Yashar Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-933143-01-9Michael J. BroydeThe Pursuit of Justice and Jewish Law: Halakhic Perspectives on the Legal Profession
2005978-1-933143-02-6Menahem G. GlennRabbi Israel Salanter: Religious-Ethical Thinker
  ''978-1-933143-03-3Daniel Z. FeldmanThe Right and the Good: Halakhah and Human Relations (Expanded Edition) (Yashar Ethics)
2006978-1-933143-04-0Elijah Judah SchochetBach: Rabbi Joel Sirkes: His Life Work and Times
2009978-1-933143-05-7Zevi Hirsch ChajesThe Students' Guide Through the Talmud
2006978-1-933143-06-4Natan SlifkinMan and Beast: Our Relationships with Animals in Jewish Law and Thought
2005978-1-933143-07-1Fred Rosner · Robert SchulmanMedicine and Jewish Law, Vol. 3
  ''978-1-933143-08-8Aaron LevineMoral Issues of the Marketplace in Jewish Law
  ''978-1-933143-09-5Aaron LevineMoral Issues Of The Marketplace In Jewish Law
2006978-1-933143-10-1Chaim JachterGray Matter, Vol. 2: Discourses in the Complex Halachic Issues of Today
  ''978-1-933143-11-8David M. FeldmanWhere There's Life, There's Life
2006978-1-933143-12-5Zev Nagel · Menachem ButlerMy Yeshiva College: 75 Years of Memories
  ''978-1-933143-13-2Yamin LevyThe Legacy of Maimonides: Religion, Reason and Community
  ''978-1-933143-14-9Yitzchak EtshalomBetween the Lines of the Bible
  ''978-1-933143-15-6Natan SlifkinThe Challenge of Creation: Judaism's Encounter with Science, Cosmology, and Evolution
2007978-1-933143-16-3David NietoThe Rabbis' Advocate: Chacham David Neito and the Second Kuzari
2008978-1-933143-17-0Gersion AppelA Philosophy of Mitzvot
2007978-1-933143-18-7Natan SlifkinSacred Monsters: Mysterious and Mythical Creatures of Scripture, Talmud and Midrash
2008978-1-933143-19-4Shalom RosenbergIn The Footsteps Of The Kuzari Volume One
2009978-1-933143-22-4Shalom RosenbergIn the Footsteps of the Kuzari: An Introduction to Jewish Philosophy: 2
2007978-1-933143-23-1Shalom Z. Berger · Daniel Jacobson · Chaim I. WaxmanFlipping Out? Myth or Fact: The Impact of the "Year in Israel"
2009978-1-933143-34-7Rabbi Daniel Z. FeldmanDivine Footsteps: Chesed and the Jewish Soul
  ''978-1-933143-38-5Gil StudentPosts Along The Way
2009978-1-933143-90-3Rabbi Gil StudentPosts Along the Way Volume 1: Shuls
2006978-1-933143-91-0Yamin Levy · Shalom CarmyThe Legacy of Maimonides: Religion, Reason and Community
2008978-1-933143-97-2Michael J. BroydeInnovation in Jewish Law: A Case Study of Chiddush in Havineinu