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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-934414-04-0Kazim AliThe Fortieth Day (American Poets Continuum)
  ''978-1-934414-05-7Alan Michael ParkerElephants & Butterflies (American Poets Continuum)
  ''978-1-934414-06-4Karen VolkmanNomina (American Poets Continuum)
  ''978-1-934414-07-1Karen VolkmanNomina (American Poets Continuum)
  ''978-1-934414-08-8AdonisMihyar of Damascus: His Songs (Lannan Translations Selection Series)
2008978-1-934414-10-1Daniel GrandboisUnlucky Lucky Days (American Readers Series No. 9)
  ''978-1-934414-12-5Lucille CliftonVoices (American Poets Continuum)
  ''978-1-934414-13-2Martha RonkGlass Grapes: and Other Stories (American Readers Series)
  ''978-1-934414-15-6Katy LedererThe Heaven-Sent Leaf (American Poets Continuum)
2009978-1-934414-21-7Michael BlumenthalAnd (American Poets Continuum)
  ''978-1-934414-22-4Jessica TreatMeat Eaters & Plant Eaters (American Readers Series)
2009978-1-934414-23-1Novica TadicDark Things (Lannan Translations Selection Series)
  ''978-1-934414-25-5Joanna HowardOn the Winding Stair: Stories (American Readers Series #12)
  ''978-1-934414-27-9Matthew ShenodaSeasons of Lotus, Seasons of Bone (American Poets Continuum)
2010978-1-934414-33-0Keetje KuipersBeautiful in the Mouth (A. Poulin, Jr. New Poets of America)
  ''978-1-934414-34-7Wyn CooperChaos is the New Calm (American Poets Continuum)
  ''978-1-934414-35-4Craig Morgan TeicherCradle Book: Stories and Fables
2010978-1-934414-37-8Barbara Jane ReyesDiwata (American Poets Continuum)
  ''978-1-934414-39-2Sean Thomas DoughertySasha Sings the Laundry on the Line (American Poets Continuum)
  ''978-1-934414-40-8Jeanne Marie BeaumontBurning of the Three Fires (American Poets Continuum)
  ''978-1-934414-41-5Ales StegerThe Book of Things (Lannan Translations Selection Series)
2011978-1-934414-48-4John Gallaher · G.C. WaldrepYour Father on the Train of Ghosts (American Poets Continuum)
  ''978-1-934414-49-1Christopher KennedyEnnui Prophet (American Poets Continuum)
2011978-1-934414-50-7Nikola MadzirovRemnants of Another Age (Lannan Translations Selection Series)
  ''978-1-934414-52-1Naomi Shihab NyeTransfer (American Poets Continuum)
  ''978-1-934414-55-2Joseph SalvatoreTo Assume a Pleasing Shape (American Readers Series)
  ''978-1-934414-56-9Carsten René NielsenHouse Inspections (Lannan Translations Selection Series)
  ''978-1-934414-62-0Aracelis GirmayKingdom Animalia (American Poets Continuum)
2012978-1-934414-93-4Craig Morgan TeicherTo Keep Love Blurry (American Poets Continuum)
2012978-1-934414-97-2Marosa di GiorgioDiadem: Selected Poems (Lannan Translations Selection Series)