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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-931382-00-7Todd Bryant MercerBike and Brew America: Midwest Region
  ''978-1-931382-01-4John Wilcockson · Chris CarmichaelThe 2001 Tour de France LANCE X3
  ''978-1-931382-02-1Chris CarmichaelThe CTS Collection: Training Tips for Cyclists and Triathletes
2002978-1-931382-03-8Greg MoodyDead Air: A Cycling Murder Mystery
  ''978-1-931382-04-5Sally Edwards · Sally ReedThe Heart Rate Monitor Book for Cyclists: A Heart Zones Training Program
  ''978-1-931382-05-2Sally EdwardsTriathlons for Women: Training Plans, Equipment, Nutrition
2002978-1-931382-06-9Samuel AbtOff to the Races: 25 Years of Cycling Journalism
  ''978-1-931382-11-3Jacques AugendreTour de France 2002: The Official Guide
2003978-1-931382-12-0Owen MulhollandUphill Battle: Cycling's Great Climbers
2002978-1-931382-14-4Graham WatsonGraham Watson: 20 Years of Cycling Photography
  ''978-1-931382-15-1Monique RyanSports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes
  ''978-1-931382-16-8Joe FrielInside Triathlon Training Diary
  ''978-1-931382-17-5Joe FrielVeloNews Training Diary
2002978-1-931382-18-2Jean Paul OllivierThe Giants of Cycling
  ''978-1-931382-20-5Gale Bernhardt · Nick HansenWorkouts in a Binder: Swim Workouts for Triathletes
2003978-1-931382-21-2Joe FrielThe Cyclist's Training Bible
  ''978-1-931382-24-3Joe Friel · Gordon ByrnGoing Long: Training for Ironman-Distance Triathlons (Ultrafit Multisport Training Series)
2004978-1-931382-25-0Gale BernhardtTriathlon Training Basics
2003978-1-931382-26-7John WilcocksonThe 2003 Tour de France
  ''978-1-931382-28-1Bob RollBobke II
  ''978-1-931382-29-8John BarnettBarnett's Manual: Analysis and Procedures for Bicycle Mechanics (4 Vol. Set)
2004978-1-931382-30-4Thomas PrehnRacing Tactics for Cyclists
2003978-1-931382-37-3Gerard EjnesAlpe d'Huez: The Legend
2004978-1-931382-38-0Gerard EjnesMont Ventoux
2003978-1-931382-41-0Alberto PedraliCycling 2003
2004978-1-931382-42-7Joe FrielThe Triathlete's Training Bible (2nd Edition)
2004978-1-931382-43-4Lennard ZinnZinn's Cycling Primer: Maintenance Tips and Skill Building for Cyclists
  ''978-1-931382-47-2Andrew HoodThe 2004 Tour de France: Armstrong Rewrites History
  ''978-1-931382-48-9Graham WatsonLandscapes of Cycling
  ''978-1-931382-49-6David NeuhausHis Finest Hour
  ''978-1-931382-50-2Linda WallenfelsThe Triathlete's Guide to Bike Training (Ultrafit Multisport Training)
2004978-1-931382-51-9Karen BuxtonThe Triathlete's Guide to Off-Season Training (Ultrafit Multisport Training Series)
2005978-1-931382-52-6John WilcocksonMarco Pantani
  ''978-1-931382-57-1Steve TarpinianThe Triathlete's Guide to Swim Training (Ultrafit Multisport Training Series)
  ''978-1-931382-58-8Graham Watson · Roberto Bettini · Pier BergonziCycling
  ''978-1-931382-59-5Lennard ZinnZinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance
  ''978-1-931382-60-1Ken MierkeThe Triathlete's Guide to Run Training (Ultrafit Multisport Training)
2005978-1-931382-61-8Michael BarryInside the Postal Bus: My Ride with Lance Armstrong and the U.S. Postal Cycling Team
  ''978-1-931382-62-5M.D. Michael J. RossMaximum Performance for Cyclists: The Physiology of Training
  ''978-1-931382-65-6John Wilcockson · Graham WatsonMarco Pantani: The Legend of a Tragic Champion
  ''978-1-931382-68-7John Wilcockson · Andrew HoodThe 2005 Tour de France: Armstrong's Farewell
  ''978-1-931382-69-4Lennard ZinnZinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance (2nd Edition)
2005978-1-931382-70-0Ph.D. Jim Taylor · Terri SchneiderThe Triathlete's Guide to Mental Training (Ultrafit Multisport Training)
2006978-1-931382-71-7Tom RodgersPerfect Distance (Ultrafit Multisport Training Series)
2005978-1-931382-72-4Graeme ObreeFlying Scotsman: Cycling to Triumph Through My Darkest Hours
  ''978-1-931382-74-8Nick Hansen · Eric HansenWorkouts in a Binder for Swimmers, Triathletes, and Coaches
  ''978-1-931382-75-5Wes Hobson · Dirk FrielWorkouts in a Binder for Indoor Cycling
  ''978-1-931382-78-6Samuel AbtUp the Road: Cycling's Modern Era from LeMond to Armstrong
2006978-1-931382-79-3Hunter Allen · M.D. Andrew CogganTraining and Racing with a Power Meter
  ''978-1-931382-80-9Andrew L PruittAndy Pruitt's Complete Medical Guide for Cyclists
2005978-1-931382-83-0Hermann Maier · Knut Okresek · Lance ArmstrongHermann Maier: The Race of My Life
2006978-1-931382-84-7Sally Edwards · Sally ReedHeart Zones Cycling: The Avid Cyclist's Guide to Riding Faster and Farther
2006978-1-931382-85-4Joe FrielYour First Triathlon
  ''978-1-931382-87-8Brett Horton · Shelly Horton · Owen MulhollandCycling's Golden Age: Heroes of the Postwar Era, 1946-1967, The Horton Collection
2007978-1-931382-88-5Erin MirabellaGracie Goat's Big Bike Race (Barnsville Sports Squad)
2006978-1-931382-91-5John WilcocksonThe 2006 Tour de France: Triumph and Turmoil for Floyd Landis
2007978-1-931382-92-2Gale BernhardtTraining Plans for Multisport Athletes: Your Essential Guide to Triathlon, Duathlon, Xterra, Ironman & Endurance Racing
  ''978-1-931382-93-9Thomas ChappleBase Building for Cyclists: A New Foundation for Endurance and Performance
2006978-1-931382-94-6Tom RodgersThe Perfect Distance: Training for Long-Course Triathlon (Ultrafit Multisport Training Series)
2007978-1-931382-96-0Monique RyanSports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes
  ''978-1-931382-97-7Lennard ZinnZinn and the Art of Triathlon Bikes: Aerodynamics, Bike Fit, Speed Tuning, and Maintenance
2014978-1-931382-98-4Neal RogersPaid to Suffer: A Year in the Pro Cycling Life
2007978-1-931382-99-1Bob MionskeBicycling and the Law: Your Rights as a Cyclist