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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-932043-02-0Helga HughesGermany's Regional Recipes
  ''978-1-932043-03-7Dianna StevensWaffles, Flapjacks, Pancakes, Blintzes, Crepes, Frybread: From Scandinavia and Around the World Revised and Expanded
  ''978-1-932043-04-4Norma WangsnessNorwegian Recipes: Old-Time Favorites
  ''978-1-932043-05-1Esther FeskeLicense to Cook New Mexico Style
  ''978-1-932043-08-2Helen Elizabeth BlanckRosemaling the Beautiful Norwegian Art
2003978-1-932043-09-9Bernhard HillilaThe Sauna Is: Revised and Expanded
2005978-1-932043-10-5Joanne AsalaNorwegian Troll Tales
2002978-1-932043-16-7Patrick FlahertyThe Scout Law: Quotes for Life
2003978-1-932043-17-4Louise Roalson · Joan Liffring-Zug BourretNorwegian Touches: History, Recipes, Folk Arts Notably Norwegian
2003978-1-932043-18-1Lisa Steen RiggsÆbleskiver and More: A Sampling of Danish Recipes
  ''978-1-932043-21-1Hans-Curt KösterThe World of Carl Larsson
2004978-1-932043-27-3Sigrid Marstrander · Erna Oleson XanTime-Honored Norwegian Recipes: Adapted to the American Kitchen
1996978-1-932043-28-0Julie Jenson McDonaldSavory Scottish Recipes
2005978-1-932043-31-0Marjorie K. Albers and Peter HoehnleAmana Style: Furniture, Arts, Crafts, Architecture & Gardens
  ''978-1-932043-33-4F. Alan DuvalChristian Metz
  ''978-1-932043-34-1Maureen Patterson · Melinda Bradnan · Dorothy Crum · Miriam Canter · Dwayne Bourret · Joan Liffring-Zug BourretGerman Style Recipes
  ''978-1-932043-35-8Beth L. VirtanenGuarding Passage
2006978-1-932043-37-2Carol Van Klompenburg · Dorothy CrumDutch Style Recipes
2008978-1-932043-44-0Luella Hazeltine · Deb SchenseBarns Around Iowa: A Sampling of Iowa's Round Barns
2008978-1-932043-47-1Mary O. HatteryFrench Recipes
  ''978-1-932043-48-8Per Anders FogelstromStockholm II: Children of Their City (Stockholm Series, Vol. 2))
  ''978-1-932043-49-5Toni BrendelSlovak American Touches: Family Recipes, History, Folk Arts
2002978-1-932043-50-1editorGreat German Recipes
2003978-1-932043-51-8Peter HoehnleThe Amana People: History of a Religious Community
2009978-1-932043-59-4Toni Brendel · Sidonka WadinaSlovak Recipes
  ''978-1-932043-62-4Joanne AsalaRecipes From Ireland
2011978-1-932043-68-6Per Anders FogelstromStockholm Series III: Remember the City