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2007978-1-933864-00-6Stewart Factor DO · William WeinerParkinson's Disease: Diagnosis and Clinical Management
2006978-1-933864-02-0Adnan Al-Araji MB · Joel OgerMultiple Sclerosis for the Practicing Neurologist (World Federation of Neurology Seminars in Clinical Neurology)
2007978-1-933864-04-4Gregory L. Holmes · Steven C. Schachter · Dorothee GA Kasteleijn-Nolst Trenite "MD MPH"Behavioral Aspects of Epilepsy: Principles and Practice
  ''978-1-933864-06-8Richard P. BrennerEEG on DVD - Adult: An Interactive Reading Session
2008978-1-933864-09-9Aatif M. HusainA Practical Approach to Neurophysiologic Intraoperative Monitoring
  ''978-1-933864-10-5Peter W. Kaplan · Frank W. DrislaneNonconvulsive Status Epilepticus
2007978-1-933864-11-2William O. Tatum DO · Aatif M. Husain · Selim R. Benbadis · Peter W. KaplanHandbook of EEG Interpretation
2008978-1-933864-12-9Joel Stein · Richard L. Harvey · Richard F. Macko · Carolee J. Winstein · Richard D. ZorowitzStroke Recovery and Rehabilitation
2009978-1-933864-13-6Bruce FischEpilepsy and Intensive Care Monitoring: Principles and Practice
2007978-1-933864-14-3Ramon L. Rodriguez · Frank M. Skidmore · Michael OkunA Practical Approach to Movement Disorders: Diagnosis and Medical and Surgical Management
  ''978-1-933864-16-7Blaise F. Bourgeois · Edwin DodsonPediatric Epilepsy: Diagnosis and Therapy :Third Edition
2009978-1-933864-18-1Sara CuccurulloPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Review
2010978-1-933864-19-8Diana CardenasSpinal Cord Medicine, Second Edition: Principles & Practice
2009978-1-933864-20-4Hubert Fernandez · Stephan Eisenchenk · Michael OkunUltilmate Review for the Neurology Boards
2008978-1-933864-21-1Ib OddersonBotulinum Toxin Injection Guide
2011978-1-933864-23-5Peter Siao · Didier Cros · Steve VucicPractical Approach to Electromyography: An Illustrated Guide for Clinicians
2007978-1-933864-24-2Nancy Futrell · Dara G. JamiesonVascular Neurology: Questions and Answers
2011978-1-933864-25-9Anuradha SinghCase-Based Neurology
2008978-1-933864-26-6Alan Miller · Kimberly DiCuccio Heckert · Brian DavisThe 3-Minute Musculoskeletal & Peripheral Nerve Exam
2009978-1-933864-28-0Andre PanagosSpine (Rehabilitation Medicine Quick Reference)
2008978-1-933864-30-3Graeme J. Hankey · Joanna M. WardlawClinical Neurology
  ''978-1-933864-31-0Adnan I. Qureshi · Alexandros GeorgiadisAtlas of Interventional Neurology
2009978-1-933864-33-4Michael Stubblefield · Michael O'DellCancer Rehabilitation: Principles and Practice
2008978-1-933864-36-5Dara G. JamiesonHeadache Medicine: Questions and Answers
2009978-1-933864-37-2Michael A. Alexander · Dennis J. MatthewsPediatric Rehabilitation: Principles & Practices, Fourth Edition
2009978-1-933864-38-9Wm. Kevin Kelly DO · Susan Halabi · Richard SchilskyOncology Clinical Trials: Successful Design, Conduct and Analysis
  ''978-1-933864-40-2Syed Z. Ali · Yener S. Erozan · Ralph H. HrubanAtlas of Pancreatic Cytopathology: With Histopathologic Correlations
  ''978-1-933864-41-9William Tatum IV DO · Peter W. Kaplan · Pierre JallonEpilepsy A to Z: A Concise Encyclopedia
2008978-1-933864-42-6Charles R. Thomas · Clifton D. FullerBiliary Tract and Gallbladder Cancer: Diagnosis and Therapy
2009978-1-933864-44-0Alphonse G. Taghian · Barbara L. Smith MD Phd · John K. Erban · Charles R. ThomasBreast Cancer: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Diagnosis and Management (Current Multidisciplinary Oncology)
  ''978-1-933864-46-4Mirela V. SimonIntraoperative Neurophysiology: A Comprehensive Guide to Monitoring and Mapping
  ''978-1-933864-47-1Thomas N. BryceSpinal Cord Injury (Rehabilitation Medicine Quick Reference)
2010978-1-933864-49-5William MicheoMusculoskeletal, Sports and Occupational Medicine (Rehabilitation Medicine Quick Reference)
2010978-1-933864-51-8Elie Elovic · Allison BrashearSpasticity: Diagnosis and Management
  ''978-1-933864-52-5Gregory Videtic · Andrew VassilHandbook of Treatment Planning in Radiation Oncology
2011978-1-933864-53-2Jarrod David FriedmanPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation Pocket Companion
2010978-1-933864-55-6Robert I. HaddadMultidisciplinary Management of Head and Neck Cancer
2011978-1-933864-57-0Aliya N. Husain · J. Thomas StockerColor Atlas of Pediatric Pathology
2010978-1-933864-60-0Maureen R. NelsonPediatrics (Rehabilitation Medicine Quick Reference)
  ''978-1-933864-61-7David X. Cifu · Deborah CarusoTraumatic Brain Injury (Rehabilitation Medicine Quick Reference)
2009978-1-933864-66-2Syed Z. Ali · Dorothy L. Rosenthal · Tehmina Z. Ali · Jonathan I. EpsteinAtlas of Urinary Cytopathology: With Histopathologic Correlations
2010978-1-933864-67-9Mehdi Razavi · Alireza Nazeri · Ali Massumi · Samuel J. AsirvathamCardiac Rhythm Devices: A Case-Based Approach to Management
2009978-1-933864-69-3Richard Prayson · Bette K. Kleinschmidt-DeMasters · Mark Cohen · David Elder MB ChBBrain Tumors (Consultant Pathology)
2010978-1-933864-70-9William B. YoungJefferson Headache Manual
2016978-1-933864-76-1LiVolsiThyroid Papillary Lesions: CP (Consultant Pathology)
2010978-1-933864-78-5Minesh MehtaPrinciples and Practice of Neuro-Oncology: A Multidisciplinary Approach
2011978-1-933864-79-2Juan P. PalazzoDifficult Diagnoses in Breast Pathology
2010978-1-933864-81-5Leon Barnes · Simion I. Chiosea · Raja R. SeethalaHead and Neck Pathology (Consultant Pathology)
  ''978-1-933864-82-2Michael LaposataCoagulation Disorders: Diagnostic Standards of Care
2011978-1-933864-84-6Paul E. Wakely Jr.Head and Neck Pathology (Demos Surgical Pathology Guides)
2016978-1-933864-85-3NosePractical Surgical Pathology of the Thyroid
2013978-1-933864-86-0Jose Plaza · Victor PrietoNeoplastic Lesions of the Skin (Demos Surgical Pathology Guides)
2012978-1-933864-87-7Jose A. Plaza · Victor G. PrietoInflammatory Skin Disorders (Demos Surgical Pathology Guides)
2010978-1-933864-91-4Shaji KumarMultiple Myeloma (Emerging Cancer Therapeutics)
2011978-1-933864-93-8Linda D. Ferrell · Sanjay Kakar · David Elder MB ChBLiver Pathology (Consultant Pathology)
  ''978-1-933864-94-5Arief A Suriawinata · Swan N. ThungLiver Pathology: An Atlas and Concise Guide
2012978-1-933864-97-6Douglas R. Nordli Jr.Pediatric EEG: An Interactive Reading Session