Progressive Management

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-931828-03-1Federal Bureau of Investigation20th Century FBI Files Declassified Documents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Volume 12: Senator McCarthy and the Osage Indian Murders
  ''978-1-931828-09-3U.S. Government21st Century Complete Guide to Bioterrorism, Biological and Chemical Weapons, Germs and Germ Warfare, Nuclear and Radiation Terrorism - Military ... Medical Treatment and Survival Information
2002978-1-931828-25-3U. S. Government21st Century Complete Guide to the Peace Corps: Volunteers, Assignments, Countries, Benefits, Diversity, Applicant Toolkit
  ''978-1-931828-26-0   ''2002 Radiation Threats: Complete Guide to Federal Documents and Plans on Nuclear and Radioactive Terrorism and Risks
  ''978-1-931828-39-0Department of Defense21st Century U.S. Military Survival Manuals and related Army Field Manuals: Including Survival, Evasion, and Recovery; Combatives; Combat Skills; ... Counterintelligence; Visual Signals, and more
  ''978-1-931828-44-4Department of Defense21st Century U.S. Army Civil Disturbances Field Manual: Crowd Control, Riot Squads and Batons, Extreme Force Options, Apprehension and Detention
2002978-1-931828-52-9Department of Defense21st Century U.S. Army Sniper Training Field Manual
  ''978-1-931828-59-8   ''21st Century U.S. Army Physical Security Field Manual
  ''978-1-931828-61-1   ''21st Century U.S. Army Light Antiarmor Weapons Field Manual
  ''978-1-931828-71-0World Spaceflight News20th Century NASA History - Wernher von Braun, Rocket Scientist and Space Pioneer, From the V-2 to the Saturn V Moon Rocket
  ''978-1-931828-72-7World Spaceflight NewsSaturn V Superset: America's Apollo Moon Rocket with Documents, High-Resolution Photographs, and Image Files (Four CD-ROM Set)
2002978-1-931828-73-4World Spaceflight News21st Century and Beyond - Future Space Rockets and Breakthrough Propulsion, NASA Research, Near-term Plans, and Far-out Science Fiction Concepts from ... Sails, Ion Electric, Antimatter, and Fusion
  ''978-1-931828-74-1   ''21ST Century Complete Guide to Space Medicine, Space Life Sciences, and Aerospace Biomedicine - Effects of Weightlessness, Human Health ... Advanced Life Support for Mars Exploration
  ''978-1-931828-76-5U.S. Government21st Century Complete Guide to Chemical Weapons and Chemical Terrorism - U.S. Demilitarization Program, Stockpile Destruction Emergency Plans, Nerve ... and First Aid, Home Sheltering Plans
  ''978-1-931828-77-2World Spaceflight NewsHubble Space Telescope (HST) Image Collection - High Resolution Image Files in JPEG, GIF, TIF and PDF formats with over 2000 Spectacular Photos of Stars, Planets, Galaxies, and more (Two CD-ROM Set)
  ''978-1-931828-89-5U.S. Government21st Century Complete Guide to Federal Grants: The Official Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance for Loans, Grants, Surplus Equipment, and Training