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2006978-1-933823-00-3Najmieh Batmanglij · Dick Davis · Burke OwensFrom Persia to Napa: Wine at the Persian Table
  ''978-1-933823-04-1Abbas MilaniTales of Two Cities: A Persian Memoir
  ''978-1-933823-05-8Dick DavisEpic and Sedition: A Case of Ferdowsi's Shahnameh
  ''978-1-933823-06-5W. Morgan ShusterThe Strangling of Persia
  ''978-1-933823-07-2Edward G. Browne · Abbas AmanatThe Persian Revolution of 1905-1909
2006978-1-933823-09-6Cyrus GhaniIran and the West (Volume 2)
2007978-1-933823-11-9Abolqasem FerdowsiRostam: Tales of Love & War from Persia's Book of Kings
2006978-1-933823-12-6Willem M. FloorThe Persian Gulf: A Political and Economic History of Five Port Cities 1500-1730
  ''978-1-933823-13-3Najmieh BatmanglijA Taste of Persia: An Introduction to Persian Cooking
  ''978-1-933823-14-0Terence O'DonnellSeven Shades of Memory: Stories of Old Iran
2007978-1-933823-15-7Samuel Gottlieb Gmelin · Willem FloorTravels through Northern Persia: 1770-1774
2008978-1-933823-16-4Najmieh BatmanglijHappy Nowruz: Cooking with Children to Celebrate the Persian New Year
  ''978-1-933823-17-1Fakhraddin GorganiVis and Ramin
2007978-1-933823-18-8Willem FloorThe Persian Gulf: The Rise of the Gulf Arabs
2008978-1-933823-20-1Simin DaneshvarSutra and Other Stories
  ''978-1-933823-22-5Nezam al-Din Obeyd-e ZakaniObeyd-e Zakani: Ethics of The Aristocrats and Other Satirical Works
2008978-1-933823-23-2Mirza Naqi, NasiriTitles & Emoluments in Safavid Iran: A Third Manual of Safavid Administration
  ''978-1-933823-24-9Cyrus GhaniShakespeare, Persia, & the East
  ''978-1-933823-25-6Edward G. BrowneLetters from Tabriz: The Russian Suppression of the Iranian Constitutional Movement (Persia Observed)
2009978-1-933823-26-3Najmieh BatmanglijPersian Cooking for a Healthy Kitchen (4th Ed. Paperback))
  ''978-1-933823-27-0Abbas Qoli Aqa Bakikhanov · Willem Floor · Hasan JavadiThe Heavenly Rose-Garden: A History of Shirvan & Daghestan
2008978-1-933823-33-1Willem FloorA Social History of Sexual Relations in Iran
2009978-1-933823-34-8Abbas MilaniThe Persian Sphinx: Amir Abbas Hoveyda and the Riddle of the Iranian Revolution (new edition)
2010978-1-933823-36-2Evliya Chelebi · Hasan Javadi · Willem FloorTravels in Iran and the Caucasus, 1647 & 1654
  ''978-1-933823-37-9Forugh FarrokhzadAnother Birth and Other Poems (English and Persian Edition)
2013978-1-933823-38-6Reza ZarghameeDiscovering Cyrus: The Persian Conqueror Astride the Ancient World (Iran's Age of Empire)
2010978-1-933823-39-3Willem FloorThe Persian Gulf: The Rise and Fall of Bandar-e Lengeh, The Distribution Center for the Arabian Coast, 1750-1930
2008978-1-933823-40-9Najmieh BatmanglijSilk Road Cooking: A Vegetarian Journey
2009978-1-933823-41-6Abolqasem FerdowsiThe Shahnameh: The Persian Book of Kings
2011978-1-933823-43-0Willem FloorThe Persian Gulf: Bandar Abbas, The Natural Trade Gateway of Southeast Iran
2011978-1-933823-47-8Najmieh BatmanglijFood of Life: Ancient Persian and Modern Iranian Cooking and Ceremonies
2012978-1-933823-48-5Dick DavisFaces of Love: Hafez and the Poets of Shiraz
2013978-1-933823-51-5Reza FarokhfalPersian: Here and Now, Introduction to Persian (Persian Edition)
  ''978-1-933823-62-1Terence O'DonnellGarden of the Brave in War: Recollections of Iran
2014978-1-933823-70-6Reza FarokhfalPersian: Here and Now Book II, Intermediate Persian (Persian Edition)
  ''978-1-933823-75-1Iraj Pezeshkzad · Dick DavisMy Uncle Napoleon (Commemorative Edition)
2018978-1-933823-95-9Najmieh BatmanglijCooking in Iran: Regional Recipes and Kitchen Secrets
  ''978-1-933823-98-0Reza FarokhfalPersian: Here and Now: Introduction to Persian (1)
  ''978-1-933823-99-7   ''Persian: Here and Now: Book II, Intermediate Persian (2)