Dork Storm Press

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-933288-10-9Aaron WilliamsNODWICK CHRONICLES I & II Haulin Assets
2006978-1-933288-11-6Aaron WilliamsNODWICK CHRONICLES V Tour of Doodie (Nodwick Comic Series)
2007978-1-933288-12-3   ''Nodwick Chronicles Vl: Nodwick Goes Hollywood
2005978-1-933288-13-0   ''PS238 II To The Cafeteria for Justice
2006978-1-933288-16-1   ''PS238 16
  ''978-1-933288-17-8   ''Nodwick 33 (Nodwick Collection)
2006978-1-933288-18-5Aaron WilliamsPS238 17: Down with Gravity! (PS238 Comic Books)
  ''978-1-933288-19-2   ''Nodwick 34 (Nodwick Collection)
  ''978-1-933288-24-6   ''No Child Left Behind: PS238, Vol. 3
2007978-1-933288-25-3   ''Ps238 20
  ''978-1-933288-36-9   ''Not Another Learning Experience! PS238, IV
2009978-1-933288-37-6Aaron WilliamsFull Frontal Nerdity Epic Fail: Big Book of Epic Fail
2007978-1-933288-38-3   ''Nodwick Chronicles VI *OP: Nodwick Goes Hollywood
2009978-1-933288-39-0   ''Full Frontal Nerdity You've Got the Touch
  ''978-1-933288-40-6   ''PS238 VII Daughters Sons & Shrink-Rays
2010978-1-933288-41-3   ''Ps238 Volume VIII When Worlds Go Splat
2008978-1-933288-42-0Extraterrestrial Credit (PS238)
2009978-1-933288-49-9Aaron WilliamsPS238 VI Senseless Acts of Tourism
2006978-1-933288-50-5John KovalicDork Tower 33
  ''978-1-933288-51-2John KovalicA Brief History of Gaming (Dork Tower)
2007978-1-933288-52-9John KovalicDork Decade (Dork Tower, Vol. 9)
  ''978-1-933288-53-6   ''Dork Tower 35
  ''978-1-933288-54-3   ''Dork Tower 36
  ''978-1-933288-60-4Chris O'Neill · Dan LandisKobolds Ate My Baby! The Beer and Pretzels Role-Playing Game
  ''978-1-933288-61-1John KovalicKobolds Ate My Baby More Things to Kill
2007978-1-933288-62-8John Kovalic · Chris O'Neill · Dan LandisKobolds Ate My Baby Super Deluxx Edition