Writers Collective

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-932133-05-9Dale SchustermanSign Language of the Soul: A Handbook for Healing
2003978-1-932133-08-0J.D. CroweDark Side of the MoonPie
2002978-1-932133-09-7John FeithBird Song Ear Training Guide: Who Cooks for Poor Sam Peabody? Learn to Recognize the Songs of Birds from the Midwest and Northeast States
2003978-1-932133-14-1Marika Stone · Howard StoneToo Young to Retire: An Off-The-Road Map to the Rest of Your Life
2002978-1-932133-18-9Steve HermanOne Crazy Jew
2003978-1-932133-19-6Kevin Michael StruckMentoring the New Executive: "Old Guard" Meets "New Attitude"
  ''978-1-932133-21-9Robert K. SpearStay Alive!: Survival Tactics for Hostages
2010978-1-932133-38-7Mario DiamentThe Book of Ruth & Smithereens: Two Plays By Mario Diament
2004978-1-932133-40-0Ruth SimsThe Phoenix
2010978-1-932133-47-9Tom Atlee · Rosa ZubizarretaThe Tao of Democracy: Using Co-Intelligence to Create a World that Works for All
2003978-1-932133-48-6Jane A. DeskisBrielle and the Castle Siege
2010978-1-932133-49-3C.E. GatchalianMotifs & Repetitions & Other Plays
2003978-1-932133-58-5Kevin Michael StruckMentoring the New Executive
2004978-1-932133-59-2Michael KennedyA Brief History of Disease, Science and Medicine: From the Ice Age to the Genome Project
2003978-1-932133-60-8Steve HofstetterStudent Body Shots: A Sarcastic Look at the Best 4-6 Years of Your Life
  ''978-1-932133-63-9Duane C. HanselmanBrushless Permanent Magnet Motor Design
  ''978-1-932133-68-4Alice SolomonFind the Love of Your Life After 50!
2007978-1-932133-69-1Gregory J. Walter · Lisa GrantMusic Festival '69
2003978-1-932133-73-8Douglas Mulhall · Katja HansenHas Heart Disease Been Cured?
  ''978-1-932133-85-1Timothy A. HutchinsonBattle Scars: The True Story of How One Teen Nearly Became the Biggest Mass Murderer Ever
2003978-1-932133-88-2Debbie HoltermanLily of the Valley Doesn't Grow Here
  ''978-1-932133-89-9Douglas J. PenickCrossings on a Bridge of Light: The Songs and Deeds of Gesar, King of Ling As He Traveled Through the Realms of Life and Death
  ''978-1-932133-97-4Faith RichardsonThe Peacock's Stone