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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-931559-07-2Antonín RüklAtlas of the Moon: Revised, Updated Edition
  ''978-1-931559-09-6Steve Massey · Thomas A. Dobbins · Eric J. DouglassVideo Astronomy (Sky & Telescope Observer's Guides), Revised Edition
  ''978-1-931559-11-9Sky EditorsSky & Telescope's Star Wheel 40 North
  ''978-1-931559-12-6   ''Sky & Telescope's Planisphere 50° North
  ''978-1-931559-19-5Sky PublishingSky & Telescope's Moon Map, Laminated
2007978-1-931559-21-8Sky PublishingSky & Telescope's Mirror-Image Moon Map Laminated
  ''978-1-931559-22-5Antonín RüklSky & Telescope's Field Map of the Moon
  ''978-1-931559-23-2Walter Scott HoustonDeep-Sky Wonders (Stargazing)
1997978-1-931559-27-0Roger W. Sinnott · Michael A.C. PerrymanMillennium Star Atlas: An All-Sky Atlas Comprising One Million Stars to Visual Magnitude Eleven from the Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues and Ten Thousand Nonstellar Objects
2007978-1-931559-28-7Sue FrenchCelestial Sampler: 60 Small-Scope Tours for Starlit Nights (Stargazing)
  ''978-1-931559-29-4Antonín RüklSky & Telescope's Mirror-Image Field Map of the Moon
  ''978-1-931559-30-0Sky PublishingNight Sky® Star Wheel
2006978-1-931559-31-7Roger W. SinnottSky & Telescope's Pocket Sky Atlas
2007978-1-931559-32-4Sissy HaasDouble Stars for Small Telescopes: More Than 2,100 Stellar Gems for Backyard Observers (Stargazing Series)
2007978-1-931559-33-1David H. LevyClyde Tombaugh: Discoverer of Planet Pluto (Sky & Telescope Observer's Guides)
2006978-1-931559-34-8Celestial Wonders 2007 Calendar
2007978-1-931559-37-9Bob CrelinThere Once Was a Sky Full of Stars
  ''978-1-931559-38-6P.K. ChenA Constellation Album: Stars and Mythology of the Night Sky
  ''978-1-931559-39-3Ken Hewitt-WhitePatterns in the Sky: An Introduction to Stargazing (Night Sky Astronomy for Everybody)
  ''978-1-931559-40-9Becky RamotowskiSecrets of Stargazing: Skywatching Tips and Tricks (Astronomy for Everyone)
  ''978-1-931559-43-0Gary SeronikBinocular Highlights: 99 Celestial Sights for Binocular Users (Sky & Telescope Stargazing)
2007978-1-931559-44-7Paul Kunitzsch · Tim SmartA Dictionary of Modern Star Names: A Short Guide to 254 Star Names and Their Derivations
  ''978-1-931559-46-1David H. LevyStar Trails: 50 Favorite Columns from Sky & Telescope
  ''978-1-931559-49-2Gary SeronikExploring the Moon: A Guide to Lunar Observing (Night Sky Astronomy for Everyone)