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2004978-1-932813-00-5Bill RouttIntroduction to Extensible HTML (xHTML)
2008978-1-932813-01-2Lawrence Harte · Bruce Bromley · Mike DavisIntroduction to GSM: Physical Channels, Logical Channels, Network Functions, and Operation
2004978-1-932813-02-9Lawrence Harte · Richard DreherIntroduction to SS7: SSP, SCP, STP, and SS7 Protocol Layers Operations
  ''978-1-932813-03-6Lawrence HarteWireless Technology Basics, Signals, Modulation Types, and Access Technologies
  ''978-1-932813-04-3   ''Introduction to GSM: Physical Channels, Logical Channels, Network, and Operation
  ''978-1-932813-05-0   ''Introduction to Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA): Network, Services, Technologies, and Operation
  ''978-1-932813-06-7   ''Introduction to GPRS and EDGE: Technology, Operation, and Services
2004978-1-932813-08-1Lawrence HarteIntroduction to EVDO: Physical Channels, Logical Channels, Network, and Operation
  ''978-1-932813-12-8   ''Introduction to Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA)
2008978-1-932813-15-9Lawrence HarteUMTS LTE; Network, Services, Technologies, and Operation
2016978-1-932813-26-5Lawrence Harte · Roger McGarrahanInternet TV Systems: OTT Technologies, Services, Operation, and Content
2005978-1-932813-29-6Lawrence HarteIntroduction to Optical Communication, Lightwave Technology, Fiber Transmission, and Optical Networks
2009978-1-932813-30-2Ben Levitan · Lawrence HarteGPS Quick Course 2nd Edition, Systems, Technology and Operation
2004978-1-932813-32-6Eric StasikStrategic Patent Planning for Software Companies
2006978-1-932813-34-0Lawrence HarteIPTV Dictionary, IP Television, Internet Television and IP CATV
2005978-1-932813-35-7   ''Introduction to IP Television: Why and How Companies are Providing Television Through Data Networks
2008978-1-932813-38-8Lawrence Harte · Avi OfraneBilling Dictionary, BSS, Customer Care and OSS Technologies and Systems
2006978-1-932813-40-1Lawrence HarteIntroduction to Digital Rights Management (Drm); Identifying, Tracking, Authorizing and Restricting Access to Digital Media
2007978-1-932813-41-8   ''Introduction to IP Video; Digitization, Compression and Transmission
2008978-1-932813-43-2   ''Introduction to Mobile Advertising, How to Setup, Create and Manage Ads for Mobile Telephones
2005978-1-932813-45-6   ''Introduction to Digital Subscriber Line (DSL); Technologies, Operation and Systems
2011978-1-932813-47-0Lawrence Harte · Roger McGarrahanHow to Setup and Run Internet TV Systems
2006978-1-932813-53-1Lawrence HarteIntroduction to MPEG; MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4
2007978-1-932813-54-8Lawrence Harte · Kalai KalaichelvanWimax Explained; System Fundamentals (Eion Reference)
2008978-1-932813-55-5Lawrence HarteIntroduction to Data Multicasting, IP Multicast Streaming for Audio and Video Media Distribution
2007978-1-932813-56-2Lawrence HarteIptv Basics, Technology, Operation and Services
2006978-1-932813-57-9   ''IPTV Industry Directory 2007
2007978-1-932813-62-3   ''Creating RFPs for IPTV Systems; Requirements for IP Television Systems & Services
  ''978-1-932813-69-2Robert Belt · Lawrence HarteSales Representative Agreements, Explanations of Terms, Options and Sample Rep Contracts
  ''978-1-932813-70-8Lawrence Harte · Ben LevitanGPS Quick Course; Technology, Systems and Operation
2009978-1-932813-72-2Lawrence HarteIntroduction to Bluetooth: Technology, Operation, Profiles, and Services
2006978-1-932813-73-9Lawrence Harte · AVI OfraneIntroduction to Iptv Billing, Event Recording, Usage Rating, Content License Fees and Advertising Revenues
  ''978-1-932813-74-6Lawrence HarteIntroduction to 802.16 WiMax, Wireless Broadband Technology, Operation and Services
  ''978-1-932813-79-1   ''Introduction to IP Telephony: Why and How Companies are Upgrading Private Telephone Systems to use VoIP Services, Second Edition
2006978-1-932813-86-9Lawrence Harte · David EckardFiber Optic Basics; Technology, Systems and Installation
2008978-1-932813-88-3Lawrence HarteIPTV Testing
2006978-1-932813-93-7   ''Introduction to Mobile Telephone Systems, 2nd Edition, 1G, 2G, 2.5G, and 3G Technologies and Services
2008978-1-932813-95-1Anthony KlinkertCreating Wimax Rfps; Requirements for Broadband Wireless Networks & Services
2006978-1-932813-97-5Lawrence HarteIntroduction to Wireless Systems, 2nd Edition; Technologies, Systems, Services and Market Growth

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