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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-933054-05-6Greg GottsteinMindWare Perplexors Logic Puzzles: Grid Perplexors Level A
  ''978-1-933054-06-3   ''MindWare Grid Perplexors: Level B
978-1-933054-07-0MindwareMindWare Grid Perplexors: Level C
978-1-933054-08-7   ''MindWare Grid Perplexors: Level D
2005978-1-933054-09-4Evelyn ChristensenMindWare More Multiplication Mosaics
978-1-933054-29-2MindWare Analogy Challenges: Beginner Level
2006978-1-933054-30-8MindwareMindWare Analogy Challenges: Advanced Level 50 Analogy Puzzles Great for Helping With Standardized Tests Challenging and Rewarding
  ''978-1-933054-31-5Howard TrayMindWare Code Breakers: Level A
978-1-933054-32-2MindWare Code Breakers: Level B
2010978-1-933054-39-1MindwareQwirkle Board Game
2006978-1-933054-43-8Evelyn ChristensenMindWare Tactic Twisters: Level A
  ''978-1-933054-44-5   ''MindWare Tactic Twisters: Level B
978-1-933054-46-9MindWare Clip Clues: Level A
978-1-933054-47-6MindWare Clip Clues: Level B
978-1-933054-48-3DecoDesigns Coloring Book
978-1-933054-49-0MindWare MicroDesigns Coloring Book
2008978-1-933054-53-7MindwareMindWare Modern Patterns Adult Coloring: Illusions
2006978-1-933054-54-4MindWare Nature Transformations Coloring Book
978-1-933054-55-1MindWare Scenic Transformations Coloring Book
2007978-1-933054-56-8Mark AlvinHidden Transformations
  ''978-1-933054-57-5MindwareMirror Transformations
978-1-933054-62-9MindWare Math Perplexors: Level A
2007978-1-933054-63-6Greg GottsteinMindWare Math Perplexors: Level B
2007978-1-933054-64-3Greg GottsteinMath Perplexors: Deductive Logic Puzzles, Level C, Grades 5-6
978-1-933054-65-0MindWare Math Perplexors: Level D
2007978-1-933054-66-7Tess ZimmerMindWare Even More Word Winks
978-1-933054-69-8MindWare - Decimal Destinations - 39 Unique Puzzles With 18 to 24 Problems - Teaches Decimals and Addition
2008978-1-933054-70-4Evelyn B. ChristensenMindWare Fraction Finders Workbook
  ''978-1-933054-79-7Greg GottsteinMindWare Math Perplexors: Basic Level
2000978-1-933054-89-6Evelyn B. Christensen · Susan E. ChristensenAlgebra Antics: MindWare's Best Number Problems