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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-932974-00-3Laurence HoltStikky Stock Charts: Learn the 8 major chart patterns used by professionals and how to interpret them to trade smart--in
  ''978-1-932974-01-0Laurence HoltStikky Night Skies: Learn 6 constellations, 4 stars, a planet, a galaxy, and how to navigate at night--in one hour, guar (Stikky series)
  ''978-1-932974-02-7   ''Stikky Weight Management: In one hour, learn to balance your energy intake and burn rate to control your weight, optimize your (Stikky series)
  ''978-1-932974-04-1   ''Stikky Trees: Learn to recognize at a glance the 15 most common trees in the United States--in just one hour, guar (Stikky series)
  ''978-1-932974-05-8   ''Stikky Persuasion: In just one hour, learn the seven scientifically-proven techniques for getting almost anyone to do a (Stikky Series)
2010978-1-932974-06-5Laurence HoltStikky Landings: In one hour, learn how to land a jet airplane in an emergency. (Stikky Series)