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2002978-1-931464-01-7Wiley SwordThe Historic Henry Rifle: Oliver Winchester's Famous Civil War Repeater
  ''978-1-931464-03-1De Witt BaileyBritish Military Flintlock Rifles, 1740-1840
2003978-1-931464-06-2Stuart C. MowbrayThe Ames Sword Company Catalog: An Exact Reprint of the Original 19th Century Military and Fraternal Sword Catalog
  ''978-1-931464-07-9C. Kenneth MooreColt Single Action Army Revolver Study: New Discoveries
  ''978-1-931464-08-6John D. McAulayRifles Of The U.S. Army, 1861-1906
  ''978-1-931464-09-3D.F. Geiger.22 Caliber Handguns; A Shooter's Guide
2004978-1-931464-10-9David R. ChicoineSmith and Wesson Six Guns of the Old West
2003978-1-931464-11-6Stuart C. MowbrayThe Darling Pepperbox: The Story of Samuel Colt's Forgotten Competitors in Bellingham, Mass. and Woonsocket, R.I.
2004978-1-931464-12-3Norm FlaydermanThe Bowie Knife: Unsheathing an American Legend
2005978-1-931464-13-0Dusan P. FarringtonArming & Equipping the United States Cavalry, 1865-1902
2004978-1-931464-14-7Paul S. ScarlataMannlicher Military Rifles: Straight Pull and Turn Bolt Designs
2005978-1-931464-15-4Bruce N. CanfieldAn Illustrated Guide to the '03 Springfield Service Rifle
2005978-1-931464-16-1Peter TuiteU.s. Naval Officers: Their Swords and Dirks
  ''978-1-931464-17-8Stuart C. MowbrayPioneering a Motorized Army: The First Transcontinental Military Dispatch Car
  ''978-1-931464-18-5Bill JenkinsUS Military Match and Marksmanship Automatic Pistols
  ''978-1-931464-19-2Bill AhearnMuskets of the Revolution and the French and Indian Wars
2006978-1-931464-21-5Peter A. SchmidtU.S. Military Flintlock Muskets and Their Bayonets: The Early Years, 1790-1815
2005978-1-931464-22-2Stuart C. Mowbray331+ Essential Tips and Tricks; A How-To Guide for the Gun Collector
2006978-1-931464-24-6Charles W. PateSmith & Wesson American Model: in U.S. and Foreign Service
  ''978-1-931464-25-3John D. McAulayU.S. Military Carbines
2006978-1-931464-26-0George LaymanThe British Bulldog Revolver; The Forgotten Gun that Really Won the West
2007978-1-931464-27-7Peter A. SchmidtU.S. Military Flintlock Muskets and Their Bayonets; The Later Years, 1816 through the Civil War
  ''978-1-931464-28-4Bruce N. CanfieldBruce N. Canfield's Complete Guide to United States Military Combat Shotguns
  ''978-1-931464-30-7Paul S. ScarlataA Collector's Guide to the German Gew. 88 "Commission" Rifles and Carbines
2008978-1-931464-31-4John H. ThillmannCivil War Army Swords; A Study of United States Army Swords from 1832 through 1865
2007978-1-931464-32-1Stuart C. Mowbray and Joe PuleoA Collector's Guide to Military Rifle Disassembly and Reassembly
2009978-1-931464-38-3John D. Hamilton · Joseph Marino · James KaplanThe American Fraternal Sword; An Illustrated Reference Guide
  ''978-1-931464-39-0Stuart C. Mowbray · Joe PuleoBolt Action Military Rifles of the World
  ''978-1-931464-40-6De Witt BaileySmall Arms of the British Forces 1664-1815
2009978-1-931464-41-3Edmund E. LewisThe Story of the Winchester 1 of 1000 and 1 of 100 Rifles
2010978-1-931464-43-7Bruce CanfieldU.S. Military Bolt Action Rifles
  ''978-1-931464-44-4Erik Goldstein · Stuart MowbrayThe Brown Bess; An Identification Guide and Illustrated Study of Britain's Most Famous Musket
2011978-1-931464-47-5Kevin GladyszThe French Trade Gun in North America 1662-1759
  ''978-1-931464-48-2Edmund E. Lewis · Stephen W. RutterVolcanic Firearms; Predecessor to the Winchester Rifle
  ''978-1-931464-49-9George C. NeumannBattle Weapons of the American Revolution
  ''978-1-931464-50-5Stuart C. Mowbray · Joe PuleoA Collector's Guide to Military Pistol & Revolver Disassembly and Reassembly
2012978-1-931464-52-9Jack Melton · Josh Phillips · John SextonConfederate Bowie Knives