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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-932687-02-6Eric A. KimmelHayyim's Ghost
  ''978-1-932687-13-2Yaakov KleimanDNA and Tradition: The Genetic Link to the Ancient Hebrews
2010978-1-932687-15-6Joe BobkerTorah with a Twist of Humor
2005978-1-932687-17-0Fanya Gottesfeld HellerLove In A World Of Sorrow: A Teenage Girl's Holocaust Memoirs
  ''978-1-932687-25-5Sylvia A. RoussThe Littlest Tree
  ''978-1-932687-29-3Julie Stern JosephAm I My Mother's Daughter?: A Search For Identity
2006978-1-932687-31-6Wilfred ShuchatThe Garden of Eden & the Struggle to Be Human According to the Midrash Rabbah
2005978-1-932687-35-4Jessie FischbeinInfertility in the Bible: How The Matriarchs Changed Their Fate
  ''978-1-932687-38-5J. J. GrossIzzy Hagbah
2005978-1-932687-39-2J. J. GrossIzzy Hagbah
  ''978-1-932687-40-8Faranak MargoleseOff the Derech: How to Respond to the Challenge
  ''978-1-932687-43-9   ''Off the Derech: Why Observant Jews Leave Judaism; How to Respond to the Challenge
  ''978-1-932687-47-7Aharon Golub · Bennett W. GolubKaddishel: A Life Reborn
  ''978-1-932687-52-1Lippman BodoffThe Binding of Isaac, Religious Murders & Kabbalah: Seeds of Jewish Extremism and Alienation?
2005978-1-932687-53-8Lippman BodoffThe Binding of Isaac, Religious Murders And Kabbalah: Seeds Of Jewish Extremism And Alienation?
2006978-1-932687-54-5Ronald L. EisenbergThe Streets of Jerusalem: Who, What, Why
  ''978-1-932687-56-9Esther ShkalimA Mosaic of Israel's Traditions: Unity Through Diversity
  ''978-1-932687-64-4Amnon YonaMission With No Traces
  ''978-1-932687-66-8Aaron Ha'tell · Yaniv Ben OrLighting the Way to Freedom: Treasured Hanukkah Menorahs of Early Israel
  ''978-1-932687-70-5Moshe D. LichtmanEretz Yisrael in the Parashah: The Centrality of the Land of Israel in the Torah
2008978-1-932687-73-6Alan B. KatzFor the Record: What the Media Aren't Telling You
2007978-1-932687-74-3Yehudit StupenikerThe Remarkable Invention That Saves Zion: A Tale of Triz
2007978-1-932687-78-1Miriam P. Feinberg · Miriam Klein ShapiroHear Her Voice: Twelve Jewish Women Who Changed the World
  ''978-1-932687-79-8Rabbi David FohrmanThe Beast That Crouches at the Door: Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, and Beyond
2006978-1-932687-85-9Scott A. ShayGetting Our Groove Back: How to Energize American Jewry
2008978-1-932687-92-7Esther TakacGenesis-The Book With Seventy Faces: A Guide for the Family