2Max Allan CollinsThe First Quarry
  ''978-1-935138-17-4Bill ClemBliss
2009978-1-935138-19-8Roger ZelaznyNine Princes In Amber
2010978-1-935138-20-4Roger ZelaznyThe Guns of Avalon
  ''978-1-935138-35-8Janet DaileySavage Land - Texas
2011978-1-935138-36-5Janet DaileyThe Homeplace
2011978-1-935138-43-3Max Allan CollinsQuarry in the Middle
2012978-1-935138-44-0Roger Zelazny · Gerald HausmanWilderness
2011978-1-935138-49-5Bill PronziniFirewind
2012978-1-935138-50-1Bill PronziniThe Snatch
  ''978-1-935138-52-5   ''The Hangings
  ''978-1-935138-63-1Jerry AhernThe Battle Begins
  ''978-1-935138-64-8John LutzLazarus Man
  ''978-1-935138-65-5Robert J. RandisThe Winning Hand
2012978-1-935138-66-2Bill PronziniThe Stalker
  ''978-1-935138-67-9Max Allan CollinsQuarry's Ex
  ''978-1-935138-68-6Jerry AhernFourth Reich Death Squad
  ''978-1-935138-69-3   ''The Killing Wedge
  ''978-1-935138-70-9Bill PronziniThe Vanished
2012978-1-935138-72-3John LutzJericho Man
  ''978-1-935138-75-4Bill PronziniPanic!
  ''978-1-935138-77-8John LutzThe Shadow Man
  ''978-1-935138-78-5Marcia MullerThere Hangs the Knife
2013978-1-935138-79-2Bill PronziniThe Last Days of Horse-Shy Halloran
  ''978-1-935138-80-8Thom Reese · 21st Century Audio TheaterMarc Huntington Adventures
2013978-1-935138-81-5Thom Reese · 21st Century Audio TheaterShort Story Collection
  ''978-1-935138-82-2Bill PronziniBlowback
  ''978-1-935138-83-9   ''Undercurrent
  ''978-1-935138-84-6Thom Reese · 21st Century Audio TheaterDante's Wit and Other Strange Tales
2017978-1-935138-87-7Kevin D. RandleAmbush!
  ''978-1-935138-88-4Kevin D. RandleChopper Pilot
2017978-1-935138-90-7Kevin D. RandleBlackbird
  ''978-1-935138-94-5   ''Rescue!
2017978-1-935138-95-2Kevin D. RandleLinebacker
  ''978-1-935138-97-6   ''Target!