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2008978-1-934770-02-3Barbara Farmer · Naomi SolumGirliness Is Next to Godliness: New Edition ISBN978-1-935416-42-5
  ''978-1-934770-04-7Ellie ClairePromises for Life Jorrnal (for Girls)
  ''978-1-934770-05-4Barbara Farmer · Joanie Garborg · Lisa FrankePromises for Life (for Guys)
  ''978-1-934770-06-1Ellie ClaireBless Your Heart: A Mother's Journal
  ''978-1-934770-08-5Barbara Farmer · Mick ThurberGirl Talk: New Edition ISBN978-1-935416-37-1
2008978-1-934770-09-2Ellie ClaireKindred Spirits: Promises for Mothers and Daughters
  ''978-1-934770-10-8   ''Bible Accessory Kit for Students (Majestic Bible Accessory Kits)
2009978-1-934770-11-5   ''Mom Wow: Promise Journal
2008978-1-934770-12-2Barbara Farmer · Joanie GarborgPromises for Me: New Edition ISBN978-1-935416-52-4
  ''978-1-934770-13-9Ellie ClaireMajestic Traditional Gold-Edged Tabs
  ''978-1-934770-14-6   ''Majestic Floral-Edged Bible Tabs
  ''978-1-934770-15-3   ''Majestic Bible Tabs for Students
2007978-1-934770-16-0Display-Promise Journals, Boxed
2008978-1-934770-21-4Ellie Claire Floor Display
2009978-1-934770-22-1Ellie ClairePsalms: A Promise Journal
2009978-1-934770-23-8Ellie-ClaireJournal Footprints
  ''978-1-934770-24-5Ellie ClaireSerenity: A Prayer Journal
  ''978-1-934770-25-2Summerside PressWords to Warm a Grandmother's Heart (Words to Warm the Heart)
1900978-1-934770-26-9Ellie ClaireThe Healing Power of Forgiveness
1900978-1-934770-27-6Ellie ClaireAmazing Peace Through the Storms of Life
  ''978-1-934770-28-3   ''Love from Grandma
2008978-1-934770-29-0VariousA Heart Full of Memories: A Grandma's Keepsake Journal
2009978-1-934770-30-6Ellie ClaireAmazing Grace Journal
2008978-1-934770-31-3   ''Travel Journal
2009978-1-934770-32-0George FosterInfinite Worth in God's Eyes
2008978-1-934770-34-4Joanie Garborg · Barbara Farmer · Lisa FrankeThe Passion Within: New Edition ISBN978-1-935416-46-3
  ''978-1-934770-35-1VariousThe Beauty Within: New Edition ISBN978-1-935416-41-8
  ''978-1-934770-36-8   ''Faith Journal: Promise Journal - Classic Design
  ''978-1-934770-37-5Andrea BoeshaarLove Finds You in Miracle, Kentucky (Love finds you)
2008978-1-934770-38-2Irene BrandLove Finds You in Valentine, Nebraska (Love Finds You, Book 3)
2009978-1-934770-39-9Miralee FerrellLove Finds You in Last Chance, California (Love Finds You, Book 5)
2008978-1-934770-40-5summerside-pressWords to Warm a Woman's Heart (Words to Warm the Heart)
1900978-1-934770-41-2Ellie ClaireWords to Warm a Sister's Heart (Words to Warm the Heart)
  ''978-1-934770-42-9   ''Words to Warm a Mother's Heart (Words to Warm the Heart)
1900978-1-934770-43-6Ellie ClaireIsms: 77 of the Most Mixed-Up, Dumb and Funny Things People Have Actually Said!
  ''978-1-934770-44-3   ''You May Need to Go to Church More...
2009978-1-934770-45-0Sandra D. BrickerLove Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas (Love Finds You, Book 2)
2008978-1-934770-46-7Gwen Ford FaulkenberryLove Finds You in Romeo, Colorado (Love Finds You, Book 4)
2009978-1-934770-49-8Holley GerthRain on Me: Devotions of Hope and Encouragement for Difficult Times
  ''978-1-934770-50-4Gwen Ford FaulkenberryA Beautiful Life: Devotions for a Woman's Heart
1900978-1-934770-51-1Ellie ClaireWords to Warm a Teacher's Heart (Words to Warm the Heart)
  ''978-1-934770-52-8   ''Words to Warm a Graduate's Heart (Classic Edition)
  ''978-1-934770-54-2   ''First Comes Love Journal
1900978-1-934770-55-9Ellie ClaireAlways in My Heart Journal
  ''978-1-934770-56-6   ''Before Your Birth Day Journal
1900978-1-934770-57-3Ellie ClaireTender Moments to Remember
2010978-1-934770-58-0Not Available Ellie ClaireHope Journal (Lake House Gifts Version)
1900978-1-934770-59-7Ellie ClaireLove Journal
  ''978-1-934770-60-3   ''New Every Morning
2009978-1-934770-61-0Anita HigmanLove Finds You in Humble, Texas
1900978-1-934770-62-7Ellie ClaireThe Family Blessing
2009978-1-934770-65-8Tamela Hancock MurrayLove Finds You in Maiden, North Carolina
  ''978-1-934770-66-5Loree LoughLove Finds You in Paradise, Pennsylvania
  ''978-1-934770-68-9Ellie ClaireGo into All the World Missions Journal
  ''978-1-934770-71-9   ''For I Know the Plans I Have for You Journal: For Teen Guys
1900978-1-934770-72-6   ''Teacher Journal
2009978-1-934770-73-3   ''For I Know the Plans I Have for You
2009978-1-934770-74-0Melanie DobsonLove Finds You in Liberty, Indiana
1900978-1-934770-78-8Ellie ClaireA Mother's Heritage Journal
2009978-1-934770-79-5Ellie ClaireWords to Warm a Graduate's Heart (Girls) (Words to Warm the Heart)
  ''978-1-934770-80-1Debby MayneLove Finds You in Treasure Island, Florida
  ''978-1-934770-81-8Lisa HarrisLove Finds You in Revenge, Ohio
  ''978-1-934770-82-5Ellie ClaireMajestic Bible Tabs Lavender
2008978-1-934770-84-9   ''Bible Accessory Kit Lavender (Majestic Bible Accessory Kits)
  ''978-1-934770-85-6   ''Majestic™ Bible Tabs for Students
2009978-1-934770-86-3   ''Majestic Bible Tabs, Mini Decorative Floral
2008978-1-934770-87-0   ''Majestic Traditional Gold Bible Tabs mini (Majestic Bible Tabs (Mini))
2008978-1-934770-88-7Everything But the Bible - Traditional/Leather (Majestic Bible Accessory Kits)
  ''978-1-934770-89-4Everything But the Bible - Floral/Jacquard (Majestic Bible Accessory Kits)
  ''978-1-934770-90-0Display—Majestic Bible Tabs
2006978-1-934770-91-7Ellie ClaireMajestic Traditional Silver-Edged Bible Tabs
2008978-1-934770-92-4Ellie ClaireMajestic Traditional Black-Edged Bible Tabs
  ''978-1-934770-93-1   ''Majestic Bible Tabs: Traditional Gold-Edged Large Print
  ''978-1-934770-94-8   ''Majestic Bible Tabs Traditional Silver (Majestic Bible Tabs (Large Print))
  ''978-1-934770-95-5   ''Majestic Bible Tabs Rose Nouveau (Majestic Bible Tabs (Large Print))
2009978-1-934770-97-9Ellie ClaireMajestic Rainbow Bible Tabs
2008978-1-934770-98-6   ''Majestic Rose Nouveau Bible Tabs
  ''978-1-934770-99-3   ''Majestic Jade Floral Bible Tabs

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