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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-931567-01-5Sovereign PressSovereign Stone Campaign Sourcebook (D20 System)
  ''978-1-931567-02-2Jamie Chambers · Timothy Kidwell · Margaret WeisSovereign Stone Codex Mysterium *OP
  ''978-1-931567-03-9Jean Rabe · Janet PackSovereign Stone: The Taan
  ''978-1-931567-04-6Jamie ChambersLeverage Companion Volume 1
  ''978-1-931567-05-3Sovereign PressSovereign Stone: Bestiary of Loerem
2003978-1-931567-10-7Weis · Jamie Chambers · Christopher CoyleDragonlance Campaign Setting Companion: Age of Mortals
2014978-1-931567-11-4Christopher CoyleFirefly: Things Don't Go Smooth
2004978-1-931567-13-8Cam Banks · Andre La RocheDragonlance: Bestiary of Krynn
2004978-1-931567-14-5Margaret Weis · Tracy Hickman · Jamie ChambersDragonlance War of the Lance
2005978-1-931567-15-2Sean Everette · Chris Pierson · Trampas WhitemanDragonlance Holy Order of the Stars
  ''978-1-931567-16-9Margaret WeisSpectre of Sorrows (Dragonlance)
2004978-1-931567-17-6Jamie Chambers · Chris PiersonTowers of High Sorcery (Dragonlance)
2005978-1-931567-18-3Sovereign PressDragonlance Dungeon Masters Screen
2006978-1-931567-20-6Ed GreenwoodA Player's Guide to Castlemourn (Castlemourn Roleplaying Game)
2007978-1-931567-21-3Cam BanksDragonlance Price Of Courage (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying, Dragonlance Setting)
  ''978-1-931567-22-0Ed Greenwood · Jim Butler · Jennifer Brozek · Steven Creech · Darrin Drader · Sean EveretteEd Greenwood's Castlemourn Campaign Setting
2011978-1-931567-24-4Cam Banks · Rob Donoghue · Clark ValenLeverage: The Roleplaying Game
2007978-1-931567-27-5Cam Banks · Sean Everette · Amanda ValentineDragons of Krynn (Dragonlance)
2014978-1-931567-28-2Margaret Weis · Nicole Wakelin · Andrew Peregrine · Monica ValentinelliFirefly Echoes of War: Thrillin' Heroics
2007978-1-931567-29-9Andre La Roche · Cam BanksDragonlance Bestiary of Krynn Revised
2006978-1-931567-31-2Tracy Hickman · Chris Pierson · Margaret Weis · Seth JohnsonLegends Of The Twins (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying, Dragonlance Setting)
2005978-1-931567-32-9Sean MacdonaldTasslehoff's Map Pouch: The Age of Mortals
2006978-1-931567-33-6Cam BanksDragons of Autumn (Dragonlance)
  ''978-1-931567-34-3Sean MacdonaldDragonlance Tasselhoffs War of the Lance
2007978-1-931567-35-0Jamie Chambers · Sean Everette · Cam Banks · Sean Macdonald · Clark Valentine · Trampas WhitemanDragonlance Races of Ansalon (Dragonlance RPG)
  ''978-1-931567-36-7Cam Banks · Sean MacdonaldDragonlance Dragons of Winter (Dragonlance)
2006978-1-931567-37-4Sean Everette · Nicole Harsch · Clark Valentine · Trampas Whiteman · Cam BanksDragonlance Knightly Orders of Ansalon (Dragonlance Sourcebooks)
2008978-1-931567-38-1Sean Macdonald · Heine Stick · Clive SquireDragons of Spring (Dragonlance Campaign Setting) (War of the Lance Chronicles, Volume 3)
2010978-1-931567-40-4Margaret Weis · Tom WhamTom Wham's Dancing Dragons Card Game
2010978-1-931567-43-5Margaret Weis · Tracy HickmanRose of the Prophet Trilogy
2008978-1-931567-45-9Timothy Brown Pharm.D · Margaret Weis ProductionsPantheon (Misc)
2007978-1-931567-46-6Tracy HickmanXDM Extreme Dungeon Mastery
2008978-1-931567-47-3Jamie ChambersDemon Hunters Role Playing Game (Demon Hunters Role Playing Game Corebooks)
  ''978-1-931567-48-0   ''Supernatural: The Hunt Begins
2010978-1-931567-49-7   ''Supernatural Role Playing Game
2008978-1-931567-50-3   ''Serenity Role Playing Game
2006978-1-931567-51-0Margaret WeisGame Master's Screen (Serenity Role Playing Game)
  ''978-1-931567-52-7Laura Hickman · Tracy HickmanOut in the Black (Serenity Role Playing Game)
2007978-1-931567-53-4Jennifer Brozek · Margaret WeisDragonvarld Adventures
2010978-1-931567-54-1Jamie ChambersBattlestar Galactica RPG Quickstart Guide
2007978-1-931567-55-8   ''Battlestar Galactica RPG Corebook HC
2010978-1-931567-56-5Jamie ChambersBattlestar Galactica RPG Game Master's Screen
2009978-1-931567-57-2   ''Battlestar Galatica Ships Of The Fleet (Battlestar Galactica)
2008978-1-931567-58-9   ''Battlestar Galactica Adventures
  ''978-1-931567-61-9Patrick KaperaBattlestar - Colonial Military
  ''978-1-931567-62-6Margaret Weis ProdSupernatural Game Masters Screen
2010978-1-931567-63-3Graeme Davis · Ralph Dula · Jess Hartley · George Holochwost · C.A. SuleimanSupernatural Adventures
2007978-1-931567-64-0Larry ElmoreRunes of Autumn (Fantasy/Sci Fi)
2006978-1-931567-70-1James M. WardSete-kas Dream Quest (Paths of Doom Adventure Book)
  ''978-1-931567-71-8Nancy Virginia VarianLost Sword (Paths of Doom Adventure Book)
2007978-1-931567-72-5James M. WardThe Time Curse (Paths of Doom Adventure Book)
  ''978-1-931567-73-2Jean F. BlashfieldRealm of the Enchanter (Paths of Doom Adventure Book)
2007978-1-931567-77-0Sean MacDonaldTasslehoffs Map Pouch Legends (Dragonlance)
  ''978-1-931567-78-7Margaret WeisLost Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home
2010978-1-931567-79-4Jamie ChambersCortex Role Playing Game System
2008978-1-931567-80-0Margaret WeisSerenity Adventures (Serenity Role Playing Game)
2010978-1-931567-81-7Lynn Blackson · Jason DurallSerenity Six-Shooters & Spaceships (Serenity Role Playing Game)
  ''978-1-931567-82-4Cam Banks · Jennifer Brozek · Jim Davenport · Nathan Rockwood · Clark Valentine · Tony Lee · Jason DurallBig Damn Heroes Handbook (Serenity Role Playing Game)
  ''978-1-931567-83-1Cam Banks · Rob Donoghue · Jason Durall · Jimmy McMichael · Aaron Rosenberg · Floyd WeselSupernatural RPG Guild to the Hunted
  ''978-1-931567-84-8Jimmy McMichaelSupernatural RPG: Road Atlas
2010978-1-931567-85-5Cam Banks · Deborah Donoghue · Rob Donoghue · Fred Hicks · Ryan MacklinLeverage: The Roleplaying Game: The Quickstart Job
978-1-931567-86-2Leverage RPG: Grifters and Masterminds
2014978-1-931567-87-9Margaret Weis ProductionsLeverage: Hitters, Hackers, and Thieves
2010978-1-931567-89-3Cam Banks · Joseph Blomquist · Roberta Olson · Mary Blomquist · Josh RobySmallville Roleplaying Game
2011978-1-931567-90-9Josh Roby · Joe Blomquist · Roberta OlsonSmallville High School Yearbook
2014978-1-931567-91-6Joe BlomquistSmallville: The Watchtower Report