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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-934268-30-8George RussellHow to Create 1940s Hairstyles -- Instructions and Illustrations for 17 Swing Era Styles
  ''978-1-934268-34-6Paul CompanArt of Finger Waving -- Recreating 1920s and 1930s Hairstyles
  ''978-1-934268-36-0Amy ReevePractical Home Millinery -- Edwardian Hat and Veil Pattern Making, Techniques and Construction
  ''978-1-934268-39-1White Sewing Machine Co.Ten All American Novel Aprons -- 1940s Apron Patterns With Complete Cutting and Sewing Instructions
  ''978-1-934268-42-1J&P CoatsAprons -- 21 Vintage Patterns and Styles
2006978-1-934268-49-0Dennison Manufacturing CoDennison's Gala Book -- Vintage Ideas for Party Themes, Decorations, Favors and Games
2007978-1-934268-50-6Violet BrandMillinery -- 1930s Hat Making Techniques
2007978-1-934268-61-2Bramcost PublicationsAmerican Hairdresser May 1946 Compilation -- 1940s Hairstyles and Beauty
  ''978-1-934268-62-9   ''Modern Beauty Shop March 1937 Compilation -- 1930s Hairstyles and Beauty
  ''978-1-934268-63-6Vee PowellHow to Make and Trim Your Own Hats -- A Vintage Instruction Guide for Making 1940s Hats
  ''978-1-934268-66-7Mary Brooks PickenOne Hour Dress -- 17 Easy-to-Sew Vintage Dress Designs From 1924 (Book 1)
2008978-1-934268-67-4Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts & SciencesDraping and Designing with Scissors and Cloth -- Instructions and Illustrations for Sewing 29 Vintage 1920s Fashions
  ''978-1-934268-69-8A. MallemontManual of Ladies Hairdressing for Students - Over 35 Authentic Victorian Hairstyles With Instruction by A. Mallemont (2008-05-04)
2008978-1-934268-72-8Miss IngeridHow to Handle Long Hair -- Recreating Glamorous 1950s Hairstyles
  ''978-1-934268-75-9Virginia VincentMake-Up -- 1930s Beauty Instruction and Technique
  ''978-1-934268-79-7Mary Brooks PickenOne Hour Dress -- 17 Vintage 1924 Dress Designs with Detailed Instructions for Sewing (Book 2)
  ''978-1-934268-80-3   ''One Hour Dress -- 21 Vintage 1925 Dress Designs with Detailed Instructions for Sewing
  ''978-1-934268-83-4Alfred MorrisCreative Hair Styling -- 1940s Swirls, Curls and Water Waving Techniques
2008978-1-934268-84-1Ivan AndersonCreative Hairshaping and Hairstyling You Can Do -- Cutting, Rolling, Curling and Waving Instructions by Ivan Anderson (2008) Paperback
  ''978-1-934268-85-8Margaret RalstonDress Cutting -- Instructions and Illustrations for Sewing 26 Vintage 1930s Fashions
  ''978-1-934268-86-5Jane LoewenMillinery -- 1920s Hat Making Techniques
  ''978-1-934268-87-2William ZentlerTechnique and Art of Marcel Waving -- Creating 1920s Hair Waving Styles in Six Steps
2009978-1-934268-88-9Virginia PattyHats and How to Make Them -- Designing Patterns and Constructing Hats Using 1920s Millinery Techniqu
  ''978-1-934268-90-2Emily WallbankPattern Making for Dressmaking and Needlework -- Drafting and Sewing 1930s Fashi­ons
2009978-1-934268-99-5Louis NewberryHair Design -- Waving, Shaping and Curl Patterns for 1950s Hairstyles