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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-933618-00-5Theodore SturgeonSome of Your Blood
  ''978-1-933618-02-9Ramsey CampbellThe Face That Must Die
  ''978-1-933618-04-3Fredric BrownHere Comes a Candle
  ''978-1-933618-06-7Roland ToporThe Tenant
2010978-1-933618-07-4Roland ToporThe Tenant
2006978-1-933618-08-1William HjortsbergFalling Angel
2010978-1-933618-09-8William HjortsbergFalling Angel
2006978-1-933618-10-4John Franklin BardinThe Deadly Percheron
  ''978-1-933618-11-1John Franklin BardinTHE DEADLY PERCHERON
2007978-1-933618-17-3David GoodisNightfall
2011978-1-933618-19-7Samson Joan/ Gorman EdThe Auctioneer
2007978-1-933618-22-7David GoodisStreet of No Return
2008978-1-933618-26-5Thomas TryonThe Other
2008978-1-933618-28-9Tim LucasVideodrome: Studies in the Horror Film
  ''978-1-933618-34-0Stuart Gordon · Harlan Ellison · Thomas LigottiA Lovecraft Retrospective: Artists Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft
  ''978-1-933618-37-1Michael SheaThe Autopsy and Other Tales
2011978-1-933618-42-5Ramsey CampbellThe Influence
2009978-1-933618-49-4George BeahmKnowing Darkness: Artists Inspired by Stephen King
2010978-1-933618-52-4Guy EndoreThe Werewolf of Paris
  ''978-1-933618-54-8John BrunnerStand on Zanzibar
2011978-1-933618-55-5Peter StraubKoko
2010978-1-933618-59-3William Peter BlattyThe Ninth Configuration
  ''978-1-933618-60-9Fredric BrownThe Far Cry
2012978-1-933618-95-1Joe AisenbergStudies in the Horror Film: Carrie
2012978-1-933618-96-8David BartholomewThe Exorcist: Studies in the Horror Film
  ''978-1-933618-97-5Karl Edward WagnerWhere the Summer Ends: The Best Horror Stories of Karl Edward Wagner, Volume 1
  ''978-1-933618-98-2Karl Edward WagnerWalk on the Wild Side: The Best Horror Stories of Karl Edward Wagner, Volume 2
  ''978-1-933618-99-9Paul CainThe Complete Slayers: Fast One and the Complete Short Stories of Paul Cain