Crossgeneration Comics Inc

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-931484-00-8Ron Marz · Brandon Peterson · Tony BedardMystic v. 1: Rite of Passage
  ''978-1-931484-01-5Barbara Kesel · Ben Lai · Ray LaiSigil v. 1: Mark of Power
  ''978-1-931484-02-2Ron Marz · Jim CheungScion v. 1: Conflict of Conscience
  ''978-1-931484-03-9Barbara KeselMeridian: Flying Solo, Vol. 1
  ''978-1-931484-07-7Mark Waid · Barbara Kesel · Scot EatonSigil V. 2: The Marked Man
2002978-1-931484-09-1Barbara Kesel · Steve McNivenMeridian v. 2: Going to Ground
  ''978-1-931484-14-5Mark Waid · Steve EptingCrux v. 1: Atlantis Rising
  ''978-1-931484-15-2Ron MarzSojourn v. 1: From the Ashes
  ''978-1-931484-19-0Mark Waid · Butch GuiceRuse v. 1: Enter the Detective
  ''978-1-931484-21-3Barbara KeselMeridian v. 3: Taking the Skies
2002978-1-931484-28-2Mark Waid · Scot Eaton · Barbara Kesel · Ben LaiSigil v. 3: The Lizard God
  ''978-1-931484-32-9Ron Marz · Bart SearsThe Path: Crisis of Faith
  ''978-1-931484-34-3Ron MarzSojourn v. 2: The Dragon's Tale
  ''978-1-931484-36-7Mark Waid · Steve EptingCrux v. 2: Test of Time
  ''978-1-931484-38-1Barbara Kesel · Steve McNivenMeridian v. 4: Coming Home
2003978-1-931484-48-0Mark Waid · Scott Beatty · Butch Guice · Paul RyanRuse
2003978-1-931484-50-3Ron Marz · Jim CheungScion: Sanctuary
  ''978-1-931484-51-0Chuck Dixon · Jeff JohnsonWalls of Zhumar (Way of the Rat, Book 1)
  ''978-1-931484-53-4Chuck DixonSigil: Hostage Planet
  ''978-1-931484-54-1Barbara Kesel · Joshua MiddletonMeridian: Flying Solo (Meridian Digest Edition)
  ''978-1-931484-56-5Tony Bedard · Karl MolineHighway to Horror (Route 666, Book 1)
2003978-1-931484-60-2Ron Marz · Bart SearsBlood on Snow (The Path, Book 2)
  ''978-1-931484-65-7Ron MarzThe Warrior's Tale (Sojourn, Book 3)
  ''978-1-931484-69-5Barbara KeselMeridian: Going to Ground (Meridian Digest Edition)
2004978-1-931484-74-9Scott Beatty · Butch Guice · Mike Perkins · Laura DepuyRuse Vol. 3: Criminal Intent
  ''978-1-931484-77-0Chuck DixonDragon's Wake (Way of the Rat, Book 2)
  ''978-1-931484-83-1   ''Death Match (Sigil)
2004978-1-931484-87-9Chuck DixonHammer of Vengeance (Brath)
  ''978-1-931484-88-6Ron MarzDeath and Dishonor (The Path, Book 3)
  ''978-1-931484-91-6   ''The Thief's Tale (Sojourn, Book 4)