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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-934941-00-3Niccolo Machiavelli · Nicolo MachiavelliThe Prince
  ''978-1-934941-02-7Lenny Jr. FlankInvertebrates as Pets: Keeping and Caring for Millipedes, Centipedes, Scorpions and Tropical Cockroaches
2007978-1-934941-03-4F. Max Muller · F. Max M'UllerDhammapada: A Collection of Verses from the Pali Canon of Buddhism
2008978-1-934941-04-1HomerThe Iliad
  ''978-1-934941-05-8HomerThe Odyssey
  ''978-1-934941-06-5William BlighThe Bounty Mutiny: Captain William Bligh's Firsthand Account of the Last Voyage of HMS Bounty
  ''978-1-934941-11-9Senate Us Senate · Wreck Commis British Wreck CommissionerThe Titanic Reports: The Official Conclusions of the 1912 Inquiries Into the Titanic Disaster by the Us Senate and the British Wreck Commis
2008978-1-934941-12-6James Legge · Herbert Allen GilesEssential Writings of Taoism: The Tao Te Ching and the Chuang Tzu
  ''978-1-934941-14-0Ulysses S. GrantThe Autobiography of General Ulysses S Grant: Memoirs of the Civil War
  ''978-1-934941-16-4Sun TzuThe Art of War
  ''978-1-934941-17-1Lenny Jr. FlankBeginner's Guide to Keeping Venomous Snakes
  ''978-1-934941-21-8United States · Committee Church CommitteeIntelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans: 1976 Us Senate Report on Illegal Wiretaps and Domestic Spying by the FBI, CIA and Nsa
2008978-1-934941-22-5Joel R. Moore · Harry H. Meade · Lewis E. JahnsHistory of the American Expedition Fighting the Bolsheviks: Us Military Intervention in Soviet Russia 1918-1919
  ''978-1-934941-24-9Emma GoldmanMy Two Years in Russia; An American Anarchist's Disillusionment and the Betrayal of the Russian Revolution by Lenin's Soviet Union
2013978-1-934941-25-6VegetiusOn Roman Military Matters; A 5th Century Training Manual in Organization, Weapons and Tactics, as Practiced by the Roman Legions
2008978-1-934941-27-0Logan MarshallMyths and Legends of All Nations; Famous Stories from the Greek, German, English, Spanish, Scandinavian, Danish, French, Russian, Bohemian, Italian an
  ''978-1-934941-28-7Karl Marx · Mikhail Aleksandrovich Bakunin · Peter KropotkinWritings on the Paris Commune
  ''978-1-934941-30-0Carlos MarighellaMinimanual of the Urban Guerrilla
  ''978-1-934941-33-1Charles NordhoffThe Communistic Societies of the United States; Harmony, Oneida, the Shakers, and Others
2008978-1-934941-36-2James ConnollySocialism and the Irish Rebellion: Writings from James Connolly
  ''978-1-934941-37-9Lewis Henry BerensThe Digger Movement: Radical Communalism in the English Civil War
  ''978-1-934941-39-3Roald AmundsenTo the South Pole: An Account of the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition in the "Fram" 1910-1912
2009978-1-934941-48-5Eugene V DebsWritings of Eugene V Debs: A Collection of Essays by America's Most Famous Socialist
  ''978-1-934941-50-8AnonymousThe Anglo Saxon Chronicle: A History of England From Roman Times to the Norman Conquest
  ''978-1-934941-54-6Omar Khayyam · Pir-O-Murshid Khan · Farid AttarWritings of the Sufi: The Mystical Tradition in Islam
2009978-1-934941-56-0Wilbur Wright · Orville Wright · William ClaxtonA History of Early Aviation
  ''978-1-934941-63-8Mark TwainThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  ''978-1-934941-65-2John ReedInsurgent Mexico; With Pancho Villa in the Mexican Revolution
  ''978-1-934941-68-3L Frank BaumTales of Mother Goose
  ''978-1-934941-71-3Ernest UntermannMarxist Economics: A Popular Introduction to the Three Volumes of Karl Marx's Das Kapital
2010978-1-934941-78-2Nelson MandelaSelected Speeches and Writings of Nelson Mandela: The End of Apartheid in South Africa
2010978-1-934941-81-2Peter Kropotkin · Petr Alekseevich KropotkinThe Black Flag: Peter Kropotkin on Anarchism
  ''978-1-934941-86-7Karl MarxEssential Writings of Karl Marx: Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts, Communist Manifesto, Wage Labor and Capital, Critique of the Gotha Program
  ''978-1-934941-87-4Loyd S. Jr. Swenson · James M. Grimwood · Charles C. AlexanderThis New Ocean: A History of Project Mercury
  ''978-1-934941-88-1Historical Cent Naval Historical CenterThe Aleutians Campaign: The Official Navy History of the Only World War Two Invasion of Us Soil