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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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2003978-1-931719-06-3Ronald L. Akers · Christine Sharon SellersCriminological Theories: Introduction, Evaluation, and Application
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2004978-1-931719-13-1Laura KramerThe Sociology of Gender: A Brief Introduction
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2004978-1-931719-22-3Robert AgnewJuvenile Delinquency: Causes and Control
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  ''978-1-931719-30-8Ronald L. Simons · Leslie Gordon Simons · Lora Ebert WallaceFamilies, Delinquency, And Crime: Linking Society's Most Basic Social Institution And Antisocial Behavior (The Roxbury Series In Crime, Justice, And Law)
  ''978-1-931719-31-5Paul E. Nelson · Judy C. PearsonConfidence in Public Speaking: Telecourse Version
2004978-1-931719-32-2Phillip K. Tompkins · Emily V. TompkinsApollo, Challenger, and Columbia: The Decline of the Space Program (A Study in Organizational Communication)
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  ''978-1-931719-54-4Peter Kivisto · Wendy NgAmericans All: Race and Ethic Relations in Historical, Structural, and Comparative Perspectives
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