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2009978-1-934709-00-9Larry Atherton · Larry SchriebHow to Rebuild the Small-Block Chevrolet (S-A Design Workbench Series)
2010978-1-934709-01-6Brad OcockBuild Big-Inch GM Ls-Series En
2009978-1-934709-02-3Joe PalazzoloHigh-Performance Differentials, Axles, and Drivelines
  ''978-1-934709-03-0Andy FinkbeinerHow to Build Max-performance Mopar Big Blocks (S-A Design)
2011978-1-934709-06-1Keith McCordAutomotive Diagnostic Systems: Understanding OBD-I & OBD-II (Workbench How-To)
  ''978-1-934709-07-8Mark SavitskeHow to Make Your Muscle Car Handle (Performance How-to)
2010978-1-934709-08-5David W. TempleFull-Size Fords 1955-1970 (SA Design)
  ''978-1-934709-10-8Tony HuntimerHow to Restore Your Camaro 1967-1969 (Restoration How to)
  ''978-1-934709-12-2Barry KluczykHow to Supercharge & Turbocharge GM LS-Series Engines (S-A Design)
2010978-1-934709-14-6Jeffrey ZurschmeideThe New Mini Performance Handbook (Performance How-To)
  ''978-1-934709-15-3Barry RabotnickHow to Build Max-Performance Ford FE Engines (Performance How-To)
  ''978-1-934709-17-7David VizardDavid Vizard's How to Build Horsepower (S-A Design)
  ''978-1-934709-18-4Jeff TannHot Rod Chassis and Suspension (Complete Builder's Guide)
  ''978-1-934709-19-1George ReidHigh-Performance Ford Engine Parts Interchange
2011978-1-934709-20-7Cliff RugglesHow to Rebuild & Modify GM Turbo 400 Transmissions (Workbench How to Series)
2012978-1-934709-21-4Scotty GossonRat Rods: Rodding's Imperfect Stepchildren (Cartech)
2010978-1-934709-22-1Pat GanahlLost Hot Rods: Remarkable Stories of How They Were Found (Cartech)
2010978-1-934709-23-8Ed StaffelChevrolet Small-Block Parts Interchange Manual (S-A Design)
  ''978-1-934709-26-9Steve MagnanteHow to Build Altered Wheelbase Cars (Performance How-To)
2011978-1-934709-27-6Doug BoyceGrumpy's Toys: The Authorized History of Grumpy Jenkins' Cars
2012978-1-934709-28-3Tom DufurHow to Build Killer Big-Block Chevy Engines (S-A Design)
2010978-1-934709-29-0Paul CangialosiHow to Rebuild & Modify High-Performance Manual Transmissions (Workbench Series)
2012978-1-934709-30-6Andy FinkbeinerMopar B-Body Performance Upgrades 1962-1979 (S-A Design)
  ''978-1-934709-31-3Mark Fletcher · Rich TruesdellHurst Equipped: More Than 50 Years of High Performance (Cartech)
2011978-1-934709-32-0Gerry BergerHow to Build Period Correct Hot Rods (Performance How-To)
2012978-1-934709-34-4Bob McClurgHow to Install and Tune Nitrous Oxide Systems (SA Design)
2011978-1-934709-36-8Matt JosephAutomotive Sheet Metal Forming & Fabrication (S-A Design)
2012978-1-934709-37-5Arvid SvendsenHow to Rebuild the Big-Block Mopar (Workbench How to Series)
2011978-1-934709-38-2David VizardHow to Build Max-Performance Chevy Big-Blocks on a Budget (S-A Design)
  ''978-1-934709-40-5Steve MagnanteRusted Muscle: A Collection of Derelict Dream Machines (Cartech)
  ''978-1-934709-41-2Rocky RotellaHow to Rebuild Pontiac V-8s (Sa Design-Workbench) (Workbench How-to)
2012978-1-934709-43-6D. SmithHow to Build Cobra Kit Cars + Buying Used (Project Series)
2011978-1-934709-44-3Stephen KimHow to Build Big-Inch GM LS-Series Engines (SA Design) (Performance How-to)
2011978-1-934709-45-0Scotty GossonAmerica's Coolest Station Wagons: A Collection of Classic Cruisers (Cartech)
  ''978-1-934709-47-4John BaechtelPerformance Automotive Engine Math (Sa Design-Pro)
2010978-1-934709-48-1Larry DavisSuper Stock: Drag Racing the Family Sedan (Cartech)
2012978-1-934709-50-4Myron Cottrell · Eric McClellanHow to Build Max Performance Chevy LT1/LT4 Engines (Performance How-to)
2011978-1-934709-51-1Jeffery ZurschmeideHow to Design, Build & Equip Your Automotive Workshop on a Budget (S-A Design)
  ''978-1-934709-52-8Jerry HeasleyJerry Heasley's Rare Finds: Rediscovering Muscle Car Treasures (Cartech)
  ''978-1-934709-53-5Michael HarringtonRusty Pickups: American Workhorses Put to Pasture
  ''978-1-934709-55-9Tony CandelaAutomotive Electrical Performance Projects - OP (Project Series: S A Design)
2011978-1-934709-58-0Tommy Lee ByrdStreet Sleepers: The Art of the Deceptively Fast Car
2012978-1-934709-61-0Bob McDonaldHow to Rebuild Ford Power Stroke Diesel Engines 1994-2007 (Workbench How-to)
  ''978-1-934709-64-1David VizardDavid Vizard's How to Port & Flow Test Cylinder Heads (S-A Design)
2013978-1-934709-65-8   ''David Vizard's How to Super Tune and Modify Holley Carburetors (Performance How-To)
2011978-1-934709-66-5Graham HansenHow to Build Big-Inch Chevy Small-Blocks
  ''978-1-934709-67-2Pat GanahlEd 'Big Daddy' Roth: His Life, Times and Art (Cartech)
2012978-1-934709-69-6Don KeefeHow to Restore Your Pontiac GTO: 1964-1974 (Restoration How-To)
2008978-1-934709-74-0Harold Bettes · Bill HancockDyno Testing and Tuning
2012978-1-934709-75-7Joseph Alig · Stephen KilmerEast vs West Showdown: Rods, Customs and Rails (Cartech)
  ''978-1-934709-76-4Chris PetrisHow to Restore Your Corvette: 1963-1967 (Restoration How-to)
2013978-1-934709-77-1Sean HylandHow to Build Max-Performance Ford 5.0 Coyote Engines (Sa Design)
2011978-1-934709-81-8Jim DunneCar Spy: Secret Cars Exposed by the Industry's Most Notorious Photographer
2012978-1-934709-82-5George ReidHow to Rebuild & Modify Ford C4 & C6 Automatic Transmissions (Workbench)
  ''978-1-934709-91-7Doug BoyceJunior Stock: Stock Class Drag Racing 1964-1971
2012978-1-934709-93-1Pat GanahlLost Hot Rods II: More Remarkable Stories of How They Were Found (Cartech)
  ''978-1-934709-94-8Rocky RotellaHow to Build Max Performance Pontiac V-8s (Performance How-to)
  ''978-1-934709-96-2Gerald UttrachiAdvanced Automotive Welding (Pro Series)
  ''978-1-934709-97-9Greg KolasaThe Definitive Shelby Mustang Guide: 1965-1970
  ''978-1-934709-98-6Dan Burrill · Jeffrey ZurschmeideHow to Fabricate Automotive Fiberglass & Carbon Fiber Parts