Looseleaf Law Publications

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-932777-06-2Nycrr - Title 6 Environmental Conservation
2006978-1-932777-07-9Michael D. RanalliCivil Liabilities of New York State Law Enforcement Officers
2005978-1-932777-09-3Ed Lovette · Dave SpauldingDefensive Living: Preserving Your Personal Safety through Awareness, Attitude and Armed Action
  ''978-1-932777-20-8Larry F. JetmoreThe Path of the Warrior: An Ethical Guild to Personal & Professional Development in the Field of Criminal Justice
  ''978-1-932777-24-6Joseph PetrocelliAnatomy of a Motor Vehicle Stop: Essentials of Safe Traffic Enforcement
2006978-1-932777-25-3Ryan E. MelskyBuilding a Successful Law Enforcement Career: Common Sense Wisdom for the New Officer
2005978-1-932777-26-0Thomas E. BakerEffective Police Leadership
  ''978-1-932777-27-7Thomas E. BakerTest Preparation & Seminar Guide for Effective Police Leadership
2011978-1-932777-29-1Michael D. RanalliSearch & Seizure Law of New York State
2007978-1-932777-30-7Brian Johnson · Brian R. JohnsonCrucial Elements of Police Firearms Training: Refine Your Firearms Skills, Training and Effectiveness
2006978-1-932777-31-4Matthew MedinaReal World Search & Seizure: A Street Handbook for Law Enforcement
2007978-1-932777-33-8Lou SavelliPractical Spanish For Law Enforcement (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-932777-34-5Lou SavelliStreet Drugs Pocketguide
2007978-1-932777-35-2Lou Savelli · Robert Cekada and Anthony MottolaGraffiti Pocket Guide
  ''978-1-932777-37-6Wes DossCondition To Win: Dynamic Techniques for Performance Oriented Mental Conditioning
  ''978-1-932777-38-3Jon M. Shane Forward by William J. BrattonWhat Every Chief Executive Should Know
  ''978-1-932777-39-0Cliff MarianiPocket Reference to Terrorism Prevention & Response
  ''978-1-932777-40-6Larry F. Jetmore · Ph.D. · Capt. · Hartford CT PDPath of the Hunter
2007978-1-932777-41-3George J. Thompson · George Thompson · Gregory A. WalkerThe Verbal Judo Way of Leadership: Empowering the Thin Blue Line from the Inside Up
  ''978-1-932777-42-0Michael Carpenter · Roger FultonA Practical Career Guide for Criminal Justice Professionals
2008978-1-932777-57-4Looseleaf Law PublicationsCriminal Procedure Law of New York State 2009
2007978-1-932777-62-8Laurence Miller · Ph.D.METTLE: Mental Toughness Training for Law Enforcement
2008978-1-932777-73-4Ron HankinNavigating The Legal Minefield of Private Investigations
  ''978-1-932777-74-1Jon M. ShaneDeveloping a Performance Management Model: Your Action Guide to What Every Chief Executive Should Know: Using Data to Measure Police Performance
  ''978-1-932777-75-8Thomas E. BakerIntelligence-led Policing: Leadership, Strategies & Tactics
  ''978-1-932777-78-9Brian Johnson · Brian KingshottSafe Overseas Travel
2008978-1-932777-80-2Thomas E. BakerTest Preparation and Instructional Strategies Guide for Intelligence-Led Policing
2009978-1-932777-89-5Matthew J. SharpsProcessing Under Pressure
  ''978-1-932777-90-1Michael Carpenter · Roger FultonLaw Enforcement Management
2010978-1-932777-91-8Brian L. WithrowThe Racial Profiling Controversy: What Every Police Leader Should Know
2011978-1-932777-97-0Robert A. VerryMechanics of a Police Internal Affairs Investigation
2010978-1-932777-99-4Kimberly ClarkHow to Really, Really Write Those Boring Police Reports