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2003978-1-931534-06-2Jeffrey S. SolesMochlos IA: Period III. Neopalatial Settlement on the Coast: The Artisans' Quarter and the Farmhouse at Chalinomouri. The Sites (Prehistory Monographs) (v. 1a)
  ''978-1-931534-07-9Kellee A. Barnard · Thomas M. BroganMochlos IB: Period III. Neopalatial Settlement on the Coast: The Artisans' Quarter and the Farmhouse at Chalinomouri. The Neopalatial Pottery (Prehistory Monographs) (v. 1b)
2004978-1-931534-08-6Jeffrey S. SolesMochlos IC: Period III. Neopalatial Settlement on the Coast: The Artisans' Quarter and the Farmhouse at Chalinomouri. The Small Finds (Prehistory Monographs) (v. 1c)
2005978-1-931534-14-7Clairy PalyvouAkrotiri, Thera: An Architecture of Affluence 3,500 Years Old (Prehistory Monographs)
  ''978-1-931534-15-4Kostandinos S. ChristakisCretan Bronze Age Pithoi: Traditions and Trends in the Production and Consumption of Storage Containers in Bronze Age Crete (Prehistory Monographs)
  ''978-1-931534-17-8Yiannis PapadatosTholos Tomb Gamma: A Prepalatial Tholos Tomb at Phouni, Archanes (Prehistory Monographs)
  ''978-1-931534-18-5Donald C. HaggisKavousi I: The Archaeological Survey of the Kavousi Region (Prehistory Monographs)
2007978-1-931534-19-2Gisela WalbergMidea: The Megaron Complex and Shrine Area (Prehistory Monographs)
2007978-1-931534-21-5Philip P. BetancourtIntroduction to Aegean Art
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2020978-1-931534-25-3Vili Apostolakou · Thomas M. Brogan · Philip P. BetancourtAlatzomouri Pefka: A Middle Minoan IIB Workshop Making Organic Dyes (Prehistory Monographs)
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2015978-1-931534-77-2Joseph W. ShawElite Minoan Architecture: Its Development at Knossos, Phaistos, and Malia (Prehistory Monographs)
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