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2002978-1-931686-00-6Greg EmmanuelExtreme Encounters: How It Feels to Be Drowned in Quicksand, Shredded by Piranhas, Swept Up in a Tornado, and Dozens of Other Unpleasant Experiences...
  ''978-1-931686-01-3Irv FurmanAmazing Irv's Handbook of Everyday Magic
  ''978-1-931686-02-0Hal BowmanComputer Waiting Games: Things to Do While Downloading, Processing, or Crashing
978-1-931686-03-7Computer Waiting Games 8 Copy Displ
2003978-1-931686-04-4Hal BowmanWaiting Games 8-Copy 2 Bk Display
2002978-1-931686-05-1David Borgenicht · Joe BorgenichtThe Action Hero's Handbook: How to Catch a Great White Shark, Perform the Vulcan Nerve Pinch, Track a Fugitive, and Dozens of Other TV and Movie Skills
  ''978-1-931686-06-8David Borgenicht · Joe BorgenichtAction Hero's Handbook 8 Copy Displ
  ''978-1-931686-07-5Virginia M. Friedman · Melissa Wagner · Nancy ArmstrongField Guide to Stains: How to Identify and Remove Virtually Every Stain Known to Man
2002978-1-931686-08-2Virginia M. Friedman · Melissa Wagner · Nancy ArmstrongField Guide to Stains 8-Copy Displa
  ''978-1-931686-09-9Lou Harry · Sam StallAs Seen on TV: 50 Amazing Products and the Commercials That Made Them Famous
  ''978-1-931686-10-5Lou Harry · Sam StallAs Seen on TV 8-Copy Display
  ''978-1-931686-11-2Fred SchneiderI Can't Fight This Feeling: Timeless Poems for Lovers, from the Pop Hits of the '70s and '80s--
978-1-931686-12-9I Can't Fight This Feeling
2003978-1-931686-13-6Danny CassidyYou Give Love a Bad Name
2002978-1-931686-14-3Greg EmmanuelExtreme Encounters 8-Copy Display
2003978-1-931686-15-0Danny CassidyYou Give Love a Bad Name 8c Display
978-1-931686-16-7Amazing Irv's Everyday Magic 8 Copy
2002978-1-931686-18-1Quirk Generic Display (Empty)
2003978-1-931686-20-4Melissa Wagner · Nancy ArmstrongField Guide to Gestures: How to Identify and Interpret Virtually Every Gesture Known to Man
  ''978-1-931686-21-1Nancy Armstrong · Melissa WagnerField Guide to Gestures 8-Copy Disp
2003978-1-931686-22-8Nancy Armstrong · Melissa WagnerField Guide 10 Copy 2 Title Display
  ''978-1-931686-23-5Louis Borgenicht · Joe BorgenichtThe Baby Owner's Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips, and Advice on First-Year Maintenance (Owner's and Instruction Manual)
  ''978-1-931686-24-2Louis Borgenicht · Joe BorgenichtBaby Owner's Manual 8-Copy Display
2004978-1-931686-25-9Louis Borgenicht · Joe Borgenicht · Lynn Rosen · Paul Keppie · Jude BuffumThe A Baby's Owner's Maintenance Log: A Record of Your Model's First Year (Owner's and Instruction Manual)
  ''978-1-931686-26-6Louis Borgenicht · Joe BorgenichtBaby Owner's Maintenance 8c Display
2003978-1-931686-27-3Hal BowmanCommuter Waiting Games: Activities for the Impatient
  ''978-1-931686-28-0   ''Commuter Waiting Games 8-Copy Displ
2003978-1-931686-29-7Duane SwierczynskiThe Perfect Drink for Every Occasion: 151 Cocktails That Will Freshen Your Breath, Impress a Hot Date, Cure a Hangover, and More!
  ''978-1-931686-30-3Duane SwierczynskiPerfect Drink 8-Copy Display
  ''978-1-931686-31-0Caroline TigerHow to Behave: A Guide to Modern Manners for the Socially Challenged
  ''978-1-931686-32-7Caroline TigerHow to Behave 8-Copy Display
  ''978-1-931686-33-4James and Lisa GraceThe Good Deed Guide: Simple Ways to Make the World a Better Place
2003978-1-931686-34-1Matthew Thomas James · Lisa GraceGood Deed Guide 8-Copy Display
  ''978-1-931686-35-8Miranda ClarkeNight of a Thousand Boyfriends (Date With Destiny Aventures)
  ''978-1-931686-36-5   ''Night of a Thousand Boyfriends 8-Co
  ''978-1-931686-37-2James H. English Miranda ClarkeDate with Destiny 2 Title 12-Pack
  ''978-1-931686-40-2James H. EnglishEscape from Fire Island!
2003978-1-931686-41-9James H. EnglishEscape from Fire Island 8-Copy Disp
2004978-1-931686-42-6Carolyn WymanBetter Than Homemade: Amazing Food That Changed the Way We Eat
978-1-931686-43-3Better Than Homemade 8c Display
2003978-1-931686-44-0Brendan Powell SmithBrick Testament 8c Display
  ''978-1-931686-45-7Brendan Powell SmithThe Brick Testament: Stories from the Book of Genesis
  ''978-1-931686-46-4Quirk Autumn03 Catalogue
  ''978-1-931686-47-1David GrahamThe Christmas List
  ''978-1-931686-48-8David Graham · Quirk BooksChristmas List 8c Display
2004978-1-931686-49-5Duane SwierczynskiThe Big Book o' Beer: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Greatest Beverage on Earth
978-1-931686-50-1Big Book O' Beer 8c Display
978-1-931686-51-8Quirk Spring 2004 Catalogue
2004978-1-931686-52-5Alexander StadlerMr. Alexander's Four Steps to Love
2003978-1-931686-53-2Alexander Stadler · Jennifer WorickMr. Alexanders 4 Steps to Love 8c D
2004978-1-931686-54-9Sam Stall · Lou Harry · Julia SpaldingThe Encyclopedia of Guilty Pleasures
2004978-1-931686-55-6Sam Stall · Lou Harry · Julia SpaldingEncycl. of Guilty Pleasures 8c Disp
  ''978-1-931686-57-0Cormac O'BrienSecret Lives of the U.S. Presidents
978-1-931686-58-7Secret Lives of the U.S. Presidents: What Your Teachers Never Told You about the Men of the White House
2004978-1-931686-59-4Cormac O'BrienSecret Lives of the U.S. Presidents: Trivia Card Game
2003978-1-931686-60-0H. Keith Melton · Craig PiligianThe Spy's Guide: Office Espionage
  ''978-1-931686-61-7H Keith MeltonSpy's Guide
2005978-1-931686-62-4Caroline TigerThe Long-Distance Relationship Guide: Advice for the Geographically Challenged
2003978-1-931686-64-8Sam Stall · Lou HarryDirty Words of Wisdom: A Treasury of Classic ?*#@! Quotations
  ''978-1-931686-65-5   ''Dirty Words of Wisdom 8c Display
2004978-1-931686-66-2Mandana HoveydaI'm Fine!: A Really Helpful Guide to the First 100 Days After Your Breakup
  ''978-1-931686-67-9Mandana HoveydaI'm Fine 8c Display
2003978-1-931686-68-6Jennifer Worick · Joe BorgenichtThe Action Heroine's Handbook
2003978-1-931686-69-3Jennifer Worick · Joe BorgenichtAction Heroine's Handbook 8c Displa
  ''978-1-931686-70-9David Borgenicht · Joe Borgenicht · Jennifer WorickAction Hero/Heroine 8c 2 Title Disp
2004978-1-931686-71-6Melissa HeckscherBe Safe!: Simple Strategies for Death-Free Living
  ''978-1-931686-72-3Joe Borgenicht · R.D. RobinsonUndercover Golf: An Off-the Links Guide to Improving Your Game - at Work, at Home, and on the Sly
  ''978-1-931686-73-0Undercover Golf 8c Display
  ''978-1-931686-74-7Melissa HeckscherBe Safe! 8c Display
2003978-1-931686-75-4Miriam Zellnick · Miriam ZellnikInstant Aromatherapy
2003978-1-931686-76-1Miriam ZellnikInstant Aromatherapy 8c Display
2004978-1-931686-77-8Justin SpringThe Little Cold Book: Advice, Remedies & Bedside Amusements
  ''978-1-931686-78-5Justin SpringLittle Cold Book 8c Display
  ''978-1-931686-79-2John KelseyField Guide to Tools: How to Identify and Use Virtually Every Tool at the Hardware Store
  ''978-1-931686-80-8Aliza GreenField Guide to Produce: How to Identify, Select, and Prepare Virtually Every Fruit and Vegetable at the Market
  ''978-1-931686-81-5Aliza GreenField Guide to Produce 8 C Display
2004978-1-931686-82-2John KelseyField Guide to Tools 8c Display
  ''978-1-931686-83-9Dina FayerPocket Mom: Everyday Wisdom, Practical Tips, and Down-Home Advice
  ''978-1-931686-84-6   ''Pocket Mom 8-Copy Filled Display
  ''978-1-931686-85-3David Brunner · Sam Stall · Jude BuffumThe Dog Owner's Manual: Operating Instructions, Troubleshooting Tips, and Advice on Lifetime Maintenance
  ''978-1-931686-86-0David Brunner · Sam StallDog Owner's Manual 8c Display
2004978-1-931686-87-7David Brunner · Sam StallThe Cat Owner's Manual: Operating Instructions, Troubleshooting Tips, and Advice on Lifetime Maintenance (Quirk Books)
2004978-1-931686-88-4David Brunner · Sam StallCat Owner's Manual 8c Display
  ''978-1-931686-89-1Alan AxelrodMy First Book of Business Ethics (Executive Board Book)
978-1-931686-90-7My First Bk of Bus
2004978-1-931686-91-4Alan AxelrodMy First Book of Business Etiquette (Executive Board Book)
978-1-931686-92-1My First Bk of Bus
2004978-1-931686-93-8Simon HarrisonKung Fu for Girls: Self-Defense with Style
  ''978-1-931686-94-5Simon HarrisonKung Fu for Girls 8c Display
  ''978-1-931686-96-9Jim GladstoneGladstone's Games to Go: Verbal Volleys, Coin Contests, Dot Duels, and Other Games for Boredom-Free Days
978-1-931686-97-6Gladstone's Games 8 C Display
2003978-1-931686-98-3Danny CassidyI Can't Fight/You Give Love 8c 2 Ti
2004978-1-931686-99-0Paul Kepple · Jude BuffumThe Housewives Tarot: A Domestic Divination Kit