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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-934386-05-7Alex A. LluchSimple Principles to Enjoy Life and Be Happy
  ''978-1-934386-07-1   ''Simple Principles to Think Big and Achieve Success
  ''978-1-934386-08-8   ''Simple Principles to Feel Better & Live Longer
  ''978-1-934386-10-1   ''Simple Principles to Eat Smart & Lose Weight
  ''978-1-934386-13-2   ''Easy Wedding Planner Workbook & Organizer
2008978-1-934386-14-9Elizabeth Lluch · Alex LluchBride & Groom Challenge: The Game of Who Knows Who Better (Winner Takes All)
2008978-1-934386-16-3Elizabeth Lluch · Alex LluchThe Husband & Wife Challenge: The Game of Who Knows Better
  ''978-1-934386-20-0Alex A. LluchSimple Principles to Become a Millionaire
  ''978-1-934386-21-7   ''Simple Principles for a Happy & Healthy Marriage
  ''978-1-934386-22-4   ''Simple Principles to Excel at School
2009978-1-934386-23-1Elizabeth Lluch · Alex LluchThe Ultimate Pregnancy Guide for Expectant Mothers: A Daily Guide to Ensure a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy
  ''978-1-934386-24-8Alex A. LluchMy Pregnancy Journal
2008978-1-934386-28-6   ''My Story
2008978-1-934386-29-3Alex A. LluchOur Story
2009978-1-934386-33-0   ''The Ultimate Pocket Workout Journal
2008978-1-934386-34-7Alex A. LluchThe Complete Calorie Fat & Carb Counter
  ''978-1-934386-38-5   ''Daily Planner Diet Journal
2009978-1-934386-40-8   ''The Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer
  ''978-1-934386-46-0Elizabeth Lluch · Alex LluchEasy Wedding Planning Plus
  ''978-1-934386-47-7   ''My Baby Journal: A Keepsake for Baby's First Three Years
  ''978-1-934386-50-7   ''Wedding Party Responsibility Cards
2009978-1-934386-53-8Alex A. LluchThe Ultimate Calorie Counter & Diet Journal
  ''978-1-934386-54-5Elizabeth Lluch · Alex LluchEasy Wedding Planning
  ''978-1-934386-58-3Alex A. LluchThe Ultimate Fertility Journal & Keepsake
2009978-1-934386-60-6Alex A. LluchA Gift from Your Grandmother
  ''978-1-934386-62-0   ''FU: The Journal to Destroy, Rant and Vent Without the Police Becoming Involved
2010978-1-934386-95-8   ''FU Job: A journal for employees to destroy, rant and vent without losing their jobs