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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-933958-00-2Thoroughbred TimesThe Original Thoroughbred Times Racing Almanac, 2007 (Orig. Thoroughbred Times Racing Almanac)
2007978-1-933958-01-9Karen Keb AcevedoCooking with Heirlooms: Seasonal Recipes with Heritage-Variety Vegetables and Fruits (Hobby Farm Press)
  ''978-1-933958-03-3Larry LylesProject Mustang: The Step-by-Step Restoration of a Popular Vintage Car
2008978-1-933958-05-7Toni McallisterFirst Aid (Horse Illustrated Simple Solutions)
  ''978-1-933958-06-4Micaela MyersTrailering (Horse Illustrated Simple Solutions)
2007978-1-933958-07-1Peter HiscockCommunity Fish (Aquamaster)
  ''978-1-933958-08-8Stuart Thraves · Peter Hiscock · Gina SandfordFreshwater Aquariums (Aquamaster)
2008978-1-933958-15-6Donna AnastasiChinchillas: A Guide to Caring for Your Chinchilla (Complete Care Made Easy)
  ''978-1-933958-16-3Cherie LangloisDucks: Tending a Small-Scale Flock for Pleasure and Profit (Hobby Farm)
2008978-1-933958-18-7Arie McfarlenPigs: Keeping a Small-Scale Herd for Pleasure and Profit (Hobby Farms)
2011978-1-933958-19-4Kim Campbell ThorntonCareers with Dogs: The Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Dream Job
2008978-1-933958-21-7Allison Estes · Tina SalaksPaw & Order: Dramatic Investigations by An Animal Cop on the Beat
  ''978-1-933958-22-4David A. LassAngelfish: Understanding and Keeping Angelfish (Fish Keeping Made Easy)
  ''978-1-933958-23-1Toni McallisterHoof Care (Horse Illustrated Simple Solutions)
  ''978-1-933958-24-8Elizabeth MoyerHorse Safety (Horse Illustrated Simple Solutions)
  ''978-1-933958-26-2Jo Jo HarderDiva Dogs: A Style Guide to Living the Fabulous Life
2010978-1-933958-33-0Thomas BarthelDogscaping: Creating the Perfect Backyard and Garden for You and Your Dog
2008978-1-933958-34-7Cindy HaleThe Horse Book of Lists: 968 Fascinating Facts & Tantalizing Trivia
2008978-1-933958-35-4David L. HoughProficient Motorcycling: The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well (Book & CD)
2007978-1-933958-38-5Mark SimonThe Original Thoroughbred Times Racing Almanac 2008 (Orig. Thoroughbred Times Racing Almanac)
2008978-1-933958-49-1Kim Campbell ThorntonFun
  ''978-1-933958-53-8   ''Train
  ''978-1-933958-55-2   ''Train
2009978-1-933958-57-6Sue WeaverLlamas and Alpacas: Keeping a Small-Scale Camelid Herd
2011978-1-933958-75-0Moira C. Reeve · Sharon BiggsThe Original Horse Bible: The Definitive Source for All Things Horse
2008978-1-933958-76-7Mark SimonThoroughbred Times Racing Almanac 2009 (Orig. Thoroughbred Times Racing Almanac)
2009978-1-933958-78-1Mary L. Wulff · Greg L. TilfordHerbs for Pets: The Natural Way to Enhance Your Pet's Life
  ''978-1-933958-81-1John P. SparkmanFoundation Mares: How Outstanding Female Families Shaped America's Breeding Industry
  ''978-1-933958-82-8Kristin Mehus-RoeOriginal Dog Bible: The Definitive Source for All Things Dog
2010978-1-933958-85-9Kim Campbell ThorntonWhy Do Cats Do That?: Real Answers to the Curious Things Cats Do?
2011978-1-933958-92-7Marilyn KriegerNaughty No More
2011978-1-933958-93-4Thomas FoxUrban Farming: Sustainable City Living in Your Backyard, in Your Community, and in the World
2010978-1-933958-94-1Norman GaryHoney Bee Hobbyist: The Care and Keeping of Bees (Hobby Farm)
  ''978-1-933958-95-8Anita GallionDonkeys (Hobby Farms)
  ''978-1-933958-98-9Arden MooreCome, Sit, Stay (Simple Solutions (Bowtie Press))
  ''978-1-933958-99-6Kim Campbell ThorntonHouse-Training (Simple Solutions Series)