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2004978-1-932897-00-5Hideshi HinoGhost School: Hino Horror #9 (Japan's Cult Horor Master)
  ''978-1-932897-01-2Hideshi HinoHino Horror, Vol. 10: Death's Reflection
  ''978-1-932897-02-9   ''Gallery Of Horrors (Hino Horror)
  ''978-1-932897-03-6   ''Hino Horror, Vol. 12: Mystique Mandala Of Hell
  ''978-1-932897-04-3   ''Hino Horror, Vol. 13: Zipangu Night
2004978-1-932897-05-0Hideshi HinoHino Horror, Vol. 14: Skin And Bone
2005978-1-932897-06-7   ''The Experiment: Hino Horror #15
2004978-1-932897-07-4Hideshi HinoWhos That Girl
  ''978-1-932897-08-1Kazuhisa Fujie · Martin FosterThe Inu-yasha Experience: Fiction, Fantasy And Facts (Mysteries and Secrets Revealed)
2005978-1-932897-09-8Kazuhisa Fujie · Martin FosterYu Yu Hakusho Uncovered: The Unofficial Guide (Mysteries and Secrets Revealed!)
  ''978-1-932897-10-4Takashi KashiwagiWritten On Skin: Irezumi: The Art Of Japanese Tattoo
  ''978-1-932897-11-1Kazuhisa Fujie · Walt Wyman · Walter WymanThe Rurouni Kenshin Companion:The Unoffical Guide (Mysteries & Secrets)
2007978-1-932897-12-8Cocoro BooksAnimetropolis Tokyo
  ''978-1-932897-15-9cocoro-books-staffJ-rock Groupies: 200 Photographs of Unique Japanese Girls
2006978-1-932897-16-6Kazuhisa Fujie · Matthew Lane · Walter WymanThe Naruto Saga: The Unofficial Guide (Mysteries And Secrets Revealed)
978-1-932897-18-0Creating Cg Manga With Manga Studio: A Beginner's Guide
2007978-1-932897-19-7Cocoro BooksCosplay Girls 2: Japan's Live Action Heroines
2007978-1-932897-20-3Kazuhisa Fujie · Walt WymanThe Fullmetal Alchemist Archive: The Complete Guide
  ''978-1-932897-21-0Kazuhisa Fujie · Sian CarrFruits Basket Uncovered 10: The Secrets of the Sohmas (Mysteries and Secrets Revealed)
  ''978-1-932897-22-7Kazuhisa Fujie · Walt WymanThe Bleach Breakdown: The Unofficial Guide (Mysteries and Secrets Revealed! 10)
  ''978-1-932897-24-1Takeshi Abe · Adam BeltzThe Negima Reader: Secrets Behind the Magic (Mysteries and Secrets Revealed)
2008978-1-932897-25-8Kazuhisa Fujie · Ivan RorickNaruto Forever: The Saga Continues (Mysteries and Secrets Revealed)
  ''978-1-932897-26-5Kazuhisa Fujie · Laba AmenTsubasa Chronicle Factbook: Mystery, Magic & Mischief (Mysteries and Secrets Revealed)
2007978-1-932897-28-9Brett BullJapanese Movie Billboards: Retro Art from a Century of Cinema
2007978-1-932897-32-6Kazuhisa Fujie · Daniel KomenDeath Note: Fatally Fun Facts (Mysteries and Secrets Revealed!)
  ''978-1-932897-33-3Naohiko SasakiNodame Cantabile: The Essential Guide (Mysteries and Secrets Revealed!)
  ''978-1-932897-34-0Takeshi Abe · HC Language Solutions IncMushishi Essentials: A Wanderer Handbook (Mysteries and Secrets Revealed)
  ''978-1-932897-35-7Masaharu Morimoto · Troy N. Thompson · Roy YamaguchiJapanese Healthy Sprinkles: Three Chefs Shake It Up with Traditional Japanese Spices
  ''978-1-932897-36-4Jet BooksKatana: The Book of Japanese Blades
2008978-1-932897-38-8Cocoro Books · Muff Puffin · James BarrattWe Love Cosplay Girls: More Live Animation Heroines from Japan
2008978-1-932897-41-8Cocoro BooksAnime Figures: Tokyo's Hottest 50 Anime Figurines
  ''978-1-932897-42-5   ''Japanese Election Posters: The Public Faces of Tokyo Politics
  ''978-1-932897-44-9   ''Tokyo Rock Catwalk: Visual Kei Bands Big in Japan
  ''978-1-932897-45-6   ''Small House Tokyo: How the Japanese Live Well in Small Spaces
  ''978-1-932897-48-7Steve WalshThe Japanese Tattoo Design Handbook: The New Generation of Tattoo Artists in Japan, Vol. 1
2008978-1-932897-49-4Cocoro BooksThe Japanese Tattoo Design Handbook, Vol. 2
  ''978-1-932897-50-0Clive FranceScribbling for Victory: Japan's Cartoonists Go to War
  ''978-1-932897-51-7Hiromitsu KuroiMore Secrets of the Ninja: Their Training, Tools and Techniques
  ''978-1-932897-52-4Cocoro BooksKabuto: The Book of Japanese Armor and Weaponry
  ''978-1-932897-55-5Cocoro Books · Charles PringleNeo Shunga: An Introduction to Japanese Pop Erotica
2008978-1-932897-62-3Kazuhisa FujieHaruhi Suzumiya Yearbook: A Guide to the Many Moods of Haruhi Suzumiya (Mysteries And Secrets Revealed)
  ''978-1-932897-63-0Cocoro BooksBig Hair In Japan: Horrid Haircuts from the Land of the Rising Sun