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2009978-1-935099-00-0Linda Schulman Dacey · Karen GartlandMath for All: Differentiating Instruction, Grade 6-8
  ''978-1-935099-01-7Suzanne H. Chapin · Catherine O'Connor · Nancy Canavan AndersonClassroom Discussions: Using Math Talk to Help Students Learn, Grades K-6
  ''978-1-935099-03-1Cathy L. SeeleyFaster Isn't Smarter: Messages About Math, Teaching, and Learning in the 21st Century
  ''978-1-935099-04-8Maggie SienaFrom Reading to Math, Grades K-5: How Best Practices in Literacy Can Make You a Better Math Teacher
  ''978-1-935099-05-5Dan BrutlagActive Algebra, Grades 7-10: Strategies and Lessons for Successfully Teaching Linear Relationships
2010978-1-935099-10-9Melissa ConklinIt Makes Sense! Using Ten-frames to Build Number Sense, Grades K-2
2010978-1-935099-11-6Sherry ParrishNumber Talks: Helping Children Build Mental Math and Computation Strategies, Grades K-5
  ''978-1-935099-13-0Julie McNamara · Meghan M. ShaughnessyBeyond Pizzas & Pies: 10 Essential Strategies for Supporting Fraction Sense, Grades 3-5
  ''978-1-935099-14-7Pat Lilburn · Alex CiurakInvestigations, Tasks, and Rubrics to Teach and Assess Math, Grades 1-6
2011978-1-935099-17-8Dana IslasHow to Assess While You Teach Math: Formative Assessment Practices and Lessons Grades K-2; A Multimedia Professional Learning Resource
  ''978-1-935099-18-5Kathy Melanese · Luz Chung · Cheryl ForbesSupporting English Language Learners in Math Class, Grades 6-8
  ''978-1-935099-19-2Jeane M. Joyner · Mari Muri · Jeane JoynerINFORMative Assessment: Formative Assessment Practices to Improve Mathematics Achievement, Grades K-6
2011978-1-935099-24-6Carmen WhitmanIt's All Connected: the Power of Proportional Reasoning to Understand Mathematics Concepts, Grades 6-8
2015978-1-935099-32-1Marilyn BurnsAbout Teaching Mathematics: A K-8 Resource (4th Edition)
2012978-1-935099-33-8John TapperSolving for Why: Understanding, Assessing, and Teaching Students Who Struggle with Math, Grades K-8
  ''978-1-935099-37-6Melissa Conklin · Stephanie SheffieldIt Makes Sense! Using the Hundreds Chart to Build Number Sense, Grades K-2
2017978-1-935099-39-0Janice Bradley · Dana CargillGive Me Five!: Five Coach-Teacher-Principal Collaborations That Promote Mathematics Success
2012978-1-935099-42-0Frances Van Dyke · Carmen WhitmanIt's All Connected: The Power of Representation to Build Algebraic Reasoning, Middle and High School
2013978-1-935099-43-7Jamee PetersenMath Games for Number and Operations and Algebraic Thinking: Games to Support Independent Practice in Math Workshops and More, Grades K-5
2019978-1-935099-51-2Ann CarlyleIt Makes Sense! Using Number Paths and Number Lines to Build Number Sense
  ''978-1-935099-52-9Marilyn BurnsWelcome to Math Class: A Collection of Marilyn's Favorites
2013978-1-935099-56-7Suzanne H. Chapin,Catherine O'Connor Nancy Canavan AndersonClassroom Discussions in Math A Teacher's Guide for Using Talk Moves to Support the Common Core and More, Grades K-6: a Multimedia Professional Learning Resource
2018978-1-935099-59-8Rusty Bresser · Caren HoltzmanMath Workshop Essentials: Developing Number Sense Through Routines, Focus Lessons, and Learning Stations
2017978-1-935099-61-1Jennifer LemppMath Workshop: Five Steps to Implementing Guided Math, Learning Stations, Reflection, and More
2014978-1-935099-65-9Sherry ParrishNumber Talks: Whole Number Computation, Grades K-5
2016978-1-935099-75-8Sherry Parrish · Ann DominickNumber Talks: Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages
2019978-1-935099-84-0Carrie S. CutlerMath Positive Mindsets: Growing a Child's Mind Without Losing Yours
2017978-1-935099-88-8Beth Herbel-Eisenmann · Michelle Cirillo · Michael D. Steele · Samuel Otten · Kate R. JohnsonMathematics Discourse in Secondary Classrooms: A Practice-Based Resource for Professional Learning