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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-931513-00-5Laura DeHart YoungForever and the Night
  ''978-1-931513-01-2Jean StewartWinged Isis
  ''978-1-931513-02-9Marianne K. MartinMirrors
  ''978-1-931513-04-3Kate Calloway8th Day
  ''978-1-931513-05-0J. M. Redmann · Jean M. RedmannDeath by the Riverside
2001978-1-931513-06-7Jackie CalhounTamarack Creek
  ''978-1-931513-08-1Marianne K. MartinLove in the Balance
  ''978-1-931513-09-8Peggy J. HerringThe Comfort of Strangers
2002978-1-931513-10-4J. M. RedmannDeaths of Jocasta
2001978-1-931513-11-1Therese SzymanskiWhen Good Girls Go Bad
2002978-1-931513-12-8Diana RiversClouds of War
  ''978-1-931513-13-5Jackie CalhounOutside the Flock
2003978-1-931513-14-2Baxter ClareStreet Rules
2002978-1-931513-15-9Marianne K. MartinLegacy of Love
  ''978-1-931513-16-6Claire McNabAccidental Murder
2003978-1-931513-18-0Saxon BennettTalk of the Town
2002978-1-931513-19-7Karin Kallmaker · Laura AdamsSeeds of Fire
2002978-1-931513-20-3Nancy GardenNora and Liz
2003978-1-931513-21-0Frankie J. JonesMidas Touch
  ''978-1-931513-22-7Pat WelchA Day Too Long: A Helen Black Mystery
  ''978-1-931513-23-4Diana RiversThe Red Line of Yarmald (Hadra Series)
  ''978-1-931513-24-1Claire McNabRecognition Factor (Denise Cleever Thrillers)
  ''978-1-931513-25-8Peggy J. HerringBeyond All Reason
2003978-1-931513-26-5Karin KallmakerMaybe Next Time
  ''978-1-931513-27-2Claire McNabBlood Link (Detective Inspector Carol Ashton Mystery)
  ''978-1-931513-28-9Peggy J. HerringDistant Thunder
  ''978-1-931513-29-6Claire McNabCop Out (Detective Inspector Carol Ashton Mystery)
  ''978-1-931513-30-2Karin KallmakerOne Degree of Separation
2003978-1-931513-31-9Baxter ClareCry Havoc
  ''978-1-931513-34-0Claire McNabDeath by Death (Denise Cleever Thrillers)
2004978-1-931513-35-7Therese SzymanskiBack to Basics: A Butch/Femme Anthology
1989978-1-931513-36-4Karin KallmakerIn Every Port
2003978-1-931513-37-1   ''Touchwood
  ''978-1-931513-38-8   ''Watermark
  ''978-1-931513-39-5   ''Embrace in Motion
  ''978-1-931513-40-1   ''Frosting on the Cake
2003978-1-931513-44-9Claire McNabDead Certain (Detective Inspector Carol Ashton Mysteries)
  ''978-1-931513-45-6Caire McNabDeath Down Under (Detective Inspector Carol Ashton Mysteries)
2001978-1-931513-46-3Claire McNabDeath Club (Inspector Carol Ashton Series)
2003978-1-931513-48-7Caire McNabOut of Sight (Denise Cleever Thrillers)
  ''978-1-931513-50-0Kate CallowaySeventh Heaven
  ''978-1-931513-52-4Therese SzymanskiWhen Dead Speak (A Motor City Thriller)
  ''978-1-931513-53-1Karin KallmakerPainted Moon
2004978-1-931513-54-8Jessica ThomasCaught in the Net (Alex Peres Mysteries (Paperback))
2004978-1-931513-55-5Frankie J. JonesSurvival of Love
  ''978-1-931513-58-6Lyn DenisonDreams Found
  ''978-1-931513-59-3Peggy J. HerringA Moment's Indiscretion (Classic Reprint)
2004978-1-931513-60-9Peggy J. HerringOnce More with Feeling
1998978-1-931513-61-6Karin KallmakerMaking Up For Lost Time Rev/Ed
2004978-1-931513-62-3   ''Substitute for Love
  ''978-1-931513-63-0   ''Unforgettable
1996978-1-931513-64-7   ''Wild Things Special Rev/Ed
2004978-1-931513-65-4Claire McNabLessons in Murder (Detective Inspector Carol Ashton Mysteries)
  ''978-1-931513-66-1Diana Tremain BraundThe Way Life Should Be
  ''978-1-931513-67-8Linda HillNever Say Never (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-931513-68-5Diana Tremain BraundFinest Kind of Love
2004978-1-931513-69-2Saxon BennettHigher Ground
  ''978-1-931513-70-8Baxter ClareLast Call (Detective Franco Mysteries)
  ''978-1-931513-71-5Karin Kallmaker · Therese Szymanski · Julia WattsOnce upon a Dyke: New Exploits of Fairy Tale Lesbians
  ''978-1-931513-72-2Jean StewartWizard of Isis (Isis Series)
  ''978-1-931513-73-9Peggy J. HerringWhite Lace and Promises
2004978-1-931513-74-6Therese SzymanskiWhen the Corpse Lies (A Motor City Thriller)
  ''978-1-931513-75-3Patty G. HendersonTangled and Dark (Brenda Strange Mysteries)
  ''978-1-931513-76-0Karin KallmakerAll the Wrong Places
  ''978-1-931513-77-7Saxon BennettTalk of the Town Too
  ''978-1-931513-78-4Jackie CalhounWoman in the Mirror
2003978-1-931513-81-4Penny HayesYellowthroat
2003978-1-931513-86-9Saxon BennettOld Ties
2012978-1-931513-88-3   ''Both Sides
2003978-1-931513-91-3Kaye DavisUntil the End (Maris Middleton Mystery)
  ''978-1-931513-93-7Julia WattsWildwood Flowers
2005978-1-931513-95-1Bonnie HastingBetter Angels
2004978-1-931513-96-8Lyn DenisonDream Lover
2003978-1-931513-97-5Gerri HillGulf Breeze
2004978-1-931513-98-2Gerri HillSierra City
2003978-1-931513-99-9Hannah RickardGuarded Hearts (Detective Franco Mystery)