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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-932815-00-9Trenae SumterKnight's Legacy
  ''978-1-932815-03-0Michelle PerryCain and Abel
2004978-1-932815-04-7Beth CiottaCharmed (Friends and Lovers Collection)
  ''978-1-932815-05-4Liz WolfeBreeding Evil (Parker Investigation series)
  ''978-1-932815-06-1Marjorie JonesThe Jewel and the Sword
  ''978-1-932815-07-8Linnea SinclairWintertide
2004978-1-932815-08-5Mary StellaAll Keyed Up
2005978-1-932815-12-2Jennifer MacaireHorse Passages
  ''978-1-932815-13-9Charles W. SasserDark Planet
  ''978-1-932815-14-6Django WexlerMemories of Empire
  ''978-1-932815-15-3Maura D. ShawThe Keeners
  ''978-1-932815-17-7Dolores J. WilsonBig Hair and Flying Cows (Sweet Meadows Series #1)
2005978-1-932815-18-4Scott OdenMen of Bronze
  ''978-1-932815-20-7Helen A RosburgThe Dream Thief
  ''978-1-932815-21-4L.G. BurbankThe Ruthless (Lords of Darkness)
  ''978-1-932815-23-8Beth CiottaSeduced (Friends and Lovers Collection)
  ''978-1-932815-24-5Erin SamilogluDisconnection
2005978-1-932815-25-2Tekla Dennison MillerLife Sentences: Book One in the Chad Wilbank Series
  ''978-1-932815-26-9Amy TolnitchA Lost Touch of Bliss: Book One in the Lost Touch Series
2006978-1-932815-27-6Linda JacobsRain of Fire: Book Two in the Yellowstone series
  ''978-1-932815-28-3Beth CiottaLasso the Moon: Book One in the Wild West Romance Series
2005978-1-932815-29-0Linda JacobsSummer of Fire: Book One in the Yellowstone series
  ''978-1-932815-32-0Lori G. ArmstrongBlood Ties (Julie Collins Series #1)
  ''978-1-932815-34-4Michael BeresGrand Traverse
2005978-1-932815-35-1Catherine KeanDance of Desire
2006978-1-932815-37-5Terry Lee WildeGhostly Liaisons
  ''978-1-932815-39-9Scott OdenMemnon
2005978-1-932815-40-5Mary StellaKey of Sea
  ''978-1-932815-41-2Dolores J. WilsonLittle Big Heart
  ''978-1-932815-43-6Ann MacelaThe Oldest Kind of Magic (Magic series)
2006978-1-932815-44-3Karen MercuryThe Four Quarters of the World
  ''978-1-932815-47-4Michelle PerryIn Enemy Hands
2006978-1-932815-48-1Catherine KeanA Knight's Vengeance (Knight's series)
2005978-1-932815-49-8Richard Graham-YoollA Foreign Policy
  ''978-1-932815-52-8R. Garland GrayPredestined: Book One in the Fairy (Faith) Series
  ''978-1-932815-53-5Holly TaylorNight Birds' Reign: Book One in the Dreamer's Cycle Series
2006978-1-932815-54-2Richard D'AgostinoRite of Passage
2005978-1-932815-57-3L.G. BurbankLords of Darkness: The Soulless
2006978-1-932815-63-4Dolores J. WilsonBarking Goats and the Redneck Mafia (Sweet Meadow Series #2)
2005978-1-932815-65-8Elizabeth SinclairMiracle in the Mist
2006978-1-932815-66-5Amy TolnitchA Lost Touch of Paradise: Book Two in the Lost Touch Series
  ''978-1-932815-67-2L. G. BurbankThe Heartless (Lords of Darkness)
  ''978-1-932815-68-9Elizabeth SinclairEye of the Dream
2006978-1-932815-70-2Joseph LaudatiIn Darkness It Dwells
  ''978-1-932815-72-6Robert SpillerThe Witch of Agnesi (Bonnie Pinkwater series)
  ''978-1-932815-73-3Michael BeresThe President's Nemesis
  ''978-1-932815-74-0Lori G. ArmstrongHallowed Ground (Julie Collins Series #2)
  ''978-1-932815-75-7Hope TarrVanquished: Book One in the Men of Roxbury House Series
2007978-1-932815-77-1Scott OdenMedjay
2007978-1-932815-78-8Catherine KeanMy Lady's Treasure
  ''978-1-932815-80-1Michelle PerryThe Three Motives for Murder
  ''978-1-932815-82-5R Garland GrayFey Born (Fairy (Faith) Series)
2006978-1-932815-85-6Scott OdenMen of Bronze
2007978-1-932815-92-4Beth CiottaRomancing the West: Book Two in the Wild West Romance Series
  ''978-1-932815-95-5Michael BeresFinal Stroke
2006978-1-932815-97-9Dolores J. WilsonBig Hair and Flying Cows (Sweet Meadows Series #1)
2008978-1-932815-99-3Catherine KeanA Knight's Reward (Knight's series)