Felony & Mayhem

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-933397-00-9Edmund CrispinThe Case of the Gilded Fly (The First Gervase Fen Mystery)
  ''978-1-933397-01-6Elizabeth DalyMurders in Volume 2
  ''978-1-933397-02-3Reginald HillWho Guards a Prince? (Felony & Mayhem Mysteries)
  ''978-1-933397-03-0Tony CapeThe Cambridge Theorem
  ''978-1-933397-04-7Caroline GrahamThe Killings at Badger's Drift (Inspector Barnaby)
2005978-1-933397-05-4Robert BarnardDeath on the High C's (Felony & Mayhem Mysteries)
  ''978-1-933397-06-1Lynn HightowerSatan's Lambs (Lena Padgett Mysteries)
  ''978-1-933397-07-8Paul MannSeason of the Monsoon: George Sansi #1
  ''978-1-933397-08-5David CarkeetDouble Negative (Felony & Mayhem Mysteries)
  ''978-1-933397-09-2Susan WolfeThe Last Billable Hour (Felony & Mayhem Mysteries)
2005978-1-933397-11-5Anton GillCity of the Horizon: Huy the Scribe #1
  ''978-1-933397-12-2Anthony PriceThe Labyrinth Makers: David Audleys Myst #1
  ''978-1-933397-13-9Carolyn HouganThe Romeo Flag (Felony & Mayhem Mysteries)
  ''978-1-933397-14-6Liza CodyDupe: Anna Lee #1
  ''978-1-933397-15-3Tony BroadbentThe Smoke: Jethro the Cockney Cat-Burglar #1
2005978-1-933397-17-7Elizabeth IronsideDeath in the Garden
  ''978-1-933397-18-4Peter WatsonLandscape of Lies (Felony & Mayhem Mysteries)
  ''978-1-933397-19-1Marissa PiesmanUnorthodox Practices: Nina Fischman #1
  ''978-1-933397-20-7Stuart KaminskyDeath of a Dissident: Inspector Rostnikov #1 (Inspctr Rostnikov)
  ''978-1-933397-21-4Matthew HeadDevil in the Bush: Dr. Mary Finney #1
2005978-1-933397-22-1Nicholas FreelingLove in Amsterdam: Inspector Van der Valk #1 (Inspctr Van Der Valk)
2006978-1-933397-26-9Caroline GrahamDeath of a Hollow Man: The 2nd Inspector Barnaby Mystery
  ''978-1-933397-27-6Robert CullenSoviet Sources: Colin Burke #1
  ''978-1-933397-28-3Edmund CrispinHoly Disorders: Gervase Fen #2
  ''978-1-933397-29-0Paul MannThe Ganja Coast: George Sansi #2
  ''978-1-933397-30-6Anton GillCity of Dreams: Huy the Scribe #2
2006978-1-933397-31-3S. F.X. DeanBy Frequent Anguish: Professor Neil Kelly Mystery #1 (Prof Neil Kelly)
  ''978-1-933397-32-0Robert BarnardOut of the Blackout
  ''978-1-933397-33-7Reginald HillThe Spy's Wife
  ''978-1-933397-35-1Elizabeth DalyThe House Without the Door: Henry Gamadge #4
  ''978-1-933397-36-8Peter LoveseyBertie and the Seven Bodies: Bertie Price of Wales #2 (Prince of Wales)
2006978-1-933397-37-5Peter DickinsonKing and Joker
  ''978-1-933397-38-2John Norman HarrisThe Weird World of Wes Beattie
  ''978-1-933397-39-9David WishartOvid: Marcus Covinus #1 (Marcus Corvinus)
  ''978-1-933397-40-5Donald WestlakeOne of Us Is Wrong: Sam Holt #1
  ''978-1-933397-42-9Margery AllinghamThe Crime at Black Dudley (Albert Campion)
2006978-1-933397-43-6Donald WestlakeI Know a Trick Worth Two of That: Sam Holt #2
  ''978-1-933397-44-3Margery AllinghamMystery Mile: Albert Campion #2
  ''978-1-933397-46-7Sheila RadleyDeath in the Morning: Inspector Quantrill #1 (Inspct Quantrill)
  ''978-1-933397-48-1Nicolas FreelingBecause of the Cats: Inspecotr Van der Valk #2 (Inspctr Van Der Valk)
  ''978-1-933397-49-8Barbara NadelBelshazzar's Daughter: Inspector Ikmen #1 (Inspectr Ikmen)
2006978-1-933397-50-4Elizabeth IronsideThe Accomplice
  ''978-1-933397-51-1Tony BroadbentSpectres in Smoke:A Creeping Narrative: Jethro the Cockney Cat-Burglar #2
  ''978-1-933397-52-8Caroline GrahamMurder at Madingley Grange
  ''978-1-933397-53-5Carolyn HouganShooting in the Dark (Felony & Mayhem Mysteries)
  ''978-1-933397-54-2Edmund CrispinSwan Song: Gervase Fen #4
2006978-1-933397-55-9Donald WestlakeWhat I Tell You Three Times Is False: Sam Holt #3
  ''978-1-933397-56-6Donald WestlakThe Fourth Dimension Is Death: Sam Holt #4
  ''978-1-933397-57-3Margery AllinghamLook to the Lady: Albert Campion #3
2007978-1-933397-58-0Stuart KaminskyBlack Knight in Red Square: Inspector Rostnikov #2 (Inspctr Rostnikov)
2006978-1-933397-59-7Matthew HeadCabinda Affair: Dr. Mary Finney #2
  ''978-1-933397-60-3Reginald HillDeath of a Dormouse
2007978-1-933397-62-7Christopher HydeA Gathering of Saints: Inspector Morris Black #1 (Inspctro Morris Black)
  ''978-1-933397-63-4Robert BarnardDeath and the Chaste Apprentice
2007978-1-933397-64-1Margery AllinghamPolice at the Funeral: Albert Campion #4
  ''978-1-933397-65-8Daniel StashowerElephants in the Distance
  ''978-1-933397-66-5Anton GillCity of the Dead: Huy the Scribe #3
2006978-1-933397-67-2Peter LoveseyBertie and the Crime of Passion: Bertie Prince of Wales #3
2007978-1-933397-68-9William KotzwinkleThe Game of 30: Jimmy Mc Shane PI #1
  ''978-1-933397-69-6Caroline GrahamDeath in Disguise: Inspector Barnaby #3
  ''978-1-933397-70-2S. F.X DeanSuch Pretty Toys: Professor Neil Kelly Mystery #2 (Prof Neil Kelly)
2007978-1-933397-72-6Elizabeth DalyEvidence of Things Seen: Henry Gamadge #5
  ''978-1-933397-74-0Peter DickinsonThe Old English Peep Show
  ''978-1-933397-75-7Nicolas FreelingGun Before Butter: Inspector Van der Valk #3 (Inspctr Van Der Valk)
  ''978-1-933397-77-1Paul AdamThe Rainaldi Quartet: Gianni & Gustafeste #1 (Giannia & Gustafeste)
  ''978-1-933397-78-8David Wishart University of Nebraska-LincolnGermanicus: Marcus Corvinus 2
2007978-1-933397-79-5John MalcolmA Back Room in Somers Town: Tim Simpson Art #1 (Tim Simpson Art Mystery)
  ''978-1-933397-81-8Robert BarnardSkeleton in the Grass
  ''978-1-933397-82-5Margery AllinghamDeath of a Ghost: Albert Campion #6
  ''978-1-933397-83-2Caroline GrahamWritten in Blood: Inspector Barnaby #4
  ''978-1-933397-84-9Barbara NadelThe Ottoman Cage: Inspector Ikmen #2 (Inspectr Ikmen)
2007978-1-933397-85-6Edmund CrispinLove Lies Bleeding (Gervase Fen, Book 5)
2008978-1-933397-86-3Karin AlvtegenMissing
  ''978-1-933397-88-7Elizabeth DalyNothing Can Rescue Me: Henry Gamadge #6
2007978-1-933397-90-0Margery AllinghamSweet Danger: Albert Campion #5
  ''978-1-933397-91-7Janet NeelDeath's Bright Angel: Francesca Wilson #1
  ''978-1-933397-92-4Sheila RadleyThe Chief Inspector's Daughter: Inspector Quantrill #2 (Inspct Quantrill)
  ''978-1-933397-93-1Reginald HillA Clubbable Woman: Dalziel & Pascoe #1
2007978-1-933397-94-8Elizabeth IronsideA Very Private Enterprise
2008978-1-933397-95-5Michael David AnthonyThe Becket Factor: Canterbury Cathedral #1 (Myst of Canterbury Cathedral)
2007978-1-933397-96-2Timothy HolmeThe Neopolitan Streak (Inspector Peroni Mystery of Italy)
2008978-1-933397-97-9Anna BlundyBad News Bible: Faith Zanetti #1
  ''978-1-933397-98-6Margery AllingtonDancers in Mourning: Albert Campion #8