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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-931769-00-6Aleksey TchekmarevWindows .NET Server 2003 Domains & Active Directory
2001978-1-931769-01-3Olga KokorevaWindows XP Registry: A Complete Guide to Customizing and Optimizing Windows XP (Information Technologies Master Series)
2002978-1-931769-02-0Boris KulaginAdvanced 3ds max Modeling & Animating (With CD-ROM)
  ''978-1-931769-03-7Ruben AkhayanCreating Your Web Site with Coldfusion
  ''978-1-931769-04-4Dmitriy KoterovCreating Your Web Site with PHP
  ''978-1-931769-05-1V. Rudometov · E. RudometovPC Overclocking, Optimization, & Tuning
  ''978-1-931769-06-8Evgeny Medvedev · V. TrusovaLive Music On Your PC (IT Master)
2002978-1-931769-07-5Roman Petelin · Yury PetelinPC Music Home Studio: Secrets, Tips, & Tricks
  ''978-1-931769-08-2Peter Darakhvelidze · Evgeny MarkovWeb Services Development with Delphi (Information Technologies Master Series)
  ''978-1-931769-09-9Vera Trusova · E. MedvedevPC Virtual Digital Audio Workstation with SAWStudio, Nuendo & Samplitude Producer
  ''978-1-931769-10-5Vera Trusova · Evgeny MedvedevPC Music Composing with Cubasis VST & Notation
  ''978-1-931769-11-2Alex LukatskyProtect Your Information With Intrusion Detection (Power)
2003978-1-931769-12-9N. Goots · B. Izotov · A. Moldovyan · N. MoldovyanModern Cryptography: Protect Your Data With Fast Block Ciphers
2003978-1-931769-13-6O. KokorevaProtect Windows Network With Extreme Data Recovery
2002978-1-931769-14-3Alexander Moldovyan · Nick Moldovyan · Doug Summerville · Vladimir ZimaProtected: Internet, Intranet, & Virtual Private Networks
2003978-1-931769-15-0A. TchekmarevProtect and Manage Windows Systems With Group Policy
  ''978-1-931769-16-7Boris KulaginAdvanced 3ds max 5 Modeling & Animating
2002978-1-931769-17-4Roman Petelin · Yury PetelinCakewalk SONAR: Plug-Ins & PC Music Recording, Arrangement, and Mixing
2003978-1-931769-18-1   ''Cool Edit Pro 2 in Use
2004978-1-931769-19-8   ''Cubase SX 2: Virtual MIDI and Audio Studio with CD
2003978-1-931769-20-4Vadim Kalinin · Vladimir RafalovichPalm & Pocket PC Programming
  ''978-1-931769-21-1Olga KokorevaWindows Server 2003 Registry
  ''978-1-931769-22-8Kris KasperskyHacker Disassembling Uncovered: Powerful Techniques To Safeguard Your Programming
  ''978-1-931769-23-5Victor Rudometov · Evgeny RudometovPC Hardware Tuning & Acceleration
2003978-1-931769-24-2Kris KasperskyCode Optimization: Effective Memory Usage
  ''978-1-931769-25-9Vera Trusova · Evgeny MedvedevPC Music Composing With Cubase Sx
2004978-1-931769-26-6Evgeny Medvedev · Vera TrusovaMusic Home Studio With Steinberg Nuendo
2003978-1-931769-27-3Peter Darakhvelidze · Evgeny MarkovDeveloping Web and .NET Distributed Applications
2004978-1-931769-28-0   ''Advanced Delphi X Programming and Engineering
  ''978-1-931769-29-7Michael GookPC Hardware Interfaces: A Developer's Reference
  ''978-1-931769-30-3Dmitry SklyarovHidden Keys to Software Break-ins and Unauthorized Entry
  ''978-1-931769-31-0Boris Kulagin · Dmitry Morozov3ds max 6 Animation with Character Studio 4 and Plug-Ins
2004978-1-931769-32-7Yury MagdaVisual C++ Optimization with Assembly Code
  ''978-1-931769-33-4Kris KasperskyCD Cracking Uncovered: Protection Against Unsanctioned CD Copying (Uncovered series)
  ''978-1-931769-34-1Sergei GaidukovThe OpenGL Shaders Handbook
  ''978-1-931769-35-8Roman Petelin · Yury PetelinAdobe Audition: Soundtracks for Digital Video
  ''978-1-931769-36-5Vlad PirogovThe Assembly Programming Master Book
2004978-1-931769-37-2A. TraskcuskiUsing BIOS to Complete a PC
  ''978-1-931769-38-9Michael FlenovHackish C++ Pranks & Tricks
2005978-1-931769-39-6Alex Polyakov · Vitaly BrusentsevGraphics Programming with GDI+ & DirectX
  ''978-1-931769-40-2Kris KasperskyHacker Debugging Uncovered (Uncovered series)
  ''978-1-931769-41-9Roman Petelin · Yury PetelinFL Studio in Use
  ''978-1-931769-42-6Michael FlenovHackish PC Pranks & Cracks
2005978-1-931769-43-3Boris Kulagin3ds max 7.5 Projects: Helping Designers Do More with Less
  ''978-1-931769-44-0Alexander KlimovVB.NET Hacks & Pranks
  ''978-1-931769-45-7Ivan SklyarovPuzzles for Hackers
  ''978-1-931769-46-4Kris KasperskyShellcoder's Programming Uncovered (Uncovered series)
  ''978-1-931769-47-1Serge MelnikovThe Flash 8 Game Developing Handbook
2006978-1-931769-48-8Dmitri Kiryanov · Elena KiryanovaDigital Moviemaking with Pinnacle Studio+ 10
2005978-1-931769-49-5Marsel NizamutdinovHacker Web Exploitation Uncovered
2005978-1-931769-50-1Michael FlenovHacker Linux Uncovered
  ''978-1-931769-51-8Vlad PirogovDisassembling Code: IDA Pro and SoftICE
2006978-1-931769-52-5Michael FlenovHackish PHP Pranks & Tricks
  ''978-1-931769-53-2Boris Kulagin3ds max 8: From Modeling to Animation
  ''978-1-931769-54-9Alex BoreskovDeveloping and Debugging Cross-Platform Shaders
  ''978-1-931769-55-6Vlad PirogovMS SQL Server 2005: Developing Client/Server Applications
2006978-1-931769-56-3Kris KasperskyData Recovery Tips & Solutions: Windows, Linux, and BSD
  ''978-1-931769-57-0Maxim Kuznetsov · Igor SimdyanovPHP Security & Cracking Puzzles
  ''978-1-931769-58-7Michael FlenovHackish C++ Games & Demos
  ''978-1-931769-59-4Oleg ZaytsevRootkits, Spyware/Adware, Keyloggers and Backdoors: Detection and Neutralization
  ''978-1-931769-60-0Darmawan SalihunBIOS Disassembly Ninjutsu Uncovered (Uncovered series)
2006978-1-931769-61-7Ivan SklyarovProgramming Linux Hacker Tools Uncovered: Exploits, Backdoors, Scanners, Sniffers, Brute-Forcers, Rootkits (Uncovered series)
  ''978-1-931769-62-4Dmitry Kiryanov · Elena KiryanovaDigital Moviemaking with Adobe Video Bundle: Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Audition, Encore DVD, Flash
2007978-1-931769-63-1Michael FlenovWeb Hacking from the Inside Out
  ''978-1-931769-64-8Kris KasperskyHacker Disassembling Uncovered (Uncovered series)