Melville House

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-1-933633-00-8Robin MorganThe Burning Time
2006978-1-933633-01-5Celia FarberSerious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS
2008978-1-933633-04-6Miguel de CervantesThe Dialogue of the Dogs (Art of the Novella)
2006978-1-933633-05-3Herman MelvilleBenito Cereno (The Art of the Novella)
  ''978-1-933633-06-0Dominique de VillepinToward A New World: Speeches, Essays, and Interviews on the War in Iraq, the UN, and the Changing Face of Europe
  ''978-1-933633-07-7Celia FarberSerious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS
  ''978-1-933633-08-4Center for Constitutional RightsArticles of Impeachment Against George W. Bush
  ''978-1-933633-09-1Trevor Paglen · AC ThompsonTorture Taxi: On the Trail of the CIA's Rendition Flights
2006978-1-933633-10-7Kitty Burns FloreySister Bernadette's Barking Dog: The Quirky History and Lost Art of Diagramming Sentences
2007978-1-933633-11-4Mahmoud DowlatabadiMissing Soluch: A Novel
  ''978-1-933633-12-1Benoit DuteurtreThe Little Girl and The Cigarette
  ''978-1-933633-13-8Joseph ConradFreya of the Seven Isles (The Art of the Novella)
  ''978-1-933633-14-5Nikolai GogolHow the Two Ivans Quarrelled (The Art of the Novella)
  ''978-1-933633-15-2Andre SchiffrinA Political Education: Coming of Age in Paris and New York
2007978-1-933633-16-9Sholom AleichemStempenyu: A Jewish Romance (The Art of the Novella)
2006978-1-933633-17-6H. L. MenckenA Religious Orgy in Tennessee: A Reporter's Account of the Scopes Monkey Trial
2007978-1-933633-18-3Filip VerheydenBasics: The Foundations of Modern Cooking
  ''978-1-933633-19-0Jacques DerridaLearning to Live Finally: The Last Interview
  ''978-1-933633-21-3Ronald PoramboNo Cause For Indictment: An Autopsy of Newark
  ''978-1-933633-22-0Anna Horsbrugh-Porter · Marina AidovaFrom Newbury With Love: Letters of Friendship Across the Iron Curtain
  ''978-1-933633-23-7Jacques DerridaLearning to Live Finally: The Last Interview (Library Edition)
2007978-1-933633-24-4Randall KenanThe Fire This Time
  ''978-1-933633-25-1Tao LinEeeee Eee Eeee
  ''978-1-933633-26-8Tao LinBed: Stories
  ''978-1-933633-27-5Carlo Bonini · Giuseppe D'AvanzoCollusion: International Espionage and the War on Terror
2008978-1-933633-29-9A.M. RosenthalThirty-Eight Witnesses: The Kitty Genovese Case (Melville House Classic Journalism)
2007978-1-933633-30-5Stephen DixonMeyer
2008978-1-933633-32-9Trevor PaglenI Could Tell You But Then You Would Have to be Destroyed by Me: Emblems from the Pentagon's Black World
2007978-1-933633-33-6Elizabeth LittleBiting the Wax Tadpole: Confessions of a Language Fanatic
  ''978-1-933633-34-3Mike Hoyt · John Palattella · Columbia Journalism ReviewReporting Iraq: An Oral History of the War by the Journalists who Covered It
2008978-1-933633-39-8Kevin VennemannClose to Jedenew (The Contemporary Art of the Novella)
2008978-1-933633-41-1Marcel ProustThe Lemoine Affair (The Art of the Novella)
2009978-1-933633-42-8Henry JamesThe Coxon Fund (The Art of the Novella)
  ''978-1-933633-43-5F. Scott FitzgeraldMay Day (The Art of the Novella)
  ''978-1-933633-44-2Samuel JohnsonRasselas, Prince of Abyssinia (The Art of the Novella)
2008978-1-933633-48-0Tao LinCognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Poetry
  ''978-1-933633-49-7Raj PatelStuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System
  ''978-1-933633-50-3Allegra StrattonMuhajababes
2010978-1-933633-51-0Paul BermanThe Flight of the Intellectuals
2008978-1-933633-52-7Benoit DuteurtreCustomer Service (The Contemporary Art of the Novella)
2008978-1-933633-53-4Imre KerteszThe Pathseeker (The Contemporary Art of the Novella)
  ''978-1-933633-54-1Leo TolstoyThe Death of Ivan Ilych (The Art of the Novella)
2009978-1-933633-55-8Johanna ReissA Hidden Life: A Memoir of August 1969
2008978-1-933633-56-5Steve SternThe North of God (The Contemporary Art of the Novella)
  ''978-1-933633-57-2Gilbert AdairThe Death of the Author (The Contemporary Art of the Novella)
2009978-1-933633-59-6Arif JamalShadow War: The Untold Story of Jihad in Kashmir
2008978-1-933633-60-2John R. MacArthurYou Can't Be President: The Outrageous Barriers to Democracy in America
  ''978-1-933633-61-9Samir El-YoussefIllusion of Return (The Contemporary Art of the Novella)
  ''978-1-933633-62-6Alejandro ZambraBonsai (The Contemporary Art of the Novella)
2009978-1-933633-63-3Hans FalladaEvery Man Dies Alone
2009978-1-933633-64-0Hans FalladaLittle Man, What Now?
  ''978-1-933633-65-7   ''The Drinker
2008978-1-933633-67-1Kitty Burns FloreyScript and Scribble: The Rise and Fall of Handwriting
2009978-1-933633-68-8Gail HarevenThe Confessions of Noa Weber: A Novel
2010978-1-933633-69-5Peter H. StoneCasino Jack and the United States of Money: Superlobbyist Jack Abramoff and the Buying of Washington
2009978-1-933633-72-5Michael M. ThomasLove and Money
  ''978-1-933633-73-2Alexander PushkinTales of Belkin (The Art of the Novella)
2011978-1-933633-77-0Banana YoshimotoThe Lake
2009978-1-933633-78-7Tao LinShoplifting from American Apparel (The Contemporary Art of the Novella)
  ''978-1-933633-79-4Lore SegalLucinella (The Contemporary Art of the Novella)
  ''978-1-933633-80-0Nanni BalestriniSandokan (The Contemporary Art of the Novella)
2009978-1-933633-81-7Hansjorg SchertenleibA Happy Man (The Contemporary Art of the Novella)
  ''978-1-933633-82-4Kari LydersenRevolt on Goose Island: The Chicago Factory Takeover and What It Says About the Economic Crisis
  ''978-1-933633-83-1Roberto BolañoRoberto Bolano: The Last Interview: And Other Conversations (The Last Interview Series)
2010978-1-933633-84-8Edward Jay EpsteinThe Hollywood Economist: The Hidden Financial Reality Behind the Movies
  ''978-1-933633-85-5Zachary GermanEat When You Feel Sad
2011978-1-933633-86-2David GraeberDebt: The First 5,000 Years
2010978-1-933633-87-9Imre KertészThe Union Jack (The Contemporary Art of the Novella)
  ''978-1-933633-88-6Dave TompkinsHow to Wreck a Nice Beach: The Vocoder from World War II to Hip-Hop, The Machine Speaks
2010978-1-933633-89-3Italo SvevoThe Nice Old Man and the Pretty Girl (The Art of the Novella)
  ''978-1-933633-91-6B.R. MyersThe Cleanest Race: How North Koreans See Themselves and Why It Matters
  ''978-1-933633-92-3Hans FalladaWolf Among Wolves