year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-932300-00-0John DalmasOtherwhens, Otherwheres: Favorite Tales
2003978-1-932300-01-7Gabrielle GoldsbyWall of Silence
  ''978-1-932300-02-4Libbie RichmanLet It Be Me
  ''978-1-932300-03-1Jim HinesGoldfish Dreams
  ''978-1-932300-04-8Carrie CarrSomething To Be Thankful For
  ''978-1-932300-05-5Josh AterovisReap the Whirlwind
2003978-1-932300-06-2Marsha Rose BallardThe Price of Freedom
  ''978-1-932300-07-9Jessica CasavantTwist of Fate
  ''978-1-932300-08-6Lori L. LakeDifferent Dress
  ''978-1-932300-09-3Cate SwannellHeart's Passage
  ''978-1-932300-10-9Trish KocialskiForces of Evil
2003978-1-932300-11-6Carrie CarrDestiny's Bridge
  ''978-1-932300-12-3   ''Faith's Crossing
2004978-1-932300-13-0Melissa GoodEye of the Storm
2003978-1-932300-14-7LA TuckerThe Light Fantastic
  ''978-1-932300-15-4Georgia BeersThy Neighbor's Wife
2004978-1-932300-16-1Lori L. LakeStepping Out: Short Stories
2003978-1-932300-17-8   ''Ricochet In Time
  ''978-1-932300-18-5Gabrielle GoldsbyThe Caretaker's Daughter
  ''978-1-932300-19-2Josh AterovisBleeding Hearts
2004978-1-932300-20-8Jessica CasavantWalking Wounded
2008978-1-932300-21-5Carrie CarrTo Hold Forever
2004978-1-932300-22-2Greg LillyFingering The Family Jewels
2004978-1-932300-23-9C. ParadeeDeep Cover
  ''978-1-932300-24-6Melissa GoodThicker Than Water
  ''978-1-932300-25-3Jennifer FultonPassion Bay (Moon Island, Book 1)
  ''978-1-932300-26-0Jennifer FultonSaving Grace (Moon Island, Book 2)
  ''978-1-932300-27-7Trish KocialskiThe Visitors
2004978-1-932300-28-4Lori L LakeThe Milk of Human Kindness: Lesbian Authors Write About Mothers and Daughters
  ''978-1-932300-29-1Helen MacphersonColder Than Ice
  ''978-1-932300-30-7Kyle HooperSo, You Want To Know What's Wrong With School?
  ''978-1-932300-31-4Maya IndigalUntil Soon
  ''978-1-932300-32-1Anna FurtadoThe Heart's Desire
2005978-1-932300-33-8Lori L. LakeHave Gun We'll Travel: Book III in the Gun Series
2004978-1-932300-34-5Jessica CasavantImperfect Past
2004978-1-932300-35-2Jennifer FultonThe Sacred Shore (Moon Island)
2005978-1-932300-36-9Cate SwannellNo Ocean Deep
  ''978-1-932300-37-6Jennifer FultonA Guarded Heart
  ''978-1-932300-38-3Sharon SmithInto the Dark
  ''978-1-932300-39-0Carrie CarrThe Way Things Should Be
  ''978-1-932300-40-6   ''Hope's Path
2005978-1-932300-41-3Carrie BrennanCurve
  ''978-1-932300-42-0Meghan O'BrienInfinite Loop
  ''978-1-932300-44-4Linda CristGalveston 1900: Swept Away
  ''978-1-932300-45-1Melissa GoodTerrors of the High Seas
  ''978-1-932300-46-8Jennifer FultonDark Dreamer
2005978-1-932300-47-5A. K. NatenTurning Tides
  ''978-1-932300-48-2Linda CristThe Bluest Eyes In Texas
2006978-1-932300-50-5Lori L. LakeSnow Moon Rising
  ''978-1-932300-51-2Meghan O'BrienThe Three
  ''978-1-932300-52-9Karen Surtees · Nann DunneTrue Colours
  ''978-1-932300-54-3Carrie CarrDiving Into the Turn
2006978-1-932300-55-0Karen Surtees · Nann DunneMany Roads to Travel
  ''978-1-932300-56-7Lori L. LakeGun Shy: Book I in the Gun Series
2007978-1-932300-57-4   ''Under The Gun: Book II in the Gun Series
2006978-1-932300-58-1Jane VollbrechtHeart Trouble
  ''978-1-932300-59-8J. Y. MorganLearning to Trust
  ''978-1-932300-60-4Melissa GoodTropical Storm
  ''978-1-932300-61-1Gabrielle GoldsbyNever Wake
2006978-1-932300-62-8Linda CristBorderline
  ''978-1-932300-63-5Mickey MinnerSweetwater
  ''978-1-932300-64-2Brenda AdcockPipeline
  ''978-1-932300-65-9Carrie CarrLove's Journey
  ''978-1-932300-67-3Blayne CooperCobb Island
2006978-1-932300-68-0Blayne CooperEchoes From The Mist
  ''978-1-932300-69-7RadclyffeIn Pursuit of Justice
2007978-1-932300-70-3D L PawlowskiVendetta
2006978-1-932300-71-0Georgia BeersTurning the Page
2007978-1-932300-72-7K. E. LaneAnd Playing the Role of Herself
2006978-1-932300-73-4Sandra BarretLavender Secrets
  ''978-1-932300-74-1Paula OffuttButch Girls Can Fix Anything
2007978-1-932300-77-2Brenda AdcockReiko's Garden
  ''978-1-932300-78-9Greg LillyDevil's Bridge
  ''978-1-932300-79-6Rick R. ReedIM
2007978-1-932300-80-2Melissa GoodRed Sky At Morning
  ''978-1-932300-81-9Carrie CarrStrength of the Heart
  ''978-1-932300-82-6Victor J. BanisCome This Way
  ''978-1-932300-83-3Sharon G. ClarkTears Don't Become Me
  ''978-1-932300-84-0S. Renée BessBreaking Jaie
2007978-1-932300-85-7Jane VollbrechtClose Enough
  ''978-1-932300-86-4Brenda AdcockRedress of Grievances
  ''978-1-932300-88-8J. Y. MorganDownload
  ''978-1-932300-89-5Vicki StevensonFamily Values
  ''978-1-932300-90-1Rick R ReedIn the Blood
2007978-1-932300-91-8Sandra BarretFace of the Enemy
  ''978-1-932300-92-5Lynne NorrisOne Promise
  ''978-1-932300-93-2Anna FurtadoThe Heart's Strength (Briarcrest Chronicles)
  ''978-1-932300-94-9Jane VollbrechtSecond Verse
  ''978-1-932300-95-6Lori L. LakeShimmer & Other Stories
2008978-1-932300-96-3Rick R. ReedDeadly Vision
2007978-1-932300-97-0Vicki StevensonFamily Affairs

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