Morgan Reynolds Pub

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-931798-11-2Catherine ReefWilliam Grant Still: African-American Composer (Modern Music Masters)
  ''978-1-931798-15-0William SchoellH.P. Lovecraft: Master of Weird Fiction (Writers of Imagination)
  ''978-1-931798-16-7Earle RicePoint of No Return: Tonkin Gulf and the Vietnam War (First Battles)
2004978-1-931798-28-0Nancy Lotz · Carlene PhillipsMarie Antoinette: And The Decline Of French Monarchy (European Queens)
  ''978-1-931798-32-7Aaron BoydSmart Money: The Story of Bill Gates (American Business Leaders)
  ''978-1-931798-41-9Lisa Frederiksen BohannonWoman's Work: The Story Of Betty Friedan (Feminist Voices)
2004978-1-931798-42-6Virginia BrackettA Home In The Heart: The Story Of Sandra Cisneros (American Originals)
2005978-1-931798-43-3Calvin Craig MillerNo Easy Answers: Bayard Rustin And The Civil Rights Movement (Civil Rights Leaders)
  ''978-1-931798-46-4Lisa J. AldrichNikola Tesla And The Taming Of Electricity
  ''978-1-931798-49-5Calvin Craig MillerRoy Wilkins: Leader Of The Naacp
  ''978-1-931798-50-1   ''A. Philip Randolph: And The African-American Labor Movement (Portraits of Black Americans)
  ''978-1-931798-62-4Earle RiceEmpire In The East: The Story Of Genghis Khan (World Leaders)
2005978-1-931798-65-5John DugglebyUh Huh!: The Story Of Ray Charles (Modern Music Masters)
  ''978-1-931798-66-2Lee GimpelFighting Wars, Planning For Peace: The Story Of George C. Marshall (World Leaders)
2006978-1-931798-77-8Nancy WhitelawDark Dreams: The Story of Stephen King (World Writers)
  ''978-1-931798-85-3John DubersteinA Velvet Revolution: Vaclav Havel And the Fall of Communism (World Leaders)
  ''978-1-931798-86-0Rosemary LaughlinThe Ludlow Massacre of 1913-14 (American Workers)
  ''978-1-931798-91-4Emily KellerFrances Perkins: First Woman Cabinet Member (20th Century Leaders)
2006978-1-931798-93-8Calvin Craig MillerChe Guevara: In Search of Revolution (World Leaders)