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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-934157-00-8Jacki SimmonsStripped
2007978-1-934157-01-5StormEva First Lady of Sin
  ''978-1-934157-02-2Kiki SwinsonThe Candy Shop
  ''978-1-934157-03-9Crystal Lacey WinslowHistress
  ''978-1-934157-04-6Kiki SwinsonLife After Wifey
  ''978-1-934157-05-3Jacki SimmonsThe Madam
2007978-1-934157-06-0EndyIn My Hood 2
  ''978-1-934157-07-7Linda BrickhouseJealousy
  ''978-1-934157-08-4StormDen of Sin
2008978-1-934157-09-1Kiki SwinsonA Sticky Situation
  ''978-1-934157-10-7   ''Still Wifey Material (Wifey, Part 4)
  ''978-1-934157-11-4StormEva First Lady of Sin II
2009978-1-934157-13-8Linda BrickhouseJealousy, The Complete Saga
2008978-1-934157-15-2Crystal Lacey WinslowTale of a Train Wreck Lifestyle
2009978-1-934157-16-9Shannon Holmes · Crystal Lacey Winslow · Mark Anthony · Erick S. Gray · Al Saadiq BanksMenace
2009978-1-934157-18-3Nisa SantiagoCartier Cartel (Volume 1)
2008978-1-934157-19-0Erica HiltonDirty Little Angel
2009978-1-934157-20-6Amaleka G. McCallMyra: A Twisted Tale of Karma
  ''978-1-934157-21-3Erica Hilton10 Crack Commandments
2010978-1-934157-30-5Nisa SantiagoReturn of the Cartier Cartel (Part 2)
  ''978-1-934157-32-9Denise ColemanDrama With a Capital D
  ''978-1-934157-33-6Nahisha McCoyYou Showed Me
  ''978-1-934157-34-3Nisa SantiagoCartier Cartel
2011978-1-934157-35-0StormEva First Lady of Sin, Part 2
2011978-1-934157-41-1Crystal Lacey WinslowLife, Love, and Loneliness
  ''978-1-934157-42-8   ''The Criss Cross (Life, Love & Loneliness)
2012978-1-934157-43-5Kiki SwinsonWifey 4 Life
2011978-1-934157-44-2Nisa Santiago · Erica Hilton · Kim K.Dirty Money Honey
  ''978-1-934157-45-9Nisa SantiagoBad Apple: The Baddest Chick
  ''978-1-934157-46-6Erica HiltonWifey: From Mistress to Wifey
2012978-1-934157-48-0Nisa SantiagoCoca Kola - The Baddest Chick
  ''978-1-934157-50-3   ''Guard The Throne
2012978-1-934157-51-0Nisa SantiagoCheckmate - The Baddest Chick
  ''978-1-934157-54-1Kiki SwinsonMurder Was the Case
2010978-1-934157-57-2EndyIn My Hood
  ''978-1-934157-58-9   ''In My Hood Part 2
2010978-1-934157-59-6EndyIn My Hood
  ''978-1-934157-61-9Kiki SwinsonWifey 4 Life (Part 5)
2009978-1-934157-62-6EndyIn My Hood part 3
2013978-1-934157-63-3Nisa SantiagoBad Apple (The Baddest Chick) Part 1
  ''978-1-934157-65-7   ''Checkmate (The Baddest Chick) Part 3
  ''978-1-934157-66-4   ''Face Off: The Baddest Chick Part 4 (Volume 4)