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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1966978-1-934638-00-2Lennie NiehausTRY1057 - Basic Jazz Conception for Saxophone Volume 1 - Book/CD
1976978-1-934638-01-9Lennie NiehausTRY1058 - Basic Jazz Conception for Saxophone Volume 2 - Book/CD
1964978-1-934638-02-6   ''TRY1059 - Intermediate Jazz Conception Saxophone - 20 Jazz Exercises 25 Jazz Etudes - Book/CD
  ''978-1-934638-03-3   ''TRY1060 - Advanced Jazz Conception for Saxophone - 20 Jazz Etudes Book/CD
1967978-1-934638-04-0   ''TRY1061 - Jazz Conception for Saxophone Duets Book/CD
2012978-1-934638-05-7   ''Jazz Improvisation for Saxophone
1972978-1-934638-11-8Lennie NiehausJazz Improvisation for Saxophone
2012978-1-934638-12-5Jake HannaSyncopated Big Band Figures Solos Volume 1 w/cd
  ''978-1-934638-13-2Mitchell PetersYellow After The Rain
1971978-1-934638-14-9Mitchell PetersTRY1065 - Advanced Snare Drum Studies
2012978-1-934638-15-6Nick CeroliRudimental Contest Solos
  ''978-1-934638-16-3PaulinhoRhythms and Instruments of Brazil
978-1-934638-17-0Professional Drum Shop's 50 Years
2012978-1-934638-18-7Bob Delich36 Modern Etudes For Snare Drum
1976978-1-934638-19-4Mitchell PetersTRY1064 - Intermediate Snare Drum Studies
1966978-1-934638-20-0TRY PublishingTRY1120 - Harmonica - Basic Instructions in: Blues Rock Folk Roll
2012978-1-934638-21-7Lennie NiehausJazz Conception For The Saxophone Section Volume 1
1990978-1-934638-22-4Mitchell PetersTRY1067 - Rudimental Primer for the Snare Drummer
2012978-1-934638-23-1Andy ZikerDrumset For Preschoolers
1968978-1-934638-25-5Mitchell PetersTRY1066 - Developing Dexterity for Snare Drum
1988978-1-934638-27-9   ''TRY1063 - Elementary Snare Drum Studies
1972978-1-934638-28-6   ''Rondo for Solo Trombone Tenor
1977978-1-934638-30-9Joe LocatelliTRY1135 - Beginning Snare Drum And Drum Set Study
1978978-1-934638-32-3Paul CapozzoliHand Exercises for Drummers (Around The Drums)
2015978-1-934638-38-5Mitchell PetersFirefly for Marimba